Press room Gorenje at LivingKitchen 2013

Gorenje back at the LivingKitchen @ IMM in Cologne

Gorenje is taking part in the "LivingKitchen 2013" Exhibition, starting on January 14th and lasting through January 20th 2013, parallel to the IMM Cologne 2013 fair. The rather new international event LivingKitchen is a trade fair focusing on all aspects of kitchens, offering both trade visitors and the general public an opportunity to experience the home interiors of the future. The Gorenje exhibition area No. C 020 in Hall 5.2, extending over 350 square meters, presents a selection of novelties from brands Gorenje, Gorenje+ and ATAG, with spotlight on the Gorenje+ exclusive built-in appliances premièring the IQcook innovative induction hob with IQ sensor technology and unique IQsteam cooking programme for healthy cooking, and the prototype Wi-Fi ready high-tech oven iChef+.

IQcook, flagship of the Gorenje+ Novelties

IQcook technology is a revolutionary new way of using intelligent sensor technology of induction hobs. For perfection in cooking, frying, and grilling. The IQcook hob is the first induction hob in the world that you can truly trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. In addition, intelligent user-minded preset cooking modes, including the unique IQsteam mode for healthy steam cooking with very little of water, simplify the preparation of many dishes even further. And change completely the way we cook; emphasising the trend towards an easier way of cooking and healthy eating.

In particular, Gorenje's display in Cologne is focused on showcasing the wide and varied range of premium built-in appliances, with the spotlight on the Gorenje+ brand of exclusive built-in appliances available through kitchen specialists and intended for the most demanding customers. Gorenje+ exclusive appliances boast numerous technologically advanced features, even global innovations such as the flagship of the Gorenje+ novelties exhibited in Cologne, the revolutionary IQcook induction hob featuring unique IQsteam steaming technology that completely changes the way we cook and emphasizes the trend towards an easier way of cooking and healthy eating. It is the first induction hob in the world that you can truly trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. User-minded preset cooking modes IQsteam, IQboil, IQpro, IQfry and IQgrill simplify the preparation of many dishes even further. Now users can maximise their leisure time while their meals cook and they needn’t worry about something unexpected happening – nothing will ever burn or boil over again.

Wi-Fi cooking: Innovative high-tech in the kitchen

Much to the delight of technology buffs, Gorenje is taking a step forward by premièring another technical highlight from Gorenje+ brand. It is the prototype version of the award-winning high-tech oven iChef+ with an intelligent control module operated by sliding your finger across the screen, upgraded with a Wi-Fi interface which can be controlled remotely by a smart phone or a similar device. Starting or ending the cooking process, uploading delicious recipes, controlling the status of the oven, and switching the oven lighting on and off will be possible with an app running on an Android-based mobile device.

The maximum in design and performance

In addition to the presentation of Gorenje novelties and the premiere of Gorenje+, a part of the exhibition area will feature the ATAG brand, a leading Western European design brand which has been a part of the international Gorenje Group since 2008.

The ATAG brand with its assortment entirely revised for 2013 demonstrates how superior design can be harmoniously combined with innovative and convenient functions. For example, the targeted flame of the innovative Fusion Volcano wok Burner in ATAG glass ceramic hobs provides highly efficient heating exactly in the middle of the wok bottom to afford effects that are otherwise only possible with dedicated Asian wok burners. Further ATAG novelties include the modern Glass Line with oven fronts in matte soft black finish, and the new eye-catching ATAG Cooling Center consisting of an upright freezer, a fridge, and a wine cellar with sophisticated stainless steel front panels. Temperature is electronically controlled – the Cool Flow System will make sure temperature is even throughout the appliance.

Gorenje’s highlights from current product portfolio

Gorenje XtremePower induction cooking hobs with improved PowerBoost function, modified and even more efficient classic fridges of the Gorenje Retro Collection, and new generation dishwashers with patented TotalDry function and spacious interior are also among Gorenje's prominent achievements showcased at the LivingKitchen 2013.  In addition to the above novelties, Gorenje's hit collections Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid  and Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection will also work their charm at the fair.

Cook. Enjoy. Live. @ LivingKitchen 2013

LivingKitchen event in Cologne attracts the big names from all segments of the kitchen sector – including chefs, of course. In its demo kitchen, Gorenje will get cooking with Chef Sascha Wenderoth who will bring all his culinary passion and experience to Gorenje’s dynamic domain at the LivingKitchen. He will prepare delicious meals on the revolutionary novelty of the Gorenje+ range, the IQcook induction hob in front of the audience.

By taking part in the LivingKitchen, the rather new international biannual kitchen event, Gorenje remains faithfully dedicated to its vision of a design-minded household appliance manufacturer whose innovative and technologically advanced solutions dictate new trends. You are kindly invited to visit Gorenje at the LivingKitchen from January 14th to 20th 2013, parallel to the IMM Cologne. Ingenious concepts, new models, inspiring presentations – LivingKitchen is the event for the kitchen furniture industry in 2013.


IQcook – The Genious Cooking revolution

IQcook technology is a revolutionary new way of using intelligent sensor technology of induction hobs. For perfection in cooking, frying, and grilling. The IQcook hob is the first induction hob in the world that you can truly trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. In addition, intelligent user-minded preset cooking modes, including the unique IQsteam mode for healthy steam cooking with very little of water, simplify the preparation of many dishes even further. And change completely the way we cook; emphasising the trend towards an easier way of cooking and healthy eating.

Revolutionary patented solution tailored to suit the user

The innovative sensor technology of the IQcook  which received the eminent international red dot design award 2012 and many other awards on different markets, guarantees completely safe and controlled hob operation with optimized use of energy. The new technology is entirely the product of Gorenje’s own development and design.
Smart and Safe: Goodbye Boiling Over and Burning

Gorenje’s new, incredibly intelligent and highly sensitive IQ Sensors built into each cooking zone of the hob automatically adjust the operation of the hob and eliminate the need for continuous manual control of the cooking process. Now users can maximise their time while their meals cook; and needn’t worry when something unexpected happens. The patented SmartSense safety function prevents food from boiling over or burning: if the water evaporates entirely from the pot or pan, SmartSense automatically switches the hob off. And you can forget about tedious cooktop cleanup – owing to the IQ sensors, dishes will never boil over again.

Smart and Easy: Preset Cooking Modes including the revolutionary IQsteam mode

The user-adjusted preset operating modes represent a remarkable new approach, allowing the choice of five preset cooking and frying modes:
IQsteam: a new and unique feature for steam cooking – a healthy way of preparing food – which better preserves nutrients and vitamins.  With this cooking mode, very little water is added. As a result, food is not overcooked, and retains its natural colour, juices, and flavour. For example, it only takes 0.5 dl of water to cook 1 kg of vegetables.
IQboil: for cooking with plenty of water, for dishes that simply require more water, like soup and pasta. A preset cooking mode brings the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintains boiling temperature via communication with the IQ sensors.
IQpro: is a slow-cook mode which has been adapted for grain and similar dishes that require longer cooking times with slow preheating and light boiling, such as goulashes, eggs, rice, chili con carne, and polenta; or just for reheating previously prepared and pre-cooked food.
IQfry: the preset frying mode is used with larger amounts of oil, and is just right for frying doughnuts, french fries and other deep-fry favourites.
IQgrill: yet another convenient preset mode that allows users to select how well done their dishes (like meats) are, choosing from three – low, medium, high – presets, ensuring the food is cooked evenly and remains juicy.

Revolutionary advantages that count:

  • 100 % automatic control over cooking with IQ sensors
  • Remarkable novelty: Steam Cooking only on IQcook induction hob
  • Up to 40 % energy savings with automatic temperature control
  • Patented SmartSense safety function for boiling over and burning prevention
  • Preset cooking modes for various dishes

Development of the ingenious IQcook cooking hob

Do you find it frustrating when milk boils over just when you look away from the cooker for a moment? Are you uncertain about what is going on under the lids when there are three or more dishes cooking at the same time? Do you find it a waste of time to tend to the cooking process when it involves entirely routine procedures? Are you in doubt when the oil in the pan is hot enough to start searing? Gorenje was looking to solve these and other problems; their answer is the ingenious IQcook cooking hob that makes possible automatic cooking.

Changing the way we cook

It took a year and a half of research work and another year of development process to launch the unique IQcook hobs in Gorenje’s markets across the globe. Due to the exceptional innovativeness of the new cooker operating system, only a small development team was acquainted with the project during the research and pre-development stage.

“We locked ourselves in the development lab for days at a time, where we would test, change, re-test, correct, and so on, until we arrived at the absolute best solutions,” says Marko Kreča, head of the electro department at the competence centre for cooking appliance development in Velenje. “It’s been a long while since I’ve seen so much mathematics on one hand, and so much food tasting on the other, as in this project.”

Unlike the oven which is a closed environment, thermal conditions on a cooking hob can vary significantly. “We’re actually working in an uncontrolled environment and therefore, setting up automated processes is all the more challenging. However, our team didn’t shy away from the challenge, and never gave up when faced with numerous unknowns, complications, and obstacles,” explains cooking appliance development team member Dražen Djukić.

Hours and hours of cooking and testing

In order to simplify the cooking process and make cooking tasks easier, the team started with complex  research and development procedures. At first, they had to figure out the logic of automated cooking. The basic idea was to establish wireless communication between the sensors in the induction hob and the sensor in the lid which was developed especially for this purpose. Complex program algorithms in the appliance make sure the cooperation between the sensors is safe and that it leads to the desired results.

Good news here is that any type of cookware that is suitable for induction hobs can be used on the IQcook hob. Also, a wide range of lids can be used, which is a key advantage of Gorenje’s product, making it truly unique; at the same time, this was one of the key challenges for the development team. The other key advantage of Gorenje’s new hob is the controlled steam cooking feature, using a minimum of water and without using an extra steamer insert. To control the steam cooking process, the sensors perceive numerous parameters that are then processed by the hob. Operation of the appliance was tested for a total of over 3,000 hours.

More than 20 experts involved

A multidisciplinary team of more than 20 experts on cooking appliance development, electronics development, de-sign, technology, quality management, marketing, and product management worked intensively on the many solutions to which they can proudly point to as the first in the home appliance industry. With the IQcook project, the Gorenje expert team introduced some new approaches to cooking appliance development, and generated a huge amount of new ideas for products which they in-tend to develop in the future. “The IQcook system saves time and energy, because the food is cooked largely automatically. We’ll certainly devote a great deal of attention to procedures for optimum and automated food preparation, while even more tests will be conducted – with ‘real food”, adds Kreča.

Simple selections

The hob offers five preset cooking modes. Three cooking modes (steam cooking, cooking with a large amount of water, and slow cooking) and two frying/grilling modes (deep frying and grilling) allow automatic cooking of a wide range of dishes. After selecting the most suitable cooking mode, the sensor installed on the pan lid is activated with a simple touch. Operation of the two IQ sensors built into the cooking hob and attached to the pan lid, respectively, to check the progress in the pan, is monitored by the cooking hob electronics. Intelligent technology provides automatic operation and completely eliminates the need for direct, ongoing supervision of the cooking process.

Completely controlled cooking processes

Accidentally placing the wrong lid on the pan during cooking causes the IQ sensor technology to notice and notify you with an audio signal. The cooking process proceeds without interruption. IQ sensors are built into each cooking zone of the hob to allow the use of the revolutionary IQcook function on all four zones simultaneously. Operating  in the preset mode for cooking with large amounts of water (e.g. soup, pasta), the hob brings the contents of the pot to the boil, then maintains boiling temperature (choose between light, moderate, and heavy boil) through communication with the IQ sensors.

Patents pending

Three patent applications were filed for the product, for the following solutions:

  • construction of the sensor and method of attaching the sensor to the lid,
  • sensing when the water in the pan has evaporated,
  • sensing the presence of a lid with sensor on the selected cooking zone.

Cooking goes Wi-Fi featuring iChef+

Why not cook via smart phone wirelessly connected to an advanced Wi-Fi ready Gorenje+ oven? Supported by a rich selection of recipes and preset cooking programs, this invisible link will make creations in the kitchen truly easy and fun.

Two years ago, Gorenje premièred at the LivingKitchen 2011 iChef+ oven, the first oven with innovative slide control and a rich set of preset cooking modes for different dishes, which thrilled modern users across the world and won several international awards for innovation and superior design. Much to the delight of technology buffs, Gorenje is taking a step forward at LivingKitchen 2013, premièring the prototype version of the iChef+ oven upgraded with a Wi-Fi interface. It can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone with the Android operating system.

The telephone and the oven are communicating via Wi-Fi technology. An application is run on the telephone which can display several different information: oven temperature, oven lighting status, remaining cooking time, oven status, and selected recipe. Furthermore, application can be used to transfer delicious recipes from the telephone to the oven user interface, to activate or stop the cooking or baking cycle, and to switch the oven lighting on and off.

Innovative High-tech for Exceptional Cooking Results

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Computers are getting into cooking in a big way. People felt that the taste of the dishes grandma cooked could not be replicated even if the recipe was right, because the touch of her hand would be missing. But now with a mere touch of the hand you can achieve exceptional cooking results from iChef+ from Gorenje+.

The Gorenje+ oven brings the touch screen paradigm to all your baking needs. Kitchens of the future often come complete with touch screen panels and home automation settings, but you aren't just keying in the time and temperature here. Much like the automatic controls on a camera, it doesn’t actually do anything you couldn’t do manually, but it sure makes things a whole lot easier. It's got 65 preset dishes designed by chefs and nutritionists it can cook autonomously, nine simple ones letting you cook basics such as "roast potatoes", and 120 slots for you to program your own, plus an option that lets you bake in three separate stages for perfection (or bitter disappointment, depending on your choices) inside and out. It's all controlled through a colourful screen filled with pictures of lovingly-prepared food. The main menu serves as a gateway to all the features, so even a newbie can handle it without prior experience. To start your cooking, simply touch the display and the icon-driven touch-screen fires up. From here, you can go simply by just finding the food you’re about to cook, estimating its weight and pressing “go”. Or you can get fancy with the SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, MYbake, PRObake and STEPbake modes. Fingers crossed!
 A plus for cooking and gourmet pleasures is also delivered by many other Gorenje+ oven features such as Space+ increased cavity volume despite standard exterior dimensions, the innovative shape of the cavity Shape+, and Grill+, a new approach to heating surface layout for truly even cooking. The interior design and air circulation in Gorenje+ ovens actually mimics the principles of ancient wood-fired ovens and render the dishes both juicy and crisp at the same time.

iChef+ Star Oven

The premium Gorenje iChef+ oven GO 896 X, also recipient of the red dot Design Award 2011 honourable mention and Plus X Award, recently garnered the “German Design Award - Special Mention 2013” title. The high design kitchen appliance with patented electronic Touch Control Operation via full colour TFT screen won the prestigious international award, widely recognised as the highest German design award presented by the German Design Council, in the category Home Interior.

Kitchen specialist concept Gorenje+

Cologne, January 2013 – At the LivingKitchen 2013, Gorenje showcases their premium assortment of innovative hot, cold, and wet built-in appliances  Gorenje+ that are available exclusively from kitchen and furniture specialist stores. High quality standards, comprehensive service, partnership-based terms, and many sales promotion activities have convinced the dealers.

There are already more than 200 authorized kitchen studios in Germany, and many on the other markets, offering the Gorenje+ appliances. The target group in this case are the demanding customers with sophisticated taste, looking for a PLUS in their everyday and a new impulse for their homes. Gorenje+ built-in appliances do not scream for attention; rather, they impress quietly yet powerfully with first-grade materials such as stainless steel, and trendy black colour.

Innovative high-tech in the kitchen

The innovatively designed Gorenje+ gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and efficient use of gas. And exclusive domino hob Teppan Yaki built-in cooking hob GTN 31 X with stainless steel finish and anthracite frame round off the Gorenje+ line of cooking hobs and opens up new possibilities of food preparation.

 The innovative fingertip-controlled Gorenje+ oven iChef+ with a clearly laid out TFT colour display is now available with the Pyrolysis+ function and gentleClose+ soft oven door closing system as model GP 896 X in stainless steel and model GP 896 B in black. Furthermore, presented as a prototype at the LivingKitchen 2013 is the upgraded version of the iChef+ fitted with a Wi-Fi interface which allows controlling the oven via a smart phone.

Plus for clean and fresh air

The wide kitchen hood GVP 90 X with LED+ display, state-of-the-art  P.A.S.+ filtering technology, and high-grade stainless steel finish, easy controllable by soft touch, will provide fresh air in any kitchen. Four power levels and the Boost+ extra power level will evacuate the odours with guaranteed efficiency. At the same time, functional design will make sure the hood never gets in your way, leaving the view of the worktop and the space over the cooking hob clear.

Plus for perfectly clean dishes

The new fully integrated Gorenje+ dishwashers operate silently and allow impressive savings. The top model GDV 652 X can manage up to 17 place settings worth of dishes at a time as it shines with the A+AA efficiency rating. 15 dishwashing programs including the automatic and short cycle, 9 spraying levels, three baskets, 24-hour delayed start option, LED+ indicator, and the Sensor+ water sensor leave nothing to be desired.

Outstanding design quality

Gorenje+ design is not just about attractive appearance. Standing for much more than that, it has convinced the customers, the dealers, and prominent professional juries time and again. In 2013, however, Gorenje received a very special prize: the patented iChef+ oven of the Gorenje+ assortment won the "German Design Award – Special Mention 2013" for outstanding design quality. Following such accolades as the Plus X Award for the best product of the year 2011 in the category of built-in ovens, and the red dot Design Award honourable mention in 2011, the patented Gorenje iChef+ oven GO 896 X had already reached a star status among ovens.

Gorenje+ exclusive built-in appliances are based on a comprehensive concept of user experience and design, combining a wide range of superior cooking and refrigeration appliances, and dishwashers. Your choice is always individual, yet in your kitchen, it always comes together as a harmonious whole.


Gorenje Retro Chic Collection in new colours

A few years ago Gorenje presented a new retro collection of the economical and environment-friendly cool beauties in the colours of the rainbow. After a big success in the markets it is perfectly clear that the Gorenje retro fridge, popular for decades, is more than just a cooling appliance indispensible to any household; it has become a cult object of desire. It’s not just a device that cools, but a product that is simply cool. Now the colour palette of the Gorenje Retro Collection is richer for two new attractive hues:  energetic Fire Red and elegant Snow White.

Elegance of Gorenje Retro Chic Style

Gorenje Retro Chic collection is appealing above all to those who appreciate modern classics; minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture; the resolute visionaries who contend that "less is more" and seek perfect harmony. Gorenje's retro beauties in charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, Black, and from now on Fire Red and Snow White, will surely appeal to them.

Cult Retro Fridge - Elegant and refined in Snow White

White is the colour for people with a colourful imagination. It is the colour that never fails to make the fashion trends. In interior design, its unquestionable convenience, adaptability to any style and the capacity to disperse and reflect the light make it simply eternal. White has been, is, and will remain the colour of kitchen equipment as its chic is timeless. Just like Gorenje Retro Chic.

Cult Retro Fridge - Energetic in Fire Red

Retro dynamic design. Rounded lines, dressed in modern lively colours, wrapped around innovative and technologically perfected solutions simply cannot go unnoticed. Especially when wearing passionate red. If red is the colour of power and energy, then the seductive refrigerator in the Fire Red is surely the most extravagant element in your apartment. It completes the kitchen as the ultimate eye candy. And it floods the space with energy.

New Image of Perfection Inside

The perfect appearance houses state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly solutions, and economic operation. All three models – the cult single-door refrigerator, the two-door combined fridge freezer with freezing compartment below the refrigerator, and the two-door (Top Mount) model with the freezer above – boast the economic A++ class rating. Apart from excellent thermal insulation, all models also feature improved door sealing as well as state-of-the-art cooling system components and refrigeration electronics, all of which are designed to minimise energy consumption.

In addition to the basic functionality, the modern fridge freezers of the Gorenje Retro Collection also offer the FastFreeze function for intensive freezing, and the SuperCool function for cooling fresh food after a major shopping trip. The versatile interior and innovative convenient solutions enable optimum use of the storage volume in the new generation Gorenje refrigerators, while numerous new functions preserve and lock in the quality, colour, and aroma of the food.
 With the new generation fridges, you will always be ready for a surprise visit as a special bottle rack stores bottles in such way that they do not take up the space for other food in the refrigerator. The rack optimizes the use of storage space - making you an excellent host.

ATAG – The maximum in design and performance

The premium brand ATAG provides specialized kitchen studios with exclusive top assortment of high-end built-in appliances that deliver steady profit margins and convince even the most demanding customers. Three highlights are certain to steal the show at the Cologne tradeshow: the unique and highly efficient Fusion Volcano Wok burner on ATAG gas cooking hobs affords effects of the Asian wok burners; the new ATAG Cooling Center with exquisite stainless steel fronts, and the elegant new Glass Line featuring oven front panels with matte soft black finish. ATAG brand, a leading Western European design brand, has been a part of the international Gorenje Group since 2008.

Cook Asian like a pro

The new ATAG Fusion Volcano Wok burner is unique and highly efficient. The targeted inner flame (0.3 – 3 kW) delivers heat with high effectiveness and accuracy exactly where it is needed – in the middle of the wok bottom. This leads to cooking effects that are otherwise only possible with special Asian wok burners. This puts daylight between the Fusion Volcano and conventional burners in which a considerable share of the heat misses the wok bottom and is therefore lost. Further advantages of the new burner include separately adjustable outer flame which can be set steplessly in the interval from 0.3 kW (e.g. for melting chocolate or preparing sauces) to a maximum of 6 kW (for large pans). A special switch ring makes changing between the inner and outer flame ring easy.  The German assortment includes four new gas cooking hobs with integrated Fusion Volcano wok burner, including the 90 cm wide model HG9511MBB in stainless steel, showcased at the LivingKitchen.

Ultimate eye-catcher: ATAG Cooling Center

The three new stainless steel built-in appliances are not only technically, but also visually the highlights of any kitchen as they come together in a designer cooling center in a class of their own. The KF8178ADR refrigerator (A++), the KF8178CDL upright freezer (A+), and the wine cooler KF8178WDR with a UV-filter on the glass door and stainless steel frame harness cutting-edge technology to maintain freshness around the clock. Temperature is electronically controlled – the ATAG Cool Flow-System will make sure temperature is even throughout the appliance.  The 178 high cooling appliances are fitted with high-grade stainless steel handles and doors with an anti-fingerprint coating. The stunning wine cooler can store up to 72 bottles on height-adjustable hardwood shelves in two temperature zones (6 to 11 °C and 11 to 18 °C) to maintain the optimum temperature for each wine.

Modern cooking and baking: the new Glass Line

The modern Glass Line stands out with oven front panels in matte, soft black finish. Two compact built-in appliances for the 45-cm furniture slot – the 1,000-Watt microwave MA4570G with pull-out guides in three levels, and the 42-litre compact oven with pyrolysis ZX4570G – as well as the 60-litre multi-function oven with standard measures (ZX 6570G) that also features pyrolytic automatic cleaning and nine oven functions, cool door (four glazes) and grill function with four power levels will join the German assortment in 2013. The high-quality matte black glass front panels will allow you to combine the built-in models of the Glass Line harmoniously with other ATAG appliances. These ovens are conveniently controlled with dials or touch control and an LED display.  

Exclusive in all product categories

Furthermore, ATAG product portfolio for 2013 includes many other models in all product categories – cooking, baking, dishwashing, cooling, and ventilation – which will introduce perfect harmony and optimum use of space in any kitchen. For example, the innovative induction cooking hobs with the convenient Bridge Function  and intuitive control via Iris Slide Control system® combine the highest design standards with comfortable functions, especially when cooking with large pots and pans. Modern compact and standard-sized ovens with Twinturbo hot air system and partly pyrolytic self-cleaning option offer modern cooking functions and many automatic programs (Easy Cook). Fully integrated dishwasher with top quality stainless steel control panels and conveniently adjustable upper baskets (Easymatic) afford enough space to wash 17 place settings at a time. The ATAG kitchen hoods and ceiling fans for 2013 also set new standards with their innovative Air Logic ventilation system, new filter technology, and noise level control. There are already more than 200 authorized kitchen studios in Germany, and many on the other markets, offering the Gorenje+ appliances. The target group in this case are the demanding customers with sophisticated taste, looking for a PLUS in their everyday and a new impulse for their homes. Gorenje+ built-in appliances do not scream for attention; rather, they impress quietly yet powerfully with first-grade materials such as stainless steel, and trendy black colour.

Star Collection Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid

Following the cooperation with the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina and the keen French designer Ora-Ïto, Gorenje is betting on the talent and boldness of prolific designer and undisputed king of colour: New York-based designer star Karim Rashid, creating a collection Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid.

Teaming up with Gorenje was a perfect opportunity to pursue a desire Karim has had for ages - to introduce design into simple, everyday objects such as household appliances, to marry his imagination to advanced technology, and to create a collection of appliances that will provide a memorable experience for all senses.

This top-class collection is a minimal fusion of functionality, technology, interactivity, and purity. The full length handle is the focal point of the collection, both in terms of appearance and interaction. Using the innovative MoodLite technology, developed by Gorenje, the vertical LED light stripe allows several colour versions, providing the option to adjust the appearance of the appliance to one’s current mood, or indeed one’s lifestyle. This brand new star collection brings the touch of light into a kitchen, addressing the more demanding customers, the admirers of excellent design and timeless beauty.

“I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes. Design is about shaping contemporaneity. Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything.” comments Karim Rashid and adds: “Everything needs to be designed, from our airplane interiors to our shampoo bottles to our money. We need to beautify this planet in every aspect, in every corner of the earth.”

He has designed products ranging from vacuum cleaners to furniture, children’s toys to luggage, television sets to perfume bottles and lighting fixtures. As an interior decorator, he has also designed several famous hotels and clubs; and now on Gorenje household appliances which, incidentally, he is using himself: “Over the past years Gorenje has proven to be a company that has a strong interest in contemporary design. I have been following and appreciating their successful collections. When they contacted me to design the new Gorenje collection it took very little discussion to get the project started. I knew the company also because I do a lot of work in Eastern Europe and have an apartment in Belgrade with Gorenje appliances.”

Gorenje is equally thrilled about the collaboration with Karim. They are impressed by his charisma and the daring colours featured in his designs. To evoke the appearance of colourful elegance, they decided to employ LED technology, regarded as an innovative lighting solution of the future.

Hence, Gorenje is the first home appliance manufacturer to offer a solution that allows the users to change the colour of their oven or hood exterior.

MoodLite Technology. A touch of light and colour. Day in, day out, yet differently each day. It allows a play of colour, and affords endless freedom to the inspiration and emotions of each moment. Seven colours for seven moods. Seven colours for seven days, or for each day at a time. Do not adapt to the moment – let the moment be shaped by your desires. MysticWhite, BabyPink, HotPink, DeepPurple, SkyBlue, LimeGreen, JuicyOrange. Your home can be different. Each day and each moment.

Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection

White is the colour for people with a colourful imagination; it is a platform that offers endless possibilities of play, advancement, and development. It is the colour that never fails to make the fashion trends; in interior design, its unquestionable convenience, adaptability to any style and the capacity to disperse and reflect the light make it simply eternal. White has been, is, and will remain the colour of kitchen equipment as its chic is timeless. White is also the favourite colour of the French designer Ora-Ïto who, following his successful collaboration with Gorenje two years ago when he designed the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection of black kitchen appliances, painted the kitchen white this fall. Meet the Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection.

A reflection of light in your kitchen

Just as minimalist, elegant, and refined as its black predecessor, Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection combines the technology and quality with the design talent of the globally renowned French designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto. Minimalist elegance and the bold distinctive design are forged into a world of coexisting complexity and simplicity – "simplexity" – as Ora-Ïto dubbed his style. Overwhelmed with creative inspiration, Ora-Ïto revealed that to him, white is a magical and timeless colour that gives objects a dimension of modernity. "In my eyes, white is much more than just a colour. It is the symbol of my vision of the future which is my main source of inspiration... White is the colour that best represents the light. White actually has the magical capacity to become light by reflection. It has the power to transfer light by reflection, creating a sense of brightness that optically enlarges the space... Hence, white is much more than a colour or a hue: it is becoming matter, owing to the light it radiates, inviting us to taste today the days that are yet to come ..."

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection includes a freestanding fridge freezer, a multi-function built-in oven with electronic controls, a glass-ceramic induction hob, a cooking hob with gas burners on glass surface, an elegant chimney hood, and decorative panels for the dishwasher and microwave oven that round up the harmonious design of the entire collection. The appliances of the Ora-Ïto White Collection rank in the highest "A" energy classes and feature all modern user functions. They are distinctive for the harmonious appearance of their front panels which are covered completely in white glass, and handles made of brushed aluminium in stainless steel colour.

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection is refreshingly fashionable and amazingly eternal. It is like a well-tailored white shirt made of high-quality cotton, which never disappoints. It is eternity caught in simple lines, high-quality materials, and superior technology. Such a combination is always in fashion.