Wednesday, 17th April 2019, Celje

Golden award for Gorenje Orodjarna

Golden award for Gorenje Orodjarna

At the International Industry Fair in Celje, the company Gorenje Orodjarna, a toolmaking plant, won a golden award for its progressive tool for manufacturing highly advanced sheet metal parts. The technologically highly complex tool is entirely a result of in-house knowledge, and it will be used for mass production of parts for their customer until 2025.

According to the expert jury, Gorenje Orodjarna has earned the golden award for its progressive tool for making highly advanced sheet metal parts with a tensile strength of 980 MPa. Two parts are made in the tool at the same time, which are not entirely symmetrical. An additional challenge was the integration of the system for simultaneous thread rolling into such hard metal. The development of the tool required the use of the most complex engineering methods, design solutions, and surface protection.

The chairman of the jury Dr Gašper Gantar described the criteria applied to selection of award winners: "Technical properties were the most important aspect in our evaluation, i.e. how technically perfected is the product that we were evaluating, compared to the products currently in the market. The second category was the economic criterion, i.e. market potential; the third one was effect on the environment. I can say we were unanimous in our choice of winners and that there were not any dilemmas."

"The award is a recognition of the work of our employees who worked on this project for eight months. The tool is entirely a product of our own knowledge. The tool shall remain at our factory, and we will use it to mass-produce parts for our customer until 2025," said the director of of Gorenje Orodjarna Boštjan Dokl Menih after receiving the award.

The International Industry Fair in Celje is the largest and the most important fair on machine building and toolmaking, welding and cutting in Southeastern Europe. Among the 350 exhibitors, there were over 60 percent of international companies from a total of 30 countries.