Tuesday, 5th October 2021, Velenje, Slovenia

Hisense Europe international scholarships 2021/22

Hisense Europe international scholarships 2021/22
At Hisense Europe we're giving out scholarships for 2021/22 for students of technical studies.  
We're offering you: 
• student’s practice,
• summer work,
• work on specific projects in the field of your professional interest,
• an opportunity to join one of the most technologically-driven corporations in the world,
• you can become a part of one of our global R&D centers, located in Europe,
• you can play an influential role in the development of the future product line of advanced home appliances in various stages, depending on your profile of engineering expertise,
• by being a member of our inter-disciplinary engineering research teams, you will be able to further enhance your professional development,
• a multicultural workplace will provide you with an additional stimulus to work successfully in the international environment in the future.

We are searching for students of technical studies at European universities (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer, and informatics students, etc.)

You can apply for scholarships by sending yourr CV with description of achievements to emails below until November 10th, 2021:

for Slovenia: hr@gorenje.com
for Serbia: info.gv@gorenje.com
for the Czech Republic: Mora_Mail_Personalni@gorenje.com

Hisense Europe is one of the leading European providers of home appliances. We are a technologically driven, fast-growing company, supporting young people in the realization of innovative ideas. We strive to create the best conditions for our employees and offer the best opportunities for employee growth.