Monday, 9th April 2018, Velenje

Gorenje wins 5 Red Dot design awards

Gorenje wins 5 Red Dot design awards

Velenje based appliance manufacturer Gorenje picked up 5 awards at this year's prestigious Red Dot design awards. The jury awarded the outstanding design of their latest Gorenje brand WaveActive washer and dryer, as well as the built in cooler, freezer and integrated coffee machine by Atag brand. All products were designed by Gorenje's own design team that added 5 more awards to an already long list of accolades for the Velenje based manufacturer.

When designing the new washer and dryer, the Gorenje design studio team followed the brand philosophy – Life SImplified. So the washer features fully automatic washing programs AutoWash, that use ions and steam. With IonTech washing detergents are 30 percent more efficient, resulting in cleaner clothes, even at lower temperatures. There are several sensors built into the machines that enable a faster and more ecologically efficient usage, while the inverter motor and an updated body enable quiet and stress-free use. The dryer is also a giant leap forward. What stands out most are IonTech and SteamTech technologies, that further improve the drying process using steam and ions.

Both machines feature a state of the art user interface. The user can set up the optimal washing or drying setting with just one step, using a large and intuitive touch screen as well as set additional parameters. The commands are set at an angle, to ensure optimal visibility of the interface. Though the machines portray a sense of robustness and longevity, the accented soft lines provide excellent ergonomics. Both machines also feature a new WaveActive drum that improves washing efficiency and helps soften fibers while drying. The new WaveActive line of washers and dryers is going on sale with selected stores later this month.

Lidija Pritržnik, Director of Product Design in Gorenje explains that the key goal when designing the new WaveActive line of washers and dryers was "to design washers and dryers that are an inconspicuous assistance to users at everyday chores. We've also implemented a new, refreshed Gorenje product identity Human Simplicity that follows the promise of our brand to simplify lives.”

The key was to have great understanding the context of use that has been achieved with in-depth qualitative research with consumers. “We were researching habits and challenges various users face during garment care. The design solutions were tested on key markets. We've compared feedback to key design features such as the message and attractiveness of the form, colors, materials; understandability and intuitiveness. The feedback from users enabled us to further improve the product. Understanding the design quality of the product turned out to be related with trust into the more traditional perception of the washer," says Pritržnik.

Apart from the washer and dryer by Gorenje, the Red dot jury of experts also awarded the built-in fridge and freezers from the Atag brand as well as an integrated coffee machine by Atag.

Vincent Hofstee, Senior Product Manager at Atag, explained that their goal was to make something new and differentiating for the brand:“We wanted to make a connection with our brand promise – we love to cook. And refrigeration is a part of cooking. It preserves the precious ingredients in the best possible way. This award is an acknowledgement to our hard work and proof that we keep up with the best in our industry.”

For Gorenje Group this is the 14th consecutive year it has won the most recognized Red dot design awards.