Thursday, 5th January 2023, Las Vegas, USA

CES 2023: As the fastest growing brand in large-screen TVs, Hisense announces partnership with Leica

CES 2023: As the fastest growing brand in large-screen TVs, Hisense announces partnership with Leica

Since the introduction of the first ULED TV ten years ago, Hisense has continuously updated its ULED technologies. At the most influential tech event in the world, CES 2023, which is taking place in Las Vegas, USA, we presented the next stage in the development of TV: ULED X. For the new 110-inch ULED X 8K television, we received the CES 2023 Innovation Award, and by partnering with Leica, we will be taking the laser TV industry to a new level.

“We strived to make ULED X unlike any other LCD TV experience, and we are proud of our achievement,” said Stephen Yao, vice president of Hisense USA. In the future, we will continue to upgrade our LED/LCD TV technologies and bring even more premium products that can provide customers around the world with a superior viewing experience.

David Gold, president of Hisense USA, emphasizes the high level of scale, efficiency and flexibility that make Hisense stand out in the industry. “Hisense TV achieved record performance in 2022 and ranked No. 2 globally in terms of TV sales. This achievement clearly demonstrates the company's commitment to high-quality products and its resilience in challenging circumstances.”

Hisense is also expanding its B2B business as a new growth sector. Along with the trend of smart development, we have prepared a smart home strategy, using our strengths both in the field of display technology and household appliances. “Our VIDAA smart TV operating platform and ConnectLife smart home appliance platform bring smart home appliances together to create a connected ecosystem,” Gould points out.

Through global partnerships and sponsorships, Hisense has become a household name

Hisense has come a long way since they first laid out a strategy based on global expansion in 2004. As we continue to expand our global presence, it's important to get in front of new users around the world, which is why we're proud of our ongoing global partnerships and sponsorships. Our latest sponsorship of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with more than 5 billion viewers worldwide, has given Hisense unprecedented visibility. Our ongoing sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup since 2018, UEFA, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and the United Soccer League sponsorships continue to bring Hisense into homes around the world, making us more recognizable to consumers, taking the globalization process to a new level.

Hisense's remarkable growth in the global market is based on investment in manufacturing, research and development, strategic acquisitions, new partnerships and high-performance products. With annual investments of 5% of revenues in research and development, Hisense has been able to stay at the forefront of new technologies in various categories. In the coming years, we will strive to advance even further, with a vision to remain champions of the latest achievements in the fields of consumer electronics, displays, home appliances, commercial applications, etc. Hisense is the world leader when it comes to manufacturing, assembling and shipping its own products worldwide. We operate at an extraordinary level of scale, efficiency and flexibility – allowing us to stand out in the industry and meet consumer needs more effectively.

Hisense TV: first in China, second in the world

Hisense TVs are already number one in China, but in 2022, Hisense has reached a new global milestone. According to statistics from Omdia and AVC Revo, Hisense has risen to second place in the world for global TV shipments. Given the challenges many brands have faced in recent years, this milestone speaks volumes for our work, commitment to quality products and the resilience of the company, even in times of severe and ongoing disruption to supply chains.

B2B business as a new area of growth

We continue to expand our B2B business - including intelligent transportation, smart medical displays and commercial displays - and this area is becoming a new growth sector for Hisense. We expanded our business into the field of optical communications, smart cities, intelligent transport, smart chips and medical imaging. We continue to explore the fields of AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality), artificial intelligence, robots, intelligent remote home consultation and optical memory integration. Hisense has already made significant progress in the development of our new LCD dashboard for energy vehicles, as well as prototypes of center console displays and similar automotive display products.

In addition to B2B, Hisense also continues to expand and develop the smart home strategy, leveraging our strengths in display technology and household appliances. Our VIDAA smart TV operating platform and ConnectLife smart home appliance platform bring together smart home appliances to create a connected ecosystem that enables easy household management and monitoring and puts the user at the center of the home experience.

Hisense sells its brand products in more than 160 countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia. The group has 66 companies and sales business units outside China, 31 industrial parks, 23 research and development centers and nearly 100,000 employees worldwide. Thanks to the acquisition of leading companies and brands, e.g. Toshiba TV, Gorenje in the field of household appliances and Sanden, the world's leading supplier of compressors and air conditioning systems, the Hisense group managed to increase the scope of global business to a new level and further expand product categories.

Hisense is the fastest growing brand in the field of large screen TVs

In the 65-inch and above category, Hisense outpaced industry growth by three times, growing 158% over the past 3 years, while the industry grew 59%. In the 75+ inch category, our growth rate in the last 3 years is more than 500%. In terms of quality, Hisense has been the fastest growing in the premium segment of TVs above $1000. To grow fast, we need to outdo our competitors in terms of specs, features, latest technology, and provide superior quality at great value, which we are doing. Last year alone, we received more than 50 prestigious awards, along with excellent consumer reviews.

The quality of our products also continues to improve. Last year, Hisens' growth in the premium category (TVs priced $1,000 and up) doubled due to our expanded ULED lineup. We have grown 152% in this category since 2020 compared to 42% industry growth in this price range. Consumers have made it clear what they want from a TV: an immersive experience coupled with larger screen sizes. As the trend continues to move towards a more immersive, cinema-quality experience, Hisense will meet the demand for large screens by adding six 85-inch screens this year.

Hisense and Leica partner to take the laser TV industry to new heights

In recent years, Hisense has been looking for ways to advance the laser TV industry, and Leica Camera has been trying to expand into the field of laser TV projections. Two giant brands have decided to join hands for the further development of the TV industry. According to Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, Leica wanted to enter the rapidly growing laser TV market, but this would not have been possible without Hisense, which has become a global pioneer in this field with 1,700 related patents.

Leica's superior optical technology enables Hisense laser TVs to provide sharper and more detailed images, which can lay a solid foundation for the further development of home theater and short-focus laser TVs.

One of the top innovations at CES 2023 is the Leica Cine 1 laser TV, which with its innovative triple RGB laser powered by Hisens laser TV technology, uses Leica projection lenses and Leica Image Optimization Technology (LIOTM) to optimize image quality and deliver superior cinematic viewing experience. In the coming years, Hisense and Leica will develop further technologies aimed at the next level of superior image quality, making the global laser TV industry more dynamic.

ULED X combines an impressive line-up of TV technologies, incredible processing power and finer picture control through Active Intelligent Backlight Control to push screen performance to the limit. ULED X achieves three times the environmental contrast of conventional OLED TVs and twice the dynamic range of OLED TVs. In addition, ULED X can provide a brighter picture, deeper contrast, wider viewing angle and ultra-low reflection ratios, thus providing one of the best entertainment experiences that available today. For example, with ULED X, Hisense TVs can achieve a peak brightness of 2,500 nits and a contrast ratio of 150,000:1, redefining consumer perception of contrast. Another key factor in delivering ULED X's superior performance is the Hi-View Engine X, which controls more than 20,000 mini-LEDs and more than 5,000 local dimming zones. In addition to an exceptional cinematic picture experience, ULED X also has a 30% wider viewing angle, and with ultra-low reflection, it ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy the same clear picture quality, no matter where they sit.