Wednesday, 11th April 2018, Velenje

Gorenje named most energy efficient company by readers of Finance

Gorenje named most energy efficient company by readers of Finance

Gorenje Group received the prestigious “Most energy efficient company of 2017” award at the annual Energy Professionals Conference. Competing against projects from all over Slovenia, readers of Finance who cast their votes online recognized the many projects Gorenje has executed in the past that improved the energy and hence business efficiency of the company.

Energy efficiency is one of the key environmental focuses of the company, that has, since its inception almost 70 years ago, thrived to reduce not only its own but also the impact of its products on the environment. The company regularly undergoes energy reviews and prepares operational plans on how to improve its energy efficiency to the highest possible level.

Peter Kobal, Assistant Director of Maintenance in Gorenje, says the prize is a special recognition of the company’s efforts:“It means a lot to us that the public understands and appreciates our joint efforts to reduce our environmental impact. And energy efficiency is one of the key ways this can be achieved. At Gorenje we do not only have these goals set in ink, but we execute this strategy every day. Protecting the environment is our key value."

Gorenje also transfers its energy efficiency policy from the corporate level to its products. All of them fulfill the highest energy efficiency standards. In April the company is launching a new generation of WaveActive washing machines that, due to the advanced technologies and innovations included, obtained an energy efficiency rating of A+++, and driers with an A++ rating.