Friday, 19th April 2019, Ljubljana

Gorenje washing machines among the best in the Slovenian Consumers Association test

Gorenje washing machines among the best in the Slovenian Consumers Association test

In an independent comparative consumer test of washing machines by over 50 different brands, released by the Slovenian Consumers Association (SCA), two Gorenje WaveActive washing machine models ranked among the top ten. The rating "Good" means that they are recommended by the Slovenian Consumers Association as a good buy.

At the most recent washing machine test, the SCA considered several factors affecting the choice and purchase of a new appliance, including washing effect that accounted for 45 percent of the final score, spinning and rinsing effect, washing programme duration, economy, and operating noise. Gorenje washing machines of the latest WaveActive generation, designed for efficient, simple, and environmentally friendly laundry care, stand out with washing programmes and technology that are inspired by nature and mindful of its preservation. 

This has been confirmed by results of the test in which the washing machines of the latest WaveActive generation ranked at the top of the table. Gorenje's model WS846LN scored 64 points and model WP723 scored 60 points (maximum score at this test was 73 points). Both of the tested washing machines earned the rating and recommendation Good. It is particularly encouraging that the two appliances scored highest in the most important functions – washing and spinning. This is largely a result of the technologies employed, for example the all-new and patented WaveActive drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs that care for even the most delicate fabrics, IonTech technology that uses ions for optimum washing results at lower temperatures, and the SteamTech function that uses steam to remove the last and tiniest traces of dust and dirt.

Solid results in the Slovenian Consumers Association test prove that with the many technical improvements, such as the use of the more durable inverter motor and improved housing, along with advanced technology and programs for efficient elimination of even the most stubborn stains, the two Gorenje models included in the test match up strongly against the washing machines from the highest price ranges. They also have an additional advantage for the customers: a lower price the most of the other appliances in the top ten.

If it used to be the case that good washing results require a lot of energy, this does not apply to Gorenje washing machines as they boast the A+++ (–20%) energy rating, which means they use up to one half less energy than machines in the A energy class. Moreover, they feature an exceptionally rich range of special programs that simplify their use, including special programs for sportswear and the extra short program.

Gorenje WaveActive new-generation washing machines and dryers have already scored impressive results at a German independent consumer test.