Press room Gorenje IFA 2011

New Developments, New Opportunities at the IFA Global Marketplace

Gorenje is successfully combining state-of-the-art know-how and innovative technology into convenient solutions that have convinced even the most demanding users. This year, they return to Berlin's IFA fair, where numerous novelties and innovations are displayed in Hall 1.1, exhibition area 201. The spotlight in Gorenje's showroom spanning 500 square metres will be on the new generation of washing machines and dryers with innovative SensorIQ technology, and high-end induction hobs with the revolutionary IQcook technology. It goes without saying that these products are outstandingly designed, energy and water efficient, perform significantly better, and are easier to use.

The IFA fair that has included a home appliance section for the last four years, is considered one of the most prominent global business events in the home appliance industry. Its trendsetting power outlines the product portfolio of tomorrow, and the direction of innovation that is of key importance for further development of enterprises and brands.

Gorenje President and CEO, Mr. Franjo Bobinac: "The IFA international fair allows us to present to the global public our recent R&D achievements in a single place. In addition, we harness the strong recognition of the fair among professionals, the media and consumers  to launch our innovations upon which we build our distinction in the industry. Moreover, we will also take the opportunity to meet with our many business partners from around the globe and, perhaps most importantly, to win new orders or to strike new deals."

This year, the focus of Gorenje's presentation at the Home Appliances@IFA global exhibition in Berlin is the new generation of washing machines and dryers with the innovative SensorIQ technology, high-end induction cookers with the revolutionary IQcook technology, and ovens with the HomeCHEF unique electronic touch control. After the début at the IFA 2011, the new washing machines, dryers, and HomeCHEF ovens will be available in some of the key markets as early as this year; the new hobs will be launched in 2012.

New Generation Washing Machines and Dryers

New generation washing machines and dryers boast intelligent SensorIQ technology that automatically controls the washing and drying process, contributing to high energy efficiency of the appliances. State-of-the-art SensoCARE technology delivers perfect laundry care as it heeds the differing needs of modern consumers. UltraWHITE, a unique program for delicate whites, a result of the know-how of Gorenje's own experts, provides perfectly white and shiny laundry at no more than 30°C.  Flagship of the new generation dryers are the energy-efficient condenser dryers with a heat pump, featuring the innovative TwinAir drying technology which, combined with IonTech technology of efficient fibre smoothing, deliver the UltraSOFT softness and care. All this ranks the new Gorenje washing machines and dryers among the most accomplished appliances in the market, with a ultimate sense for laundry.
The IQcook Revolution in Kitchen

The revolutionary top class IQcook induction hob providing completely safe and controlled cooking with preset cooking and frying modes will be another highlight amidst the Gorenje novelties. The innovative IQ sensor technology in the cooking hob and on the cookware lid guarantees a completely safe and closely controlled cooking process allowing the choice of five preset cooking and frying modes. This new technology not only saves time by optimising the cooking temperature but it also saves energy: the IQcook cooking hob can even save up to 40% in energy consumption compared to conventional induction technology hobs.

HomeCHEF – Oven Full of Knowledge

Notable novelties from Gorenje include the HomeCHEF oven that represents the pinnacle in electronic touch control of ovens, and an important step forward in the development of home appliance controls. The control module, a result of Gorenje's in-house development and winner of a reddot award, allows slide control of the oven via a large colour display, which is a revolutionary novelty in oven controls.

New Washing Experience with WashEXPERT

The concept of innovative slide control on hobs and ovens has been rolled out to other product groups as well. One such example is the concept washing machine WashEXPERT. Like the new ovens, it features unique touch control via large and clearly laid out colour LCD display. The user only has to choose the program that best suits his or her knowledge of the washing process, given the type or colour of fabric. It is a complex innovation of intuitive washing mode selection, translated into truly simple use and appealing form. The WashEXPERT will presumably be available in 2012.

Excellent Performance and Outstanding Design

Needless to say, Gorenje's exhibition area will also include some other novelties; a range of new environmentally friendly appliances of the highest energy classes (A+, A++, A+++) and designer lines for which Gorenje is particularly renowned. These are but a few accents from Gorenje's this year's presentation at the IFA fair in Berlin taking place from September 2nd to 7th 2011, between 10 AM and 6 PM. Gorenje can be found in Hall 1.1, exhibition area 201.

New Gorenje Washing Machines for Perfect Laundry Care

New generation of Gorenje washing machines boasts the SensoCARE innovative laundry care technology fully adjusted to the user, modern visual identity, and ergonomic design that provides comfortable control and an exceptional user experience. Owing to the cutting edge environmentally friendly and energy-efficient innovative technology, new generation Gorenje washing machines, a result of in-house development, rank among the most perfected end effective appliances in the market. Their efficiency is based on the SensorIQ technology that automatically optimizes the washing process. High end models pride on A+++ (-20%) energy class rating which means that they use 20 percent less power than an A+++ energy class appliance.

SensoCARE fully costumized washing

Four washing modes – NormalCARE, EcoCARE, TimeCARE or AllergyCARE allow optimum care for your laundry, fully adjusted to needs of the modern user. Intelligent SensorIQ technology with numerous integrated sensors that constantly monitor the washing process, makes sure the use of energy, water, and time is always optimal. Based on collected data, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts and optimizes the washing process according to the selected program and the type and weight of the laundry; the latter is enabled by the TotalWeight control automatic laundry weight sensor.

UltraWHITE program for Sensational Whiteness at 30°C

One notable feature in the array of different programs for special care of the laundry is the UltraWHITE program for preserving the whiteness of delicate laundry. With this program, Gorenje is among the market's pioneers in delivering completely white and shiny clothes at no more than 30°C. The UltraWHITE program is adjusted for the care of white delicate laundry like synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which could not withstand washing at higher temperatures. It provides excellent care at no more than 30°C, owing to more intensive tumbling rhythm and more water. Normally, white laundry washed at such low temperature would gradually take on a washed-out look and loose its white sheen. With the UltraWHITE program, however, white laundry truly stays white.

In addition to the innovative UltraWHITE program for white laundry, Gorenje's new generation washing machines offer other programs specially tailored for particular types of laundry, such as PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, QuickWash, and two user-defined programs MyFavorite allowing simple adjustment by the user.

  • PerfectBlack – washes at 30°C using liquid gel to keep the black laundry truly black.
  • BioWash – intended for everyone who prefers washing their laundry the natural way, e.g. with the BioBall laundry balls or with soapnuts.
  • NightWash – intended for washing during the night. Its adjusted tumbling rhythm and spinning cycle make the operation more silent.
  • QuickWash – this program washes at 30°C in just 17 minutes.
  • MyFavorite – two program slots are available for user-defined programs. Define the type of laundry, washing temperature, and other desired settings, and simply save them.

OptiDrum – Ultimate Laundry Wellness

The OptiDrum provides laundry with a wellness treatment – and even better care. Innovatively designed drum interior made of stainless steel is completely adjusted to efficient motion of the laundry during the washing process. Large drum volume with a capacity of up to 9 kg allows full comfort even when washing larger amounts of laundry. Drum perforation is carefully thought out so that the size, shape, and number of holes provide lower water and power consumption. Wave-like 3D ribs gently move the laundry towards the rear of the drum and then lift it towards the top. Tilted design of the interior door glass also contributes to this process. OptiDrum ensures laundry gets the best possible care available.
In addition, there's the special StainExpert function for efficient elimination of the most common stubborn stains. The user simply has to choose one of the four offered groups of stains – fruit, coffee, wine, and organic stains – and the StainExpert delivers an effective wash. Self-cleaning SterilTub function makes sure the washing machine is always clean, that a high level of hygiene is maintained, and that laundry always has a pleasant smell. All models offer the StartDelay function to delay the start of the washing program by up to 24 hours. Moreover, some models also offer the EndTime function that allows setting the time when you wish the washing cycle to finish.

Advantages that count:

  • Excellent A+++(-20%) energy efficiency
  • Logical choice of programs and other settings
  • SensoCARE – 4 washing modes for fully costumized washing
  • UltraWHITE program for sensational whiteness at 30°C
  • Carefully though-out ergonomic solutions
  • High-quality and durable materials and components

New Generation of Tumble Dryers

Gorenje’s new generation of tumble dryers is distinguished by cutting edge drying and anti-crease technology in addition to a large drum with up to 9 kg load capacity. SensorIQ intelligent sensor technology automatically optimises the drying process and takes perfect care of your laundry – all with extremely low power consumption.

Gorenje’s dryers with SensoCARE technology allows selecting the most convenient drying method, offering a choice between the regular NormalCARE which includes optimized drying programs, and the temperature-adjusted GentleCARE drying mode, which allows even friendlier laundry care while helping preserve your garments. A new synergy of technologies provides for superior laundry softness: a bi-directional TwinAir air blowing system dries clothes evenly throughout the drying cycle; IonTech straightens the fibres by ionising the air, making the laundry even softer; and the SteamTech steam drying technology fluffs laundry while smoothing out creases and wrinkles. After this superb treatment fresh, fluffy laundry can now be put away – without ironing.

Heat pump and IonTech ionic technology

The new generation of Gorenje tumble dryers come in various models, from vented to condenser tumble dryers. The condenser heat pump tumble dryer is distinguished by its innovative technology and classified as energy class A-40% on account of its low energy consumption – the integrated heat pump allows it to use 40% less energy than a standard A-rated dryer. Another special feature is the unique IonTech technology or air ioniser, which further softens and cares for laundry by straightening the fibres and removing unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke and kitchen odours.
 A heat pump condenser dryer dries clothes at lower temperatures than standard models, taking even better care of your clothes. This is further facilitated by the unique TwinAir blowing system that introduces warm dry air into the drum through two air vents as the drum spins in both directions. Drying is more efficient, as wash loads are evenly distributed in the drum throughout the drying process, keeping the garments from getting tangled up and twisted. It’s the only household appliance to employ both the heating and cooling effects of the heat pump for its functioning.

SteamTech ironing perfection

New SteamTech laundry care technology employs steam to straighten every crease and wrinkle. Ironing cotton and mixed-fabric laundry is now far easier – even not necessary at all. A remarkable independent steam drying program for shirts will particularly please those with a strong dislike for ironing; and the additional refreshment program is perfect for clothes that have recently been worn but are not ready for washing yet; or for clothes that have been in the closet for a while. It will remove any unpleasant odours and make them soft, without unnecessary washing.
 All models of the new generation of Gorenje tumble dryers employ SensoCARE technology, which offers a choice between the regular NormalCARE and the temperature-adjusted GentleCARE mode. The latter allows drying at lower temperatures to better protect  garments. The intelligent SensorIQ technology incorporates all dryer sensors and is a part of the SensoCARE technology system. It automatically adjusts the drying process according to the selected program, type of clothes and desired level of dryness. Clothes appear just as they’re needed: iron dry, dry, cupboard dry or extra dry.

The new generation of Gorenje dryers, with one of the largest drums on the market (120 l) allows for wash-loads of up to 9 kg while at the same time providing optimal care and efficient drying of larger items such as bed sheets. Of course you don't always have to dry that much laundry, which makes the SmallLoad function all the more welcome, as it provides for quick drying of individual delicate items without having to wait for new laundry to pile up.

Advantages that count:

  • SteamTech steam drying technology
  • IonTech straightening the fabrics by an air ionizer
  • TwinAir bi-directional air blowing system
  • SensoCARE adjusted drying program
  • Condenser dryer fitted with a heat pump A-40%
  • Extra large drum volume 120 l

Revolutionary IQcook technology from Gorenje

Gorenje is premiering a remarkable novelty: the top class IQcook induction hob that simplifies cooking in a revolutionary way. Innovative IQ sensor technology in the cooking hob and on the cookware lid guarantees completely safe and controlled cooking process.

A remarkable novelty presenting a revolution in cooking

Gorenje’s new incredibly intelligent and highly sensitive IQ Sensors automatically adjust the operation of the hob and eliminate the need for continuous manual control of the progress of cooking so users can maximise their time while their meals cook. Nor need to worry when something unexpected happens – the phone rings, the kids need something, or that urgent chore that needs doing: nothing will burn or boil over ever again. But the new technology not only saves precious time by optimising the cooking temperature but it also saves energy. The IQcook cooking hob can even save up to 40% in energy consumption compared to conventional induction technology hobs.

Flexible, versatile automation

The new induction hobs are based on Gorenje's new generation XtremePower induction hobs which have been upgraded with sensor technology for safe, controlled cooking. IQcook makes cooking easy with preset cooking and frying modes; at the same time it also allows  for more conventional cooking modes, jus like all other cooking hobs. And the user-adjusted preset operating modes represent a remarkable new approach, allowing the choice of five preset cooking and frying modes:
1.Cooking with a plenty of water for dishes that require more water, like soups and pasta. A preset cooking mode brings the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintains boiling temperature via communication with the IQ sensors.
2.Steam cooking is - as another new and unique feature - a healthy way of preparing food, which better preserves nutrients and vitamins. With this cooking mode, very little water is added. As a result, the food is not overcooked, and retain its natural colour, juices, and flavour. The preset program controls the steaming and make sure the food is evenly steam-cooked.
3.The Slow cooking has been adapted for grain and similar dishes that require a longer cooking times with slow preheating and light boiling, such as goulash, rice, chilli con carne, and polenta. And Slow is also good for reheating previously prepared and pre-cooked food.
4.The preset Frying mode is used with a larger amounts of oil, and is just right for frying doughnuts, french fries and other deep-fry favourites.
5.Grilling is yet another convenient preset mode that allows users to select how well done their dishes (like meat) are – choosing from three – low, medium, high – presents, ensuring the food is cooked evenly and remains juicy.

Safe from boiling over and burning

The system’s highly sensitive IQ sensors are the key, our proven, reliable helper. The patented SmartSense safety function prevents food from boiling over or burning: if the water evaporates entirely from the pot or pan, SmartSense automatically switches the cooking hob off. And you can forget about tedious cooktop cleanup – owing to the IQ sensors, dishes will never boil over again.

The revolutionary IQ sensor technology will be available in sets of cookware with IQ sensors integrated in the lid handle, as well as in the form of separate IQ sensors that can be attached to your existing cookware, and fit lids of any type or material.


  • Up to 40% of energy savings
  • 100% automatic cooking control
  • 100% safety from boiling over and burning
  • 100% active preservation of nutrients, vitamins and proteins

Gorenje’s innovative new HomeCHEF

HomeCHEF is a revolutionary oven combining the knowledge of master chefs with user-friendly technology. Its large colour TFT display simplifies the selection of settings by simply sliding a finger across the display. But the greatest benefit of the oven is a patented multi-step baking system – STEPbake – which enables preset changes of temperature, heating type and cooking time for the selected dish. HomeCHEF is the categorical choice for consistently delicious culinary experiences, and is designed to impress and inspire both beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

The HomeCHEF's unique STEPbake feature that allows cooking in several preset steps is so new and innovative it’s currently in the process of international patent protection. As many dishes require a change of temperature or heat treatment during the cooking process users can simply design the preset programs themselves. The PRObake operating mode is designed to turn out perfect gourmet experiences time after time. Another three operating modes offer their own unique features and advantages: AUTObake boats as many as 65 preset recipes with photos, including some that already include cooking in several steps. MYbake allows creative minds of all kinds to come up with their own recipes which can be easily modified or saved from scratch. And SIMPLEbake is the shortest, fastest way to one of the nine most frequently prepared dishes.

Advanced Technology: Simple Use, Total Pleasure

The HomeCHEF oven boasts unique touch control via a large interactive colour TFT display. The technology in the background is in fact a high-performance micro-controller that acts as a standalone computer. Combined with the hardware and a smartly devised operating system – the result of in-house development and expertise – it provides faster more responsive user-friendly control.
 Programs and functions are selected by sliding a finger across the display. Now solutions previously employed in the automotive industry, in mobile phones and other technologically  advanced devices are being employed in the kitchen for the first time ever. And the display is protected with glass for clean and safe operation. The main menu displays date and time and allows settings in virtually any language of your choice, with 30 language versions available. The main menu is also the gateway to the basic menu that offers four different types of cooking programs. And all contents are clearly laid out and easily intelligible.
 Now it’s marvellously simple to just pull down colour photos of dishes together with instructions for their preparation, with many preset popular international recipes at hand, all of which promises a nicely varied diet and proven, tasty success served up at the table.

Gas hob with the innovative SimpleOff program timer

Total control of gas hob with the innovative SimpleOff program timer which allows setting the cooking time. When the set time expires, the gas burner will be automatically switched off. Gas hob with the innovative SimpleOff program timer allows safe, simple, neat, and above all controlled cooking or reheating.

Gas hob with the innovative SimpleOff program timer allows safe, simple, neat, and above all controlled cooking or reheating. Ergonomically designed knob with a built-in electronic program timer allows setting the cooking time up to 99 minutes. When the set time expires, the gas burner will be automatically switched off, which will also be announced by an acoustic signal. Every gas burner is fitted with a dedicated SimpleOff program timer which allows simultaneous controlled cooking of various dishes regardless of the type of time required. Has hob with the SimpleOff program timer is available in select models of gas and combined cooking hobs of various widths.

New Washing Experience by Gorenje

The innovative electronic control module offers a totally new washing experience and truly simple washing, as it allows selecting washing modes with the simple slide of a finger across the colour display, or by logical subsequent touches of images and icons.

The WashEXPERT concept washing machine boasts unique touch control using a neat colour LCD display. The innovative electronic control module offers a totally new washing experience and truly simple washing, as it allows selecting washing modes with the simple slide of a finger across the colour display, or by logical subsequent touches of images and icons.

Simple Control and Selecting

The main menu allows access to four washing modes: SIMPLEwash, AUTOwash, PROwash and MYwash. There’s also an additional “EXTRA” menu for stand-alone functions. This is washing simplified, allowing different approaches and customisation to washing. Best of all, it’s a simple chore anyone can handle. The user has only to select the desired image of the laundry on the display; WashEXPERT takes care of the rest.

When the SIMPLEwash tab is selected from the main menu, photos of five categories of laundry appear on the interactive colour display: cotton, wool, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, and delicate laundry. Choose the laundry according to the fabric, and then gently tap the display to select the predominant colour of the fabric, how heavily the laundry is soiled, and how delicate it is. Then simply press the START icon.

Versatile Settings and Customised Care

Selecting the AUTOwash washing mode opens up a range of five different colour categories: white, bright, vivid, dark, black. After choosing the colour category, a logical series of laundry categories opens: business and casual clothes, bed clothing, underwear, overcoats, baby clothes, curtains, knitted clothing, sport clothes, delicates, work clothes and household linen. WashEXPERT then offers a washing mode appropriate for and fully tailored to each category. Choose the one that best suits the sorted laundry. Select how heavily the laundry is soiled and the type of any major stains, and press the START icon.

By customizing AUTOwash, SIMPLEwash and PROwash programs you can save any or all of them to MYwash, which stores all your favourite programs, customised to your personal needs and habits. Selected and saved washing combinations can be retrieved any time there’s a similar batch of laundry in the laundry basket. WashEXPERT – you’ll want to give it a try.

Cooling and Freezing in the A+++ Energy Class

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, refrigerators and freezers consume the most power of any appliance in the average household. Choosing an A+, A++, or A+++ energy class appliance will considerably reduce both power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The latest freestanding and built-in refrigerators and freezers of the A+++ energy class, presented by Gorenje, owe their efficiency to some remarkable technological improvements: improved insulation systems, innovative solutions in system components, and highly-efficient compressors combine to reduce power consumption to a minimum. Appliances of the most efficient, A+++ energy class offer users power savings of up to 60 percent over the A energy class.

New over old

The most wasteful appliances today are those manufactured ten years ago and earlier. These can consume up to 65 percent more power than new models. Gorenje's study of annual power consumption has shown that an average Gorenje appliance from 1995 consumes about 400 kWh per year; appliances from 2000 consume 320 kWh; from 2005 about 240 kWh; and appliances currently produced only consume 170 kWh per year. Given the fact that 40 percent of power consumed in households is used by home appliances, it’s very important to use those that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the fact that power rates are almost constantly on the rise is another reason to consider organising our households in a manner that is economical and responsible to the environment in which we live.

Smart features, smart behaviour

Additional savings are made possible by numerous functions like the economy program, holiday program, and the rapid cooling program recommended after major shopping trips. Today’s contemporary consumer living the fast life will also appreciate the simplicity of use and the functional design that provides high-quality food storage and saves some time. One such function is undoubtedly the NO FROST system, which prevents accumulation of frost and ice in the freezer, allowing for optimal use of space and thus saving power.

Furthermore, there’s a lot we can do ourselves. For example, we can make sure the temperature in the refrigerator is at an optimum of about 4 °C, and avoid opening the refrigerator door too often in order to reduce escape of cool air. We should also make sure that only dried and cooled food is stored in the refrigerator and the freezer, in order to prevent the formation of ice which increases power consumption.

One thing to note when choosing a new refrigerator or freezer is the energy efficiency which is indicated by the manufacturers using designated energy classes. Power-efficient Gorenje appliances are additionally labelled with the green Gorenje ECO CARE label.

Hence, offering technologically advanced and environmentally friendly products is one way in which manufacturers team up with customers to preserve the environment for generations to come.

At Gorenje, eco strategy and business performance live in symbiosis

In the past decade, technological development of home appliances saw remarkably fast progress, bringing numerous innovations including some that lead to substantial energy savings. Power consumption was thus more than halved which has contributed to lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower costs. Parallel to the rapid technological development, user conduct and needs are also increasingly changing as consumers act more responsibly with respect to the environment and look for environmentally friendly products.

Ecology is among Gorenje Group's key strategic activities. Consistently with the principles of sustainable development, environment protection is integrated in all corporate processes and decisions. New products are planned consistently with the requirements of environmental design which comprises the entire life cycle of a product, ranging from development, through manufacturing and use, to waste handling following the expiry of the product's useful life. In the development stage, up to 80 percent of the product's effects on the environment during its life cycle are determined. Any negative environmental effects are mitigated by the choice of materials and components to meet the most stringent environmental standards, by environmentally friendly manufacturing, by designing environmentally friendly products, and by responsible waste management. Choice of materials includes the use of ecologically soundest materials that allow simple disassembly and recycling after the end of the appliance's useful life. This involves using as few different types of plastics as possible, and as many standard elements as possible. Environmental effect also depends on the manner and frequency of use of the product. Activating special appliance functions can lead to additional power savings. Gorenje home appliances are built in a manner that allows fast and simple disassembly and they are made of at least 90 percent recyclable materials and components which can be reused in various subsequent production processes.

Aware of the fact that 40 percent of electricity consumed by households is used to power home appliances, Gorenje has been focused on development of energy efficient and economical equipment. The most recent washing machine models used 17 percent less power and 13 percent less water per washing cycle compared to the appliances manufactured ten years ago; power consumption is up to 60 percent lower than ten years ago in refrigerators and freezers, and up to 25 percent lower in ovens.

Constant improvements in power consumption of major appliances resulted in the last five years in the need for a revised standardization of appliance energy efficiency since the A energy class has become too low for the newly attained efficiency ratings. Inadequacy of the existing standards was resolved by adding extra signs to the A class, leading to A+, ++, or even +++ classes. On December 20th 2010, the new official European energy label was adopted which introduces universal communication through pictograms. The labels are effective for refrigeration appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, and TV sets, while other home appliances will follow soon. Gorenje's extra power efficient home appliances are additionally labelled in the stores with the green Gorenje ECO CARE label.

Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection

Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection is the perfect combination of technological perfection and timeless elegance. Superior design alone is impressive; excellence of materials and technological innovation further elevate the elegance of this remarkable collection.

Perfect symbiosis of form and technology

Nothing is perfect. And nothing is forever. Yet the new collection, a result of the renowned home appliance manufacturer Gorenje and the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina puts such statements to the test. Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection is the perfect combination of technological perfection and timeless elegance. Superior design alone is impressive; excellence of materials and technological innovation further elevate the elegance of this remarkable collection that will surely convince the fans of top-class design and genuine materials whose lifestyles steer the trends as they only settle for the best for themselves and their homes.

The collection comprises an elegant fridge freezer with an innovative window allowing immediate view of the interior; a built-in oven; glass ceramic hobs featuring SliderTouch control and induction hobs with advanced MultiSlider electronic control developed at Gorenje; innovative gas hob with a glass ceramic plate and unique electronic touch control; a cooker hood; and decorative panels for the dishwasher and the microwave oven. Bold lines, gently stroking the senses, follow the idea of outstanding design to blend with the ambiance as its organic complement, elevating its true value. Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection.

Elegance of cooling

Integrated in refrigerator's elegant silhouette is a vertical stripe made of black glass with an interactive touch screen. When it is activated, a square area of tinted grey glass in the middle turns into a transparent window to reveal a practical and exciting view into the fridge interior. The choice of colours, shapes, and materials in the refrigerator interior is faithful to the overall design concept. The shelves are made of tinted grey tempered glass that contrasts beautifully with the convex anodised aluminium shapes. Many carefully thought-out functional details include a metal section wall for bottles, cabinets for storing cosmetics and medications, multipurpose pull-out shelf that can double as a serving tray, and concave-shaped bins in the ZeroZone drawer.

Harmonious lines of the oven

The solid convex metal handle crossing the black glazed surface like a bridge adorning the upper section of the oven evokes an impression of timeless elegance. The touch control screen is a unique feature. Smooth glass surface is easy to clean and the screen offers a wide array of possibilities. For example, it allows you to store your own combination of cooking functions and to browse your favourite recipes. Modern HomeMADE technology with arched cavity allows the effects of traditional wood-fired ovens, and fully extendable telescopic guides provide simple handling of hot baking dishes, as well as excellent control of the cooking progress even when baking in several levels simultaneously. The advanced UltraCoolDoor (UCD) technology provides a cool exterior door surface even during oven operation, and improves energy efficiency of the oven ranked in the A-20% energy class.

Form and function perfectly matched

Modern technology can turn even the simplest dish into a culinary highlight while the magical lustre of the induction hob's black finish will make every piece of cookware seem like a work of art. Inspired graphical features elegantly mark the operating zones as they tell their story of perfect design. Induction hobs boast the innovative MultiSlider control technology which puts the user fully in charge of each cooking field. The range of hobs now includes the unique gas hob on glass ceramic panel with advanced electronic touch control. Gorenje Pininfarina Steel hood is nothing less than an outstanding feat of engineering. Its contrasts welcome your spontaneity, and have a calming effect by inspiring a feeling of inner balance and fulfilment. It is so much more than a flawless display of superb materials and shapes - it is an efficient and super-silent appliance that cleans the air in your kitchen featuring also the electronic user-friendly operation.

Design that lasts

Some trails are forever. To create such trail is to break beyond the confines of time and space. To foresee tomorrow before today ends. To surrender to the eternal beauty embodied in the Gorenje Pininfarina Steel Collection.

Gorenje side by side fridge freezers

The luxury of freshness, convenient double-door opening with deep shelves and bins on the inside of the door, stylish form, easy energy consumption and electronic control via LCD screen – could you ask for anything more from your fridge freezer kitchen helper?

New inside LED lighting for lastingly fresh fruit and vegetables

Gorenje side by side fridge-freezers with a capacity of 540 litres accommodate even the most vigorous of shopping sprees. With 348 litres of volume in the refrigerator compartment and 192 litres in the freezer compartment it provides more than ample storage for your culinary ideas, desires and inspirational impulses.

However, it’s not just the size that counts – in addition to the numerous cooling and freezing functions, the side by side models also include a drawer fitted with a special innovative  ProFresh LED that emits a light spectrum similar to sunlight to allow the natural process of photosynthesis in order to increase the time fresh vegetables and fruits can be stored; and there’s a mechanical ice-maker with three ice cube trays that will help you on your way to becoming an excellent host. The interior of both the fridge and freezer compartments illuminate everything in bright, stylish and energy efficient LED light. And strategically positioned lamps elegantly light the entire interior regardless of how loaded the refrigerator is.

Side by side fridge freezer models offer a wide choice of drawers and bins for storing fresh food at optimum temperature and humidity. Deep shelves and bins in the freezer compartment door are an ideal solution that allow you to store food in a neat and orderly manner. Open packages of frozen small vegetables, pizzas, and frozen treats are readily available on the convenient door shelves. The new Gorenje side by side models with a sophisticated electronic control via LCD screen allowing accurate settings of cooling and freezing temperature independently of the environment temperature, consume a mere 551 kWh per year, and thus rank in the economic A+ energy class. Their performance is further upgraded by the NoFrost system that provides optimum circulation of cool air and eliminates humidity from the freezer compartment to prevent accumulation of ice on the frozen food and in the freezer compartment interior. Similarly storage space is fully optimised. Since no ice is accumulated, any tedious and lengthy defrosting procedures are also made obsolete. Hence, the food doesn’t dry out, and retains its crispness, freshness and nutritional value.

Gorenje new side by side models feature an elegant, ergonomic vertical handle and come in black, white, or the most popular, inox.

Advantages that count:

  • A+ energy efficiency
  • SensoTech electronic control with LCD screen
  • ProFresh LED lighting for lastingly fresh fruit and vegetables 
  • MultiFlow cooling system
  • ZeroZone drawer with a temperature of around 0 °C
  • SuperCool function for rapid cooling of heavy food loads
  • FastFreeze function for efficient freezing of fresh food
  • SpaceBox big freezer drawer on telescopic guides
  • TwinPower 2 compressors for optimal efficiency

Gorenje Compact Range

Gorenje steam oven, select combined microwave oven and exclusive compact dishwasher will elevate your kitchen experience as they grant you the luxury of quickly preparing your favourite dish or washing up.

More Harmony, More Convenience

Gorenje compact built-in appliances pride on their quality modern materials and boast both form and function that make many tasks much simpler. In addition, they look great without overpowering the style of your kitchen.

Combined microwave ovens

Combined microwave ovens with appearance that harmoniously matches that of all other Gorenje appliances allow both conventional cooking and the use of microwaves. Smaller volume makes compact ovens highly convenient for smaller, single- or two-member households that are becoming increasingly common. In addition, the compact oven is gaining importance as an additional oven in large modern kitchens, whereby is also assumes the role of a notable design feature in contemporary kitchen design. Like with hobs, ovens can now be modularly integrated above or next to another built-in appliance, e.g. another oven or a coffee maker. The Gorenje BOC5322AX combined compact microwave oven which will blend harmoniously with the rest of the popular Pure line of appliances features a volume of 32 litres and a stainless steel interior. Oven power can be set to six different levels up to 1,000 W; grill power offers up to 1,500 W. The compact oven also boasts triple door glazing for excellent insulation, cool outside surface, and improved energy efficiency.

Steam oven

Gorenje steam oven BOC6322AX is yet another convenient addition to liven up your kitchen. It is simple to use and it allows selecting and combining the cooking processes that truly contribute to a healthy diet. Steam cooking goes a long way in providing quality and balanced meals every day. The food will retain that full flavour and colour, as well as minerals. During cooking, the steam is fed into the oven from a special water heater. Owing to innovative placement of the inlet duct, it is dissipated evenly across the entire oven cavity. This results in an incredible SteamPower steam bath with automatic control of steam flow according to the selected preset cooking program. Needless to say, the required steam volume for each dish can be set by the user as well. The combined Gorenje steam oven ranks in the A energy class. It allows cooking with steam or with hot air – or a combination of both! In addition to the 50 preset cooking programs and various functions, the oven is distinguished by simple and convenient touch screen operation. The functions available or in use are indicated on the display in one of the five preset languages of your choice. Advanced functions also make appliance maintenance extremely simple.

 Exclusive compact dishwashing machine

Simple, convenient, and clear – such is modern dishwashing. Gorenje Exclusive compact dishwashing machine GIC63140AX of the A energy class and height of 45 centimetres is highly convenient owing to special fully retractable baskets that allows a clear view and easy access even to the deepest part. Simple, drawer-style retraction of the entire basket affords the users a full view of the layout of the cookware, allowing them to make optimum use of the space available. Attached to the lower part of the basket is a movable tray that travels along with the basket and prevents any dripping water from falling on the furniture or on the floor. The user can wash up to 6 standard place settings worth of dishes and cutlery at a time, with no more than 8 litres of water. The advantage of the Gorenje Exclusive built-in dishwasher is also the advanced control via touch screen which offers five preset programs. Modern controls allow a pleasant user experience and full control of the dishwashing process. It is particularly handy for smaller families, elderly couples, bachelors, singles, or anyone lacking space for a full-size appliance in their home. It is excellent for those who already own a Gorenje compact appliance as these are uniform in Gorenje's Pure design style. Advanced, compact, and elegantly designed dishwasher is an invaluable helper in your kitchen.

Gorenje Simplicity Line

Gorenje is introducing a new line of household appliances for kitchen and bathroom. In addition to the technological perfection, these appliances also deliver simple and logical operation using a single control dial. Appliances of the Gorenje SIMPLICITY Line offer an array of carefully and deliberately selected preset programs that the European users, in years of experience, have found the most convenient.

The line is intended for both the beginners and the advanced users who know exactly which functions and features of each appliance they truly need and actually employ. Hence, users of these appliances – all of which are rated in the highest energy classes A, A+, and A++ - will only pay for what they truly use.

The Gorenje Simplicity Line is tailored to the modern user who feels that making repeated decisions between a plethora of programs and functions is simply superfluous and wishes instead for a simply way of controlling the home appliances. A single twist of the dial is enough to select the preset program, indicated with the corresponding symbol, and the intelligent UseLogic© technology takes care of everything else.

Hence, these appliances actually make life easier, save time, and relieve the users of tiresome browsing through the instruction manual every time they want to select a program on their oven or washing machine. Simple and logical, without redundant additional choices that end up confusing the users and impose additional burden both on them and on their budgets.

The combination of glass and metal materials appears pure and simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. The ergonomically designed dial, a hallmark of the collection, and a polished aluminium handle endow the entire collection with a sense of unity. The appliances are available in two colours, white and black. Light and Night.

Efficient, economical, and simple operation of Gorenje's appliances of the Simplicity Line will simplify your lives and leave you with more leisure time for fun and pleasure.

Living a simpler life has become a trend, a motto pursued by many across the globe. Although it may be difficult to sail against the wind, it can still be perceived that money and social status have conceded position on the top of our priority lists to values such as health, happiness, social accountability, and living a fulfilling life. In the words of one of the pioneers of a different lifestyle, the author of the book "Voluntary Simplicity & The Living Universe", and numerous articles and lectures, Duane Elgin, "... living a life that is outwardly simple yet inwardly rich."

The efficiency and simple operation of the Gorenje Simplicity line make our lives easier, offering us more leisure time, more pleasure, and more joy.

  • A single logical dial
    SIMPLICITY offers the most logical choices – the ones you truly use. A single attractive dial does everything!
  • Intelligent design
    SIMPLICITY will please your eyes with thoughtful form and genuine materials. It saves your energy with ergonomics: no unnecessary moves and no tedious selection of the right program!
  • Economic operation
    SIMPLICITY shows its respect for the environment by low consumption of power and water and silent operation.
  • Affordable price
    SIMPLICITY is easy on your budget: you only pay for what your truly use – owing to the superior technology integrated into these appliances!

Gorenje Simplicity ovens

Using a Gorenje Simplicity oven will be a breeze even for the perfect beginner. A single turn of the ergonomically designed dial is enough to select the preset program while the UseLogic© technology takes care of the rest – without tiresome studies of the instruction manuals and countless choices and decisions. Trust the technology to set the temperature and cooking mode, and use your time for something more pleasant! Pizza delivery? No problem: at your home, with a single twist of a dial.

Gorenje Simplicity multifunctional ovens have an operating capacity of 60 L and enable cooking at three levels at a time. The innovatively designed and patent-protected HomeMADE technology with a remarkable form of the oven interior, featuring a vaulted ceiling and rounded lateral walls, in addition to the PerfectGrill multi-level heater placement reliably delivers excellent cooking results.

The FastPreheat function will heat up the oven to 200°C in merely six minutes, while the outer side of the oven door will remain cool and safe to touch throughout the cooking process, owing to the heat efficiency of the CoolDoor technology. Excellent door insulation, paired with special reflective films on the glass improves oven performance while reducing power consumption. In addition, the glass door enables excellent insight into the oven interior while the ergonomically designed handle made of polished aluminium offers a safe and firm grip.

Gorenje Simplicity cookers

Gorenje Simplicity cooking hobs are available with induction and hi-light technology as well as with gas burners. The key advantage of the Simplicity cookers is the simple touch control. The control area with large and intelligible symbols is positioned centrally, thus being equally friendly to both left- and right-handed people; above all the optimum choices are always right in front of the user's eyes. The brushed edges of the glass ceramic cookers enhance the appearance of the appliance and allow simple cleaning, while the durable cast iron grid on the gas cookers give the impression of a professional kitchen.

On today's cooking hobs, cooking is a matter of a gentle touch, inspiration, aesthetics, and innovative ideas. Technological perfection of Gorenje cookers adds its own distinctive touch to this trend: through plain and simple operation, it turns even the most challenging culinary endeavour into an act of effortless and playful creativity.

Casting the spotlight on the induction hobs, these are among the most power efficient, modern, and safe cooking appliances in the market. Up to 30 percent faster heating and up to 40 percent lesser power consumption are only the two perhaps most convincing arguments supporting the decision to opt for an induction hob. Adding to this the simple cleaning using nothing but a wet cloth – even during cooking, as the hob surface remains cool – there should hardly be another reason to hesitate. As the cooking hob will both heat up and cool down rapidly, you will not only save power but also your time as your food will be ready sooner.

The prompt response to any change in the temperature settings will please the seasoned chefs as it allows perfect control required in some more tricky procedures such as melting chocolate for delicious frostings, and other sensitive culinary adventures.

Gorenje Simplicity washing machine

The pure and simple operating principle employed in Simplicity appliances is based on years of experience of the European users. The logical dial includes several icons representing the most commonly used preset programs: Cotton 60°C, Mix 40°C, and Delicate 30°C.

These are the most often used programs in European households, representing as much as 80 percent of all washing requirements. The innovative and intelligible logical program layout on the large centrally positioned dial further facilitates the choice of the most suitable washing program. Leave the washing to a true expert.

The Gorenje Simplicity washing machine boasts the AAA rating that witnesses the optimum power efficiency, washing, and spinning effect delivered by the advanced and steadfastly reliable UseLogic© technology. Power consumption is 10% lower relative to the standard of the A class indicated on the energy label, while washing and speeding effects meet the criteria of the A class.

This, however, is only the beginning: the same technology also allows simple and straightforward operation where the desired washing program is activated by a single twist of the logical dial, without superfluous selections and choices between temperatures, quantity of water, and spinning intensity. The washing machine will do that for you! If, however, you prefer to take control of the washing procedure, you can do so via a sleek LED display that indicates spinning rpms for the selected program, duration of the program, and the time remaining until the program completion.

Washing machines of the Gorenje Simplicity Line enable several other ways to save time and energy: for example, the machine can be loaded whenever you see fit, but the start of the washing can be delayed by up to 42 hours, allowing you to wash during the lower power rate periods.
 If you wish to devise your own programs, the three function keys will allow you to reduce the spinning speed for easier ironing (the EasyIron feature), include additional rinsing e.g. for children's clothes (AntiAllergy), or shorten the duration of the washing cycle by selecting the EcoCare feature. Less spinning will allow easier ironing, additional rinsing will be a welcome option for the allergy-affected, and shorter cycles will suffice for less soiled laundry.

And the large items? The 33-cm opening and the door that opens to an angle of 183 degrees will allow you to effortlessly load and empty the drum. Hence, loading large items such as blankets, pillows, and other bedclothes will no longer be a complicated endeavour.

Gorenje Simplicity combined fridge freezer

The key assets of Simplicity refrigerators are the caring selection of materials and elegant design. They share the distinctive appearance of the other appliances in the collection, featuring the ergonomically designed control dial and the convenient vertical handle made of polished aluminium, offering comfortable opening.

Gorenje Simplicity Line offers two combined fridge freezer models in black or white. The combined appliance with a net volume of 312 litres only consumes 209 kWh of power per year, thus reaching the top A++ energy class. The combined fridge freezer with a volume of 305 litres and NoFrost Absolute technology is ranked in the A+ class. Both models feature superior thermal insulation, improved door sealing, and state-of-the-art refrigeration system components that reduce power consumption to a minimum.

The cutting edge No Frost Absolute technology prevents accumulation of frost on the food and interior walls. Thus, it will save you from the tedious waste of time, which is cleaning and defrosting the fridge. In addition, it allows optimum operation and space usage in the freezer compartment. Another notable feature is the Cool'n'Fresh drawer. A fan directs the cool air directly into this vegetable crisper and fruit or meat bin, prolonging the freshness of your food and helping it retain the natural aroma. Now, you will have more time to use it all and throw nothing away.

Owing to the luxury of space in the deep shelf of the refrigerator door, the dilemma of how to store the large, up to 2.5-litre bottles, is a relic of the past; the refrigerator can accommodate everything. In addition, the anti-bacterial treatment of interior fittings and accessories, and appealing halogen lighting are two further convincing points.

Hence, the spacious refrigerators of the Gorenje Simplicity line, with optimum shelf and drawer layout and the efficiency of the highest energy classes A+ and A++ will surely meet any standard and requirement of modern consumers.

Gorenje simplicity dishwasher with decorative panel

The offer of Gorenje Simplicity appliances also includes the fully integrated dishwasher with AAA washing, drying, and power efficiency rating, total AquaStop protection and a clever selection of the most commonly used presets. Hence, five programs are available for washing up to 12 settings at a time. The programs are adjusted to various types of dishes and the level of soiling. Top three programs by popularity include the Sensitive program for delicate dishes, Super programs when heavy duty treatment is required, and the Normal program for moderately soiled dishes.

The AAA rating is a result of the dishwasher's optimum energy efficiency, efficient water management resulting in a minimum water consumption of 12 litres, and excellent drying process that is also A-rated in terms of energy class.

Dishwasher interior is made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning simple and the appliance useful life longer. The heater is concealed in the appliance bottom. This leads to optimum usage of space which is further enhanced by the adjustable upper basket. Setting it to a higher position, it will allow washing oversized plates and tall stemware. Very simple and very efficient!

Ergonomically designed handle made of polished aluminium complements the minimalist glass façade which merely hints at the complex technology installed behind it. The trendily designed decorative panel of the Gorenje Simplicity Line, with the appealing centrally positioned control dial – the hallmark of the entire collection, can adorn any existing fully integrated dishwasher of any 60 cm model, thus endowing the appearance of the entire line of kitchen appliances with a sense of coherence.

Ergonomically designed handle made of polished aluminium complements the minimalist glass façade which merely hints at the complex technology installed behind it. The trendily designed decorative panel of the Gorenje Simplicity Line, with the appealing centrally positioned control dial – the hallmark of the entire collection, can adorn any existing fully integrated dishwasher of any 60 cm model, thus endowing the appearance of the entire line of kitchen appliances with a sense of coherence.

Gorenje Simplicity extraction hoods

When shopping for an extractor hood, contemporary consumers no longer pay attention solely to the technical characteristics and performance indicators; they have come to appreciate the additional functionality and appearance. The cooker hood of the Gorenje Simplicity line features a splendid combination of glass and metal. Furthermore, like other appliances of the Simplicity line, it is distinctive for its centrally positioned ergonomically designed control dial.

This dial allows simple settings of the intensity of ventilation and lighting. Turning the dial to the left will activate the ventilation and the lamp; turned to the right, the dial will only engage the ventilation, without the lighting. The hood is also easy to maintain as its detachable metal grease filter are dishwasher safe. Quick and simple.

Gorenje Retro Collection in New Colours

There are things that cannot be simply forgotten; things whose uniqueness arouses attention, evokes nostalgia, and stirs imagination for decades. There are forms that are timeless and always modern.

Fridges that Charm with the Colours of the Rainbow

There are things that cannot be simply forgotten; things whose uniqueness arouses attention, evokes nostalgia, and stirs imagination for decades. There are forms that are timeless and always modern. The retro refrigerator, popular for decades, is more than merely a cooling appliance indispensible in any household; it has become a cult object of desire; not only a device that cools, but a product that simply is cool. The rounded shape originating from the mid 20th century, now combined with modern lively colours and innovative technologically perfected solutions in the interior can not remain unnoticed. Retro collection of refrigerators from Gorenje is now available in three unique styles: Chic, Vintage, and Funky.

The perfect elegance: Gorenje Retro Chic collection

Gorenje Retro Chic collection will appeal above all to those that appreciate modern classics, minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture; the resolute visionaries who contend that "less is more" and seek perfect harmony. Gorenje's retro beauties in charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, and Black will surely appeal to them. Simple elegance where nothing is redundant.

Chic is available as the cult single-door retro refrigerator and in two versions of a combined fridge-freezer. All models feature a versatile interior, and innovative convenient solutions that enable optimum use of the storage volume in the new generation Gorenje refrigerators, while the numerous new functions preserve and lock in the quality, colour, and aroma of the food. Installed between the elegant glass shelves is also the eye-catching bottle rack that optimizes bottle storage, leaving more room for other items. The slight inclination of the rack also allows safe storage of bottles that have already been opened; hence, all your drinks are kept at optimum temperature, leaving you ready to prove an excellent host at any time.

Romantic nostalgia: Gorenje Retro Vintage collection

The sober tones of the Gorenje Retro Vintage collection will intrigue the nostalgic romantics who love natural colours. The collection will arouse the attention of those who indulge in the pleasures classic arts and love new images with a seasoned character. For them, the fridgefreezers are available in prestigious colours of Dark Chocolate, Royal Coffee, and Champagne.

"Only the best will do," contend the lovers of the Vintage style. They like to decorate their homes with new, perfectly designed pieces of equipment that combine innovation and a nostalgic touch of the past.

However, they do not compromise when it comes to energy consumption or their relation towards environment. And in this respect, Gorenje Retro Collection fridges are only reminiscent of the past in terms of design. The stylish appearance houses state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly solutions, and economic operation. The cult single-door refrigerators and the two-door combined fridge freezers with freezing compartment  belong to the energy-efficient A+ and A++ energy classes.

In addition to excellent thermal insulation, all models also feature improved door sealing, as well as stateof-the-art cooling system components and refrigeration electronics, all of which are designed to minimise energy consumption.

Urban lark: Gorenje Retro Funky collection

Gorenje Retro Funky collection was created for the playful eternal optimists and curious travellers who just love to be free; the adrenaline lovers for whom sky is the limit. Retro fridges in modern, lively, and alluringly lusty hues: Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, and Juicy Orange, White and Red. Gorenje used these high-spirited optimistic colours to jazz up the cult single-door retro refrigerator. Thus redressed, it is bound to enchant anyone who dreams in colours and seeks funky inspiration in the remotest places of the globe, with a backpack. To those who wish to introduce a touch of this vigour and freedom into their homes, the retro beauty in the colour of lime, juicy orange, or raspberry, will surely prove a perfect fit for their kitchens. Funky playfulness is complemented by a range of handles available either in the timelessly fashionable chrome version, or in the colour of the chosen fridge housing. Interior design of these appliances was also approached with the numerous spontaneous and frisky moments in mind. Hence, the new retro models allow you to store food and beverages on spacious glass shelves with a special edge that prevents dripping onto the shelves below in case anything is spilt. The compact glass shelves are also cooler than the wire racks and they provide excellent support for food in narrow, less stable packaging. Moreover, cleaning of glass shelves is a breeze. Keep up that funky groove!

Be elegant, romantic, playful, or daring. Treat yourself to more; push the boundaries; choose your style. With the new Gorenje Retro Collection.

Collection Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid

Following the cooperation with the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina and the keen French designer Ora-Ïto, Gorenje is now betting on the talent and boldness of prolific designer and undisputed king of colour, the man who made pink masculine: New York-based designer star Karim Rashid, creating a brand new collection Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid.

Teaming up with Gorenje was a perfect opportunity to pursue a desire Karim has had for ages: to introduce design into simple, everyday objects such as household appliances, to marry his imagination to advanced technology, and to create a top-class collection of appliances that will provide a memorable experience for all senses.

“I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes. Design is about shaping contemporaneity. Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything.” comments Karim Rashid and adds: “Everything needs to be designed, from our airplane interiors to our shampoo bottles to our money. We need to beautify this planet in every aspect, in every corner of the earth.”

He has designed products ranging from vacuum cleaners to furniture, children’s toys to luggage, television sets to perfume bottles and lighting fixtures. As an interior decorator, he has also designed several famous hotels and clubs; and now on Gorenje household appliances which, incidentally, he is using himself: “Over the past years Gorenje has proven to be a company that has a strong interest in contemporary design. I have been following and appreciating their successful collections. When they contacted me to design the new Gorenje collection it took very little discussion to get the project started. I knew the company also because I do a lot of work in Eastern Europe and have an apartment in Belgrade with Gorenje appliances.”

Gorenje is equally thrilled about the collaboration with Karim. They are impressed by his charisma and the daring colours featured in his designs. To evoke the appearance of colourful elegance, they decided to employ LED technology, regarded as an innovative lighting solution of the future. “Hence, Gorenje is the first home appliance manufacturer to offer a solution that allows the users to change the colour of their appliances, using the innovative MoodLite technology developed by Gorenje. The vertical LED light stripe allows several colour versions, providing the option to adjust the appearance of the appliance to one’s current mood, or indeed one’s lifestyle", commented Mr. Aleksander Uranc, Gorenje marketing director.

MoodLite Technology

MoodLite Technology. A touch of light and colour. Day in, day out, yet differently each day. It allows a play of colour, and affords endless freedom to the inspiration and emotions of each moment. Seven colours for seven moods. Seven colours for seven days, or for each day at a time. Do not adapt to the moment – let the moment be shaped by your desires. MysticWhite, BabyPink, HotPink, DeepPurple, SkyBlue, LimeGreen, JuicyOrange. Your home can be different. Each day and each moment.

Undisputed talent of the world-famous designer icon Karim Rashid, Gorenje’s high quality execution of all details, and application of durable materials are the essential elements that make a memorable collection.

Oven. Charm your senses.

Reflections of magical light and modern aesthetics of new ovens charm your senses. Cuisine becomes a play, creation by touch which never fails. The colour of light echoes the colour of the moment. MoodLite technology does not only endow the ambiance with the desired hue of colour; when activated, it also affords a look into the oven interior, while the red tint will warn you of high oven temperature. New generation ovens proudly feature a number of patented innovative solutions.


The innovative design of the HomeMADE oven cavity, featuring a vaulted ceiling and rounded side walls, coupled with precisely thought-out heater placement, delivers superior cooking results. The unique novelty inspired by traditional wood-fired bread ovens relies on highly efficient and fully uniform distribution of hot air.


A perfect result in only three simple steps. Patent-pending electronic programming module is a revolutionary novelty in touch screen appliance operation. Numerous preset programmes automatically set the right combination of heating elements, temperature, and cooking time, while additional settings make the use simpler and save even more of your precious time.


Aesthetics or functionality? Our cutting-edge technology delivers both. MoodLite technology does not only endow the ambiance with the desired hue of colour; when activated, it also affords a look into the oven interior, while the red tint will warn you of high oven temperature. The light band is both an aesthetic form and an innovative function.

Cooking hobs. Touch the magic.

Cooking is a pleasure. The experience of gentle feel and creative inspiration. Innovative and technologically perfected cooking hobs, all in stylish white colour turn even the most challenging culinary endeavours into playful creation and pure aesthetic pleasure. The alluring lines in the graphical pattern will seduce your senses. Discretely, subtly, yet convincingly they stress the sensuality of minimalism, caracteristic for Karim's design. You can choose among cutting-edge induction or hi-light glass ceramic hobs or modern gas hobs on white glass with a wok burner.


The cutting-edge cooking hob boasts speed, low energy consumption, safety, and touch control. The PowerBoost function additionally ups the performance and capacity of the induction cooker. The instantaneous response prevents liquid from boiling over and spares you the tedious cleaning.

Glass ceramic hob with hi-light heaters

Efficient and simple. A heater with a two ring heating zone and a special oval ring heating zone enables full adjustment to various types of cookware. Thus, the cooking zone can be simply enlarged to desired dimension in order to save energy.

Gas cooking hob with a wok burner

Modern gas cooking hob on stylish white glass, with ergonomically designed knobs and excellent layout, is a perfect setting for superior cooking results. The fans of Asian cuisine will be thrilled by the wok burner that delivers three rings of flame, formidable heating power, instantaneous response, and rapid performance.

Hood. Light your way.

In a modern kitchen, the cooker hood is the central expressive element of design and the most appealing feature of the space. The new hood which endows your space with air and light, brings the freshness of new form, and convenient innovative features. A single touch of the MoodLite strip will turn the space into an oasis of select hues that will caress the senses and evoke a very special atmosphere. Made of aluminium and glass with minimalist graphics that convincingly chart out new directions of modern kitchen design.


The keys and knobs are a relic of the past; what remains is pure simplicity and aesthetics. The electronic version of the cooker hood is a breakthrough in user-friendly operation. Carefully studied positioning of the control section on the LED-illuminated strip enables simple setting of the extraction power adjustable in four levels.

Halogen lighting

In addition to its primary function of vapour extraction and air filtration, the cooker hood is an additional source of light that provides optimum illumination of the cooker surface. Halogen lighting is also more powerful and economical than the conventional one.


The multi-colour LED-illuminated strip visually merges the cooker hood with other appliances in the kitchen. Colours for every mood and ambiance. Smoothly uniform and harmonius.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is an award-winning industrial designer who has undertaken projects for hundreds of clients all around the world. A luminary in the world of international industrial design, this prolific designer and undisputed king of colour comes from New York, where he applies his talents to numerous fields: furniture, architecture, lighting, tableware, and - from now on - household appliances.

From Shoes to XXL armchairs, his sculptural and playful, round and colourful, fashionable and sober style is totally in tune with today and tomorrow. Working with clients as prestigious as Issey Miyake, Prada, Alessi, Sony, Umbra and Bozart, his career path has been lined with international awards such as the Sleep05 for the renovation of the Semiramis Hotel in Athens.

Karim is a perennial winner of the Red Dot award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, IDSA Industrial Design Excellence award. He holds honorary doctorates from the Ontario college of Art & Design and Corcoran College of Art & Design. 2007 highlighted Karim’s largest retrospective to date at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Most recently, Karim curated the exhibition Totally Rad: Karim Rashid does Radiators for Museum of Art and Design in New York City.  Karim is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally, disseminating the importance of design in everyday life. Karim’s work is featured in 20 permanent museum collections and he exhibits art in galleries worldwide.

Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection

A reflection of light in your kitchen

White is the colour for people with a colourful imagination; it is a platform that offers endless possibilities of play, advancement, and development. It is the colour that never fails to make the fashion trends; in interior design, its unquestionable convenience, adaptability to any style and the capacity to disperse and reflect the light make it simply eternal. White has been, is, and will remain the colour of kitchen equipment as its chic is timeless. White is also the favourite colour of the French designer Ora-Ïto who, following his successful collaboration with Gorenje two years ago when he designed the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection of black kitchen appliances, painted the kitchen white this fall. Meet the Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection.

Just as minimalist, elegant, and refined as its black predecessor, Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection combines the technology and quality with the design talent of the globally renowned French designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto. Minimalist elegance and the bold distinctive design are forged into a world of coexisting complexity and simplicity – "simplexity" – as Ora-Ïto dubbed his style. Overwhelmed with creative inspiration, Ora-Ïto revealed that to him, white is a magical and timeless colour that gives objects a dimension of modernity. "In my eyes, white is much more than just a colour. It is the symbol of my vision of the future which is my main source of inspiration... White is the colour that best represents the light. White actually has the magical capacity to become light by reflection. It has the power to transfer light by reflection, creating a sense of brightness that optically enlarges the space... Hence, white is much more than a colour or a hue: it is becoming matter, owing to the light it radiates, inviting us to taste today the days that are yet to come ..."

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection includes a freestanding fridge freezer, a multi-function built-in oven with electronic controls, a glass-ceramic induction hob, a cooking hob with gas burners on glass surface, an elegant chimney hood, and decorative panels for the dishwasher and microwave oven that round up the harmonious design of the entire collection. The appliances of the Ora-Ïto White Collection rank in the highest "A" energy classes and feature all modern user functions. They are distinctive for the harmonious appearance of their front panels which are covered completely in white glass, and handles made of brushed aluminium in stainless steel colour.

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection is refreshingly fashionable and amazingly eternal. It is like a well-tailored white shirt made of high-quality cotton, which never disappoints. It is eternity caught in simple lines, high-quality materials, and superior technology. Such a combination is always in fashion.