Friday, 1st June 2018, Velenje

Gorenje comes to terms on company collective labour agreement

Gorenje comes to terms on company collective labour agreement
The Management Board and employee representatives at Gorenje have aligned and reached an accord on a new company collective labour agreement that maintains the high level of labour rights protection for the employees while allowing the company long-term savings and solid foundations for further development. With the new collective labour agreement, we are replacing a more than a quarter-century-old agreement between the company and its employees, and we bring it up to date to be in tune with not only the new legislation, but also new market conditions.

The new collective labour agreement is a result of good social dialogue that has lasted for nearly a decade at Gorenje, and of more than two years of efforts on both sides to revise the collective agreement. The negotiations picked up pace in the last three months when the negotiating task forces sometimes even met several times a week. The agreement and the rights pertaining to it shall come into effect immediately.

As explained upon signing by the Gorenje labour director Drago Bahun, the revised collective labour agreement is good as "Gorenje has nurtured a high level of worker rights since the very founding of the company."We are aware that the company has to be responsible towards its employees, not only in terms of the payment it extends for their work, but also in other fields. The new collective labour agreement ensures a higher level of worker rights both relative to the effective legislation and the industry collective labour agreement. I strongly believe that it lays solid foundations for the decades to come."

Chairman of the SKEI Gorenje trade union Žan Zeba: "At the SKEI Gorenje trade union, we believe the signing of the new collective labour agreement is success for both sides, i.e. for the Management Board and the employees. With successful agreement, we have proven that reasonable and fair social dialogue is possible, and we hope it continues with the arrival of the new owner. The SKEI Gorenje trade union will continue to protect the interests of the employees to the maximum possible degree."