Wednesday, 13th January 2021, Las Vegas, USA

A sense of Hisense at CES 2021

A sense of Hisense at CES 2021
CES, the most influential event in the technology world, has begun! Until the 14th of January it will be presenting cutting edge new technologies. In it's more than 50 years of tradition, this year it's completely digital for the first time. Nonetheless, it will be exciting, including the most successful brands from such different fields like artificial intelligence, sports technology, and entertainment.

Our company has been an important part of CES since its release of the first Laser TV in 2013. Every year we have been presenting our exciting innovations, aimed at changing the ways people live, work, and play.

At the virtual CES event, Fisher Yu, the President of Hisense Visual Technology, announced that Hisense sold over 25 million terminal display products in the last year. This year we will focus on picture quality and applications, as well as releasing the new ULED TV and the new TriChroma Laser TV.

We will also be presenting ConnectLife, our smart living platform.

It's ecosystem connects home appliances and smart devices with smart wizards. This combination brings their functioning to a whole new level. It's available through all Hisense Group brands – besides Hisense also Gorenje, Asko, and Atag.  

ConnectLife allows its users to manage their smart appliances from anywhere and also stores all the information of registered appliances, including user manuals, warranty information, and certificates. It provides notifications, reminders, personalized services, and many tips that will ensure users can fully experience their smart home appliances. They can also be controlled with the popular personal assistants Alexa and Google.

With ConnectLife we want to make everyday tasks easier and simplified, save time and make our user experience something new. For us, all of this means faster development, cheaper user support, quality customer base for marketing and sales activities, connection with other partners, and possibly a new business model – such as appliance rental.