Friday, 10th January 2020, Las Vegas

At CES 2020, Hisense presents breakthrough innovations, highlighting their dedication to development of new technologies and confirms their status of technological leader

At CES 2020, Hisense presents breakthrough innovations, highlighting their dedication to development of new technologies and confirms their status of technological leader
At CES 2020 Hisense is presenting their latest innovations in TV segment, smartphones, VIDAA intelligent platform, ConnectLife and many other breakthrough new products. The company that is ranking among leading global tecnological giants has been awarded with several awards by independent user and consumer organizations.

Launching new Laser TV products, Hisense is defining the future of television

Since the first Hisense’s Laser TV was released in CES in 2015, we continued the progress last year by increasing the size from 75" to 150", and the picture quality to full-color. Laser TV accounted for nearly 40% of 80-inch TV market in China. Hisense led the development trend, and we firmly believe laser display will dominate in the future.

At CES 2020 Hisense officially launched three new laser TV products: the self-rising screen laser TV, the Trichrome laser TV, and the sonic screen laser TV. TriChroma Laser TV is a breakthrough of color technology. This technology enables the color display of laser TV to surpass all colors existing in nature and reach 90% recognizable by human eyes. Hisense pioneers the technology of sound generation. Sonic technology makes the positioning of the sound clearer and enables the sound to spread farther and perform better in detail.

Global launch of revamped smart TV platform VIDAA

Hisense will continue developing the global smart TV platform VIDAA to provide consumers a smarter operating system, richer content, and a better product experience. The open smart TV operating system became a strong global contender, with over 20 million installs globally.

At CES 2020 Hisense also demonstrated the ConnectLife smart platform. Through this platform, the TV has been turned into a control center for smart home appliances, and a bridge has been established between the TV and other home appliances of Hisense, Gorenje and ASKO. When you enter the kitchen, the 21-inch large-screen refrigerator will recommend recipes based on the user's health information. Users can place orders directly on the screen for the ingredients that are missing in the recipe and can also start the oven to preheat accordingly. Smart hobs replaced traditional buttons with touch screen controls. After turning on the switches, they can automatically turn on the lights according to the brightness of the room. The design is simple and elegant. The intelligent control system depicts the future smart home life scene.

Trusted Reviews is a UK-based web publication focused on technology. Hisense refrigerator and stove are rated as the Best Fridge Freezer and Induction Hob by Trusted Reviews, which reflects Hisense's achievements in intelligent technology.

For its innovative products Hisense was presented with several awards at CES 2020, among them Best of CES 2020 Award by AVSForum, CES 2020 TOP PICK by HD Guru and Best of CES 2020 by Android Guys for the Hisense ULED 65 inch XD9G TV, HD Guru and Android Headlines presented Hisense with 2 awards for Hisense 100-inch Laser TV and Trusted Reviews awarded Hisense for Best Fridge Freezer and Induction Hob.

Hisense Group witnessed a new record in profit and overseas sales revenue in 2019, which showed the vitality of Hisense as a high-tech enterprise in the global economic downturn environment. In 2019, TV sales reached over 20 million units. Throughout the whole year, Hisense continuously ranked as number one market leader in China, South Africa, Australia, and Japan. The sales of Hisense’s TV increased more than 50% in the U.S. With the current multi-brand combination of Hisense, Toshiba, Gorenje and ASKO, Hisense overseas sales revenue increased over 20% last year. In 2019, Hisense expanded its global content platform. The VIDAA AI platform successfully launched and the number of connected households is over 50 million. It is estimated that the number will reach to 65 million in 2020.