Press room Gorenje IFA 2014

In Berlin, Gorenje unveils HomeMade personal kitchen assistants

The tradeshow is an opportunity to present novel features and products to customers from around the globe

Gorenje IFA 2014 Press room
A regular at the IFA fair, Gorenje Group is back at the world's leading consumer electronics and home appliance tradeshow taking place in Berlin from September 5 to 10. In addition to this year's key new launch, the new generation of HomeMade personal kitchen assistants, Gorenje is also showcasing the most recent appliances of its high-end brand Asko.

IFA fair is the top event for home appliances and consumer electronics. The value of deals closed by the exhibitors during the last year's tradeshow came to a record breaking figure of close to EUR 4 billion.

Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje President and CEO: "During this year's appearance in Berlin we will again meet many customers and partners from across the globe to present to them our latest development achievements. The choice of products, many of which are to be debuted at the tradeshow, illustrates our philosophy which is to develop and design innovative solutions that make the lives of our users simpler."

Premièring the new generation of HomeMade personal kitchen assistants that simplify cooking

The highlight of Gorenje's this year's exhibition area spanning 810 square meters is the new generation of cooking appliances that brings together the needs of the modern user and the advanced solutions developed by Gorenje engineers, scientists, and designers. The HomeMade philosophy gave rise to an entirely new category or personal cooking assistants designed to help the user make delicious and wholesome dishes. The new generation of built-in ovens, cooking hobs, kitchen hoods, and microwave ovens made in Europe is based on advanced cooking technology, sporting an appealing and harmonious appearance backed by the finest materials.

The ovens are available in three lines: Essential, Advanced, and Superior. All are based on the upgrade of the specially designed Gorenje oven from 2008 which took its cue from the appearance and workings of a traditional wood-fired oven. In the new ovens, the vaulted part of the oven is hidden, making the cavity larger while the outside dimensions remain the same. Thus, our largest model boasts volume of 75 litres and allows baking on as much as five levels simultaneously. The combination of unique patented oven interior shape and a special system for uniform hot air circulation MultiFlow 360° consistently delivers optimum cooking results. In addition to the standard cooking programs, advanced models also feature the exceptional pre-sets for yoghurt, the increasingly popular sous-vide technique that has found its way into home kitchens, fruit drying, and slow roasting.

The combined steam ovens in the compact 45-cm-high and regular size 60-cm-high versions are the two latest additions. Both operate on the same platform and they differ from the previous generation ovens in terms of water tank placement. Previously, the water tank was located in the oven cavity; in the new generation ovens, it is integrated into the front panel. Moreover, the water tank is larger and the amount of water is sufficient for any cooking program without requiring replenishment. New built-in steam ovens are among the very few in the market to employ the principle of pure steam. This is made possible by the patented cyclone technology that removes the water particles from the steam. As a result, the food is not soggy, overcooked or underdone.

New generation of built-in ovens is made of stainless steel with a special coating that keeps the finish clean by making it fingertip-proof.

The smart IQcook cooking hob upgraded

The range of personal cooking assistants also includes the innovative smart induction hob IQcook in which communication between two intelligent sensors, one in the hob and one in the cookware lid, allows excellent control of the hob operation. Upon launch in 2012, these Gorenje hobs featured presets IQsteam, IQboil, IQgrill, and IQpro; the new version also includes the IQpoach preset. The hob automatically adjusts the temperature inside the pot and cooking duration, allowing cooking without special supervision or control of the process by the user. The food will not burn or overcook and the cooking method will allow it to retain nearly all vitamins and minerals.

Designer and colour appliances also take the stage in Berlin

Gorenje is also displaying its designer appliances in Berlin. Sure to garner a lot of attention are the latest collections Gorenje Simplicity Collection and Gorenje Classico Collection.

Moreover, the exhibition will also feature the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection, one of the most popular to date, and the revised line of appliances Gorenje by Karim Rashid. A special area will be dedicated to colour appliances, increasingly popular among the consumers, including the new generation of SensoCARE washing machines and dryers, and the IonGeneration fridge freezers. This year's novelty among Gorenje cooling appliances is the ConvertActive refrigerator that allows the freezer compartment to be converted into an extra refrigerator compartment if needed. The cooling part also features a fruit and vegetable bin with a special VitaLight lamp that effectively stops the oxidation process to improve the nutrient value of fresh produce. In addition to the existing 1.85-metre IonGeneration fridge freezers, Gorenje added to its range new 2-metre fridge freezers and a 1.85-metre cooler and freezer.

Asko brand with a widened range of products

In addition to the Gorenje brand, Gorenje Group is also presenting its premium brand Asko which offers high-performance kitchen and laundry care appliances, as well as professional home appliances. The exhibition area features ASKO Pro Series™ kitchen appliances including the new Red Dot Award-winning Touch Steam oven, and the exclusive fridge-freezers with a capacity of nearly 400 litres at dimensions of 203 x 75 cm.

Also displayed are the new generation of Asko dishwashers and Asko's first matching-design washing machine and dryer pair with extra-large capacity and professional construction. A new addition to the professional line of appliances are the washing machine and dryer with a capacity of 8 kilograms each, and the new dishwasher models.

Gorenje Group will welcome visitors at the IFA tradeshow from September 5 to 10 in the exhibition hall 1.1.

Gorenje launches personal cooking assistants HomeMade

Debuting all new ovens, steam ovens and microwaves ovens

Gorenje Group chose the IFA tradeshow in Berlin as the setting for the début of its new generation of cooking appliances called the HomeMade personal cooking assistants. This includes the latest ovens, hobs, kitchen hoods, and microwave ovens whose technology and appearance will surely impress even the most demanding customers. Superior Gorenje HomeMade ovens, available in models with a height of 45 or 60 cm, draw their inspiration from the traditional wood-fired ovens to deliver the best cooking results. The latest additions in this field are the combined steam oven operating with pure steam and differing from the competition in terms of oven cavity volume and efficiency, and the compact high-capacity microwave oven with a height of 45 cm.

Perfect should be simple to achieve

Smells and sounds of the kitchen are rarely surpassed in their power to evoke human emotions. Smell can drive us 50, 70 years back to our earliest memories. Dings and dongs and sizzling and bubbling can make us feel stronger connected with our family. Taking active care for quality of living is in the core of Gorenje HomeMade philosophy. It matches the needs of modern people with sophisticated ideas of passionate engineers, scientists and designers. Within the HomeMade philosophy a whole new category is being invented: a category of personal cooking assistants. They are made to serve modern humans in their right to eat good and to eat healthy.

HomeMade philosophy gave birth to a family of good-looking appliances that are inspiringly simple to use. With this range of ovens, hobs and hoods cooking becomes caring and enjoying at once. The new built-in generation of kitchen appliances, made entirely in Europe, is based on advanced cooking technology, sporting an appealing and harmonious appearance backed by the finest materials. All ovens – convection, steam, and microwave – rank in the best energy classes.

Built-in ovens from new generation – more space, better cooking

New built-in ovens are available in three lines: Essential, Advanced, and Superior. All are based on the upgrade of the specially designed HomeMade oven from 2008 which took its cue from the appearance and workings of a traditional wood-fired oven. The vaulted cavity ceiling allows easier air circulation and more even distribution. In the new Superior ovens, the vaulted part of the oven is hidden, making the cavity larger while the outside dimensions remain the same. Thus, our largest model boasts volume of up to 75 litres and allows baking on five levels simultaneously. The combination of unique patented oven interior shape and a special system for uniform hot air circulation MultiFlow 360° consistently delivers optimum cooking results. In addition to the standard cooking programs, advanced models also feature the exceptional presets for yoghurt, the increasingly popular sous-vide technique that has found its way into home kitchens, fruit drying, slow roasting, and StepCooking.

Interior of the new built-in ovens is coated with new SilverMatte high-quality enamel which, owing to its smoothness, reflects the heat back to the center of the oven cavity and prevents the fat from sticking or burning onto the oven walls or the baking tray. Along with the improved upper, lower, and circular heater, it allows excellent cooking results with lower power consumption. All models are designed with user friendliness in mind – from simple controls to gentle door closing, with special care devoted to safety, ensured by features like cool door and the ChildLock which will keep your children safe. Some Superior built-in ovens are Wi-Fi ready, allowing connection to your home wireless network.

Its user-friendly design includes GentleClose doors, telescopic guides, soft lightening, and a wide range of user interfaces for every cooking style. A new generation of user interfaces is designed to allow instant access to all vital functions and all information about the cooking process. Gorenje top-class Superior ovens feature the unique HomeChef control mode that brings the playful feel of consumer electronic devices into modern kitchens, making excellent cooking results as easy as pie. The interactive colour TFT display allows full touch control. With a simple slide of a finger, the user can flip through colour photos of dishes and recipes and make logical settings in the menus. Other user interfaces include the clearly laid out DotMatrix display with a large centrally positioned knob that makes oven control fully adjustable to users' desires; EPM display with touch control; and the IconLed+ user interface.

Built-in combined steam ovens from new generation – convenient tools for keeping a healthy diet

The latest additions to the offer of built-in ovens are the compact combined steam oven with a height of 45 cm, and the combined oven with the steam feature and a height of 60 cm. They can cook the food with steam, hot air, or a combination of the two. New built-in steam oven is a convenient tool for keeping a healthy diet. The food will retain its full flavour, aroma, colour, and nutrients. Compared to the previous models, the new generation of combined steam ovens delivers more conveniently positioned water tank – rather than in the oven cavity, it is integrated into the front panel. This makes handling the water tank easier and allows for a greater oven cavity volume. The water tank capacity is also larger and it suffices for the longest possible cooking program without the need for replenishment.

Gorenje's built-in combined steam ovens are among the very few in the market that offer cooking in pure steam, which is made possible by the cyclonic technology. Cyclonic technology creates a mist of completely pure steam that is evenly distributed around the entire oven and the food via MultiSteam360° system. This leads to simply perfect cooking results. Pure steam distribution process perfect for every cooking procedure is based on the new 3D design of the back wall with smart layout of holes. Furthermore, the bottom heater makes sure that even the droplets that are formed when pure steam comes into contact with cooler chunks of food are immediately vaporized, thus preventing any excess liquid. After the cooking process, the oven is completely dry and it does not require wiping. A specially designed pump will remove all water from the pipes and hoses while the bottom heater will dry any droplets inside the oven cavity.

Food cooked in pure steam remains juicy and tender and it retains its original consistency, colour, flavour, and most vitamins and minerals. The new built-in combined steam oven really shines through when the user is looking for browned crispy meat and vegetables, which is only possible by cooking with hot air. Combined steam oven therefore also allows cooking with hot air or a combination of steam and hot air.

Exterior of built-in ovens is made of stainless steel coated with a special film that makes sure no fingerprints remain on the surface. With three oven cavity cleaning modes, the oven will be clean on the inside, too. One of the most efficient automatic cleaning systems in the market is Gorenje's PyrolyseSupreme which uses extra high temperatures (up to 500 °C) to clean even the remotest corners of the oven cavity simply by incinerating all fat and dirt. In addition, there is the catalytic cleaning which employs a similar principle to pyrolysis, but with lower temperature, and AquaClean water cleaning.

Built-in microwave ovens from new generation – handy support for modern lifestyle

In addition to the appearance matching that of other built-in appliances, and many conventional features, built-in compact 45-cm-high microwave ovens of the new generation stand out with the superior stirrer technology with an inverter system, and one of the largest capacities in the market, exceeding 50 litres. A special stirrer uniformly distributes the microwaves throughout the oven cavity while the inverter system allows the user to accurately set the power and amount of microwaves. The stirrer therefore does away with the need for a rotating turntable in the oven interior. Owing to the stirrer technology, the microwaves will evenly cook, roast, bake, or reheat the food even in a glass baking dish of standard dimensions. The food will be healthy and delicious and never charred or overdone.

Combined built-in microwave oven allows several operating modes: microwaves, hot air – where heat is radiated by the upper, lower, and circular heater and distributed evenly throughout the cavity by the fan installed in back wall – or a combination of the two.

All built-in microwave ovens are made of the best materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The oven cavity can be cleaned with the unique function AquaClean. The moisture resulting from automatic heating of water will soften any dirt on the microwave oven walls, only leaving for the user to wipe it with a soft cloth once the procedure is over.

Kitchen as pleasure center

Revolutionary patented solution tailored to suit the user

The Gorenje IQcook hob from the new generation of built-in appliances HomeMade is the first cooking induction hob in the world that users can truly trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. It’s the only hob in the market that can actually take the work away. It guarantees healthy food while also improving cooking results, reducing stress levels, and time and energy consumption. Intelligent user-minded preset cooking modes, including the unique IQsteam and new IQpoach mode for healthy cooking, simplify the preparation of many dishes even further, and change completely the way we cook emphasising the trend towards an easier way of cooking and healthy eating.

Fully Controlled Operation

Gorenje’s incredibly intelligent and highly sensitive IQ Sensors built into each cooking zone of the hob automatically adjust the operation of the hob and eliminate the need for continuous manual control of the cooking process. Users can now maximise their time while their meals cook; and needn’t worry when something unexpected happens – nothing will burn or boil over ever again. IQcook hobs can also be used in the conventional way, just like any other high-end induction hob.

Preset Cooking Functions for a five-star dinner, self-cooked to perfection

The user-adjusted preset operating modes represent a remarkable approach, allowing the choice of five preset cooking functions:

IQsteam is a unique feature for steam cooking which better preserves nutrients and vitamins. With this cooking function, very little water is added (e.g. for 1 kg of vegetables we need 0,3 dcl of water). As a result, food is not overcooked, and retains its natural colour, juices, and flavour. SousVide is an extra function allowing slow cooking at a steady temperature with the food sealed in a special bag. This revolutionary cooking method makes the food - especially meat - look and taste better than ever. Natural juiciness of food is completely preserved, making it extra tender, soft and creamy.

IQpoach function allows for the preparation of food which retains its natural colour, juices and flavour. Constant temperature between 71˚C and 85˚C prevents overcooking of food. This versatile and healthy function can be used to prepare just about any kind of food – from fruit to meat and of course famous eggs Benedict. Poaching is normally not simple, since it takes time, energy and some experience to perfectly set the temperature, just below simmering. With IQpoach function, there is no need to take care of anything and the food will be perfectly poached every time.

IQboil function is used for dishes that simply require more water, like soup and pasta. A preset cooking function brings the contents of the pot to the boil and then maintains boiling temperature via communication with the IQ sensors.

IQpro is used for preparing dishes that require longer cooking at lower, constant temperature, with gradual warming up period. It is perfect for dishes like rice, chili con carne or polenta. It can be used for warming up dishes like rice pudding.

IQgrill is yet another convenient preset function used with very little or no oil that allows users to select how well done their dishes (like meats or vegetables) are, choosing from three – low, medium, high – presets, ensuring the food is cooked evenly and remains juicy.

Goodbye to Boiling Over and Burning

The system’s highly sensitive IQ sensors are the key: our proven, reliable helper. The patented SmartSense safety function prevents food from boiling over or burning: if the water evaporates entirely from the pot or pan, SmartSense automatically switches off the hob. And you can forget about tedious cooktop cleanup – owing to the IQ sensors, dishes will never boil over again.

How Does it Work?

The hob offers 5 preset cooking functions. After selecting the most suitable one, the sensor installed on the pot or pan lid is activated by a simple touch. Operation of the IQ sensors built into the cooking hob and in the pan lid, both checking the progress in the pan, is monitored by the cooking hob’s electronics. Intelligent technology provides automatic operation and completely eliminates the need for direct, ongoing supervision of the cooking process.

Revolutionary advantages that count

  • 100 % automatic control over the cooking process.
  • Steam cooking at just the right temperature.
  • Up to 40 % lower energy consumption.
  • No boiling over and no burning.
  • Preset cooking functions for popular dishes.

The innovative technology of the IQcook system’s IQ sensors received the eminent international red dot design award and the Plus X Award. Technology is entirely the product of Gorenje’s own development and design.

Hobs – smart ideas for effortless cooking

Because not everybody is a trained cook, Gorenje took up the challenge of creating a range of innovative cooking tools including hi-light hobs, induction hobs and gas hobs that help people achieve much more with much less knowledge, much sooner and with significantly lower energy consumption.

All hobs have user friendly design which shows in four different edge finish types, depending on the hob. There are the soft cut edges which elegantly fit into the cupboard, while the faceted and faceted plus edges offer a more sophisticated design. Inox frame adds character to the design. Furthermore, to keep the hobs clean at any time, BoilControl function on induction and hi-light hobs prevents pots from boiling over as it automatically adjusts the temperature of all cooking zones.

Sophisticated are also the HomeCusine functions which make it easier to cook exceptionally tasty food. WokBurner function on gas hob is perfect for the preparation of Asian style cuisine as it reaches high power very quickly. Induction hobs offer XpandZone and BridgeZone with enlarged cooking surface. While XpandZone allows cooking on the entire induction surface, BridgeZone is great for cooking in large-size pots, e.g. fish with rice and vegetables.

Delicious meal, clean air, fresh look.

Special patented technology AdaptAir allows more efficient and even suction at lower speed

Gorenje brand line-up has been extended with a new line of technologically perfected kitchen hoods designed to match the new generation of Gorenje built-in ovens, hobs and microwaves HomeMade. Compared to the existing models, new hoods are more efficient in preventing the odours and steam from spreading around the kitchen as the patented AdaptAir technology delivers even suction into the hood where, combining with special polyurethane foam, it filters out up to 98% of grease particles. Combined with the unique AdaptTech sensor, the hood automatically cleans the air according to the intensity of the odours during cooking.

Unique AdaptAir technology

We all like to eat healthy and well. We like our clothes to be clean, our hair to smell good, and our appearance to be fresh. We care for our loved ones and we enjoy the company of our friends. And all know that the food we prepare ourselves is often the most delicious. The only downside to cooking at home is the odours and the steam that are generated in the process. Due to the grease particles in the air, the smell of roasted meat or a hearty stew remains in our clothes and our hair, which can be annoying. Addressing the problem, Gorenje has developed a line of superior kitchen hoods featuring the unique AdaptAir technology and special polyurethane foam grease filters, which remove up to 98% of grease particles from the air – which is 20% more than before, without major changes to the hood power consumptions – and reach an airflow of up to 800 m3/h. AdaptAir technology includes carefully planned perforation and special blades which allow more even suction of contaminated air. As a result, only a minimum amount of steam and gases escape into the kitchen. Thus, new Gorenje hoods are more energy-efficient and rank in the A energy class. The energy label for kitchen hoods will be introduced in 2015.

The hoods feature a 3-level power setting with two additional Power Boost settings. Electronic control allows activating a temporary power boost that increases the airflow and leads to better ventilation of the room, even when all four cooking zones are operating at the same time. In addition to being energy-efficient, special construction with a broader flue allows the hood to be very quiet as well. Fitter in the hood is the unique AdaptTech sensor that automatically perceives the odours and impurities in the air around the hood. When the sensor is activated, the hood will respond automatically and adjust the suction power to deal with the amount of impurities in the air, and switch off when the job is done. As the sensor also reacts to alcoholic compounds, sufficient concentration of alcohol found in cleaners will be recognized and the hood will be activated during cleaning to extract any alcoholic odours. The timer function allows the hood to be automatically switched off after a certain period of time; and Refresh feature will turn on the hood for five minutes every hour to refresh the air in the room. The filter clogging indicator signals when the grease or coal filter have to be replaced.

Designed to please the eye

LED lighting (in advance and superior models) improves the view of the cooking hob and the surrounding area. The installed LED diodes are particularly economical; they provide better luminance with minimum power consumption; and their useful life is up to three times longer. Built-in electronic technology allows easy operation by touch, as well as setting ambiental lighting of varying intensity.

The hoods are made of quality materials such as stainless steel and glass, which makes cleaning a breeze. The special FingerTouchFree coating on the metal part of the hood makes the surface fingerprint resistant to make cleaning and maintenance even easier.

New line of Gorenje kitchen hoods from new built-in generation HomeMade is a combination of technologically perfected and carefully designed elements. It is intended for modern users who appreciate tasty homemade food, and care for their appearance and inner happiness.

New ConvertActive fridge freezer from Gorenje is perfect for throwing big parties

Magic that turns freezer into fridge

Gorenje’s IonGeneration fridge freezers are beautifully designed appliances with ideal microclimate and stable temperature for prolonged food freshness as well as high energy efficiency. This year's new addition to the Gorenje IonGeneration is the truly versatile ConvertActive fridge freezer featuring a freezer compartment convertible into a refrigerator. Gorenje also added to its range of IonGeneration refrigerators the 2-metre fridge freezer and the 1.85 m cooler and freezer.

New ConvertActive fridge freezer

Gorenje's latest ConvertActive fridge freezer models make it possible to convert freezer compartment into a refrigerator by a simple press of a button. Two hours after the activation, the temperature ranges from 4 to 9 °C in the upper compartment and from -2 to 3 °C in the lower compartment. The result is a refrigerator with a capacity of more than 300 l and more storage space. With this appliance, families can plan a big party because the ConvertActive fridge freezer provides plenty of space for all beverages, snacks, cakes and other party food.

Only Gorenje ConvertActive fridge freezer models feature CrispActive drawer with the amazing VitaLight which prolongs freshness of fruit and vegetables, preserving vitamins and minerals found in these foods. VitaLight ensures anti-oxidation process, which improves nutritional value of fresh food and prevents its rotting or spoiling. Vegetable drawer CrispActive with volume of 36 litres ranks among biggest in the market and also allows adjusting humidity with the HumidityControl slider to the levels required for storing fruit and vegetables.

Highly intelligent IonGeneration fridge freezers boast numerous unique features

Gorenje is especially proud of their unique self-learning refrigerators featuring the AdaptTech advanced sensor technology, which harness the innovative power of a powerful sensor system that keeps track of user habits and adjusts operation accordingly, thereby maintaining even, steady temperatures throughout. This advanced technology helps food keep longer, prevents unwanted heating up of food, and saves energy by adapting to each individual household. Furthermore, maximum food protection is provided by a three-tier system – IonAir with MultiFlow 360˚ and NoFrost Plus. Multiflow 360˚ is an intensive ventilation system which blows fresh air through 14 ventilation slots to maintain even, constant temperatures on each individual shelf. NoFrost Plus technology entirely prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice in the freezer interior. It prevents food in the fridge compartment from drying out by keeping it fresh and humid. This system is featured in premium models, while other models offer IonAir with DynamiCooling and FrostLess technology, another smart feature that eliminates both ice build-up and the need for manual defrosting.

Keeping the food fresh in Gorenje IonGeneration fridge freezers is not a challange anymore

All features in IonGeneration fridge freezers are made to contribute to maximum food freshness. Every model of the IonGeneration is enhanced with the extraordinary CrispZone pull-out vegetable drawer that maintains optimal humidity and holds up to 36l of fresh fruit, vegetables and more. Frozen food doesn’t get left out in the cold either: professional, extra-fast freezing in the Superior line’s XtremeFreeze drawer preserves vitamins, minerals and nutrients in frozen food by freezing it twice as fast. Other smart features for keeping food fresh include the SuperCool function, particularly useful when restocking after a major shopping trip; or the ZeroZone drawer in the refrigerator compartment for storing meat and fish at a critical 0 °C.

Alongside concerns for freshness and health, today’s consumers also expect flexible functionality and simple operation. Gorenje has responded with a variety of smart, user-friendly functions, like sliding PullOut shelves that can hold up to 22 kg of food each. The SimpleSlide principle enables easy movement of shelves up and down, with multi-point adjustment; and the SlotIn function allows flexible, easy-opening of the door, even when the refrigerator is placed next to a wall or another appliance. These features and more all are part of making a better home living experience.

Easy on the eye design

All IonGeneration fridge freezers boast high energy class ratings, from A+ to A+++. They’re also controlled by InverterCompressors, which adjust operation according to temperature and can save up to 50% in energy consumption. Other advanced features like the EcoMode program save while you’re away from home, and fine LED illumination is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

These compelling features are available in the three lines of Gorenje’s new refrigerators – Essential, Advanced and Superior. Each line will both surprise and impress, with sophisticated design and an array of features that will satisfy all your refrigeration and larger lifestyle needs.

In addition to the existing 1.85-metre IonGeneration fridge freezer, Gorenje added to its range a new 2-metre fridge freezers and a 1.85-metre cooler and freezer. The new cooler and freezer can be installed in a side-by-side layout.

Washing and drying perfection

When ironing is almost no longer needed

Gorenje’s latest generation of washing machines and dryers reaffirm the company’s role as an innovative and decidedly design-minded creator of home appliances. Remarkable performance, ergonomic details, and effective, logical settings are the hallmark of excellence of Gorenje’s SensoCare washing machines and tumble dryers. Intelligent SensorIQ technology delivers fully customized laundry care and automatically regulates the washing and drying process for higher energy efficiency.

SensoCare washing machines – fully customized washing for peerless laundry care

SensoCare generation of Gorenje washing machines has been inspired by users’ needs and guided by many years of experience. This generation of washing machines is based on SensoCare washing technology which provides the formula for specialized washing of all kinds of fabrics, because every fabric demands a special treatment and unique combination of temperature, water level and drum rotation. The constant support of eight sensors and other smart solutions from Gorenje enable the unique UltraWhite program for washing white fabrics in a machine, at low temperatures. The right combination of washing parameters, most of all constant temperature of up to 30 °C and soft tumbling, provides an ideal treatment, even for delicate white laundry, e.g. a white silk blouse.

For those with a hectic lifestyle, Gorenje washing machines offer the option to choose the washing method best suited to users’ needs. Standard programs for cotton and synthetic fibres can be upgraded with one of the washing modes – TimeCare, AllergyCare, or EcoCare. These special functions are supported by sensor technology that controls and sets the washing process. Therefore, a standard program can either become 50% shorter, even more energy and water efficient, or provide higher water level and additional rinsing. NormalCare is the mode with all the settings at the optimum level and is perfect for everyday washing.

Furthermore, drum interior is exceptionally important for efficient washing, rinsing and spinning of laundry, as well as for the prevention of damage. Washing machines of the SensoCare generation feature a stainless steel SpaDrum. Extremely smooth and spacious, it promotes perforations of only 3 mm diameter which treat the laundry gently, thus preventing damage to the clothes. SensoCare generation of Gorenje washers comes with redesigned drum ribs, in the shape of a wave, carefully created to support the laundry during washing. Brand new, round shaped glass doors also contribute to washing perfection. When laundry gets to the door, it is pushed back into the central part of the drum where it gets the best treatment. In a Gorenje SpaDrum, laundry feels exactly like in the best spa center.

Gorenje's high-end washing machines boast exceptionally reliable and powerful InverterPowerDrive motor which operates without brushes, therefore eliminating mechanical stress, friction and wear. That results in better overall washing performance, energy efficiency providing A+++ -20% energy rating, quiet operation and longer life span of the motor and the appliance. Best models also offer a special StainExpert function for effective removal of the four most common stubborn types of stains: fruit, coffee, wine and organic stains.

SensoCare tumble dryers – excellently dried and ultra-soft laundry without ironing

Gorenje SensoCare tumble dryers offer solutions for drying the most delicate fabrics by protecting the shape, form, flexibility and firmness of each fibre. Fresh and monitored environment inside the drum brings pure wellness treatment for laundry and regenerates it. Therefore, Gorenje developed special technological innovations such as the ActiveDry solution, which also provide A+++ energy rating. Aside from remarkable efficiency, they provide gentle treatment thanks to lower temperature. One of the most beneficial functions is TwinAir, a two-directional air blowing system which provides evenly and equally dried laundry. Each model with a heat pump is based on TwinAir, which adjusts the direction of air blowing to the drum rotation. There is a special flap on the fan, which constantly opens and closes, controlling the blowing direction. The result of this is soft, straight, evenly dried and easy-to-iron laundry. Furthermore, all Gorenje dryers with a heat pump rank in very high energy classes, up to A+++, which saves 63% more energy than class A. Gorenje is particularly proud of its dryer with A+++ energy class and 9-kilogram drying capacity. This combination of features makes it unique in the market.

SoftDry functions IonTech, SteamTech and GentleCare developed by Gorenje provide fresh and gentle drying. IonTech program works via air ioniser which is placed at the back wall of the drum. During any drying process, the ioniser emits negatively charged ions into the laundry, eliminating most of the allergens and bacteria from the clothes and making them free from smoke, pollen and fumes, while the fibres are additionally softened and retain their shape. Another great function is SteamTech which makes ironing much easier. SteamTech is actually a steam generator which uses condensed water extracted from the laundry during the drying process. At the end of the program, steam is injected into the drum and into every thread of the fabric. It provides the best drying quality, softer clothes and more free time for the user, since it straightens the wrinkles. GentleCare function is a specialized drying mode for delicates, since it works at exceptionally low temperature, therefore protecting the fabric from any kind of disfigurement and damage.

Where past and present meet over and over again

Collection of kitchen appliances with a classic look

The Gorenje Classico Collection with a strong designer imprint embodies timeless aesthetics fashioned on select materials, soft lines, and inspiring reliefs. Modern materials provide a home for advanced technologies and ensure the appliances shine equally in both modern and traditional settings.

Kitchen appliances of the Gorenje Classico Collection are a nostalgic fusion of the past and the present. A blend of classic aesthetics and modernism. A perfect choice of those who find it difficult to decide between traditional and modern. They are the right solution for a modern and aesthetically decorated home with a pronounced personal note.

The collection consists of a range of appliances with uniform design: an oven, several cooking hobs, free standing cookers with a width of 50 or 60 centimeters, and a kitchen hood. They share some of the visual elements like the knob, handle, electronic program timer and clock with classic analogue design.

Kitchen appliances inspired by endless energy

Kitchen as a place of superior user experience

In his latest round of successful collaboration with Gorenje, Karim Rashid created a family of emotively superior objects. Additionally to induction hobs, glass ceramic hobs and gas on glass ceramic hobs, Karim Rashid applied the existing design on built-in ovens and hoods. The unified range of kitchen appliances is now defined by restrained but strong character and pure lines.
Gorenje's ovens, hobs and hoods designed by Karim Rashid carry a distinctively clean look where no shape or move is superficial. Their surfaces portray a melody of fine lines that tell the story about the flows within – the flow of energy, the flow of tastes, and the flow of air. The Flow of Life. Smart features, innovative functions, and a user-friendly design make everything possible. With this series of hobs, hoods and ovens the kitchen is blessed with a perfect mix of emotive sensuality and functional minimalism. Not pretentious on the outside, the built-in cooking programs, control options, and safety features silently take over and ensure a superior user experience.

One knob and loads of choices

AdaptTech simplifies day-to-day routines

The Gorenje Simplicity Collection takes pride in easy controls, adaptive technology and modern design. In appliances from Gorenje Simplicity Collection, the most frequently used and the most convenient settings are immediately available via one button. Additionally, advanced appliances memorize users' personal choices and suggest them the next time they use them through the AdaptTech function.
Gorenje’s new Simplicity collection of kitchen and bathroom appliances includes state-of-the-art ovens, expert cooking hobs, refrigerators with unique adaptive technology, built-in dishwashers, high-tech microwave ovens, a powerful washing machine, and a dryer with smart sensor technology. The collection speaks to all those looking to design their living space their own way. To those whose way of life has a genuine, simple message: it’s so me! Just like the Gorenje Simplicity collection has its message: “don’t adapt to appliances, let the appliances adapt to you.”

Advanced adaptive technology

The most advanced Simplicity appliances keep track of users' personal settings for cooking, baking, washing, and drying programs. A mere touch or turn of a knob and his or her favourite settings are recalled and put into action. Simplicity does away with many a decision in people's everyday life – and leaves them with more time for the things they enjoy.

Keeping it cool. Legendary Retro refrigerators

New Retro refrigerator in Blue

Retro Collection refrigerators boast superior technology with a charming touch of nostalgia in their design. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly state-of-the-art appliances. In addition to the existing range of colours, Gorenje is presenting a new retro model in blue at this year's IFA fair.

Retro is a synonym of a nostalgic glance over the times gone by. A passionate revival of the momentous cult stories from the past. The refreshed line-up of economical and environmentally friendly refrigerators of the Gorenje Retro Collection is sure to thrill especially the modern lovers of classics who appreciate minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture and accessories in their homes. Rounded lines, dressed in modern lively colours, wrapped around innovative and technologically perfected solutions simply cannot go unnoticed, especially when dressed in blue. Since blue is a sincere, reserved and quiet colour, it's reserved for the reliable, responsible and self-confident crowd.

The perfect design of Retro refrigerators is home to cutting-edge technology, user-friendly solutions, and economical operation. The legendary Retro refrigerators rank in the A++ and A+ energy classes. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, all models feature improved door sealing, state-of-the-art cooling system components, and electronic regulation that cuts the use of power to minimum. In addition to core functionality, these models offer the FastFreeze freezer boost function and the SuperCool refrigerator boost function to cool the food after a major shopping trip.

Retro refrigerators are available in the following colours: Bordeaux, Inox Look, Black, Champagne, Royal Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, Juicy Orange, Mystic White, Fire Red, Blue; depending on the type of the refrigerator.

Minimalist elegance in black or white

Kitchen appliances promoting Simplexity

Gorenje Ora-Ïto White and Black Collections combine advanced technology and quality with the design talent of the globally renowned French designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto. Minimalist elegance and the bold distinctive design are forged into a world of coexisting complexity and simplicity – Simplexity – as Ora-Ïto dubbed his style.

Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collections – the black and the white version – present a range of kitchen appliances which are distinctive for the harmonious appearance of their front panels covered completely in white or black glass, and handles made of brushed aluminium in stainless steel colour. Minimalistic, yet boldly designed collection includes a multi-function built-in oven with electronic controls, a microwave oven, induction hobs, a cooking hob with gas burners on glass surface, an elegant chimney hood, and decorative panels for the dishwasher and microwave oven that round up the harmonious design of the entire collection.

The most recent addition to the line are the 60 cm wide fridge freezers featuring the latest advanced technologies from IonGeneration of smart cooling appliances which rank among the best in the market. They boast great technological features and superior design, and they are very friendly to both the users and – ranking in the A++ energy efficiency class – the environment. Dressed in white or black opal glass in combination with thoughtfully designed vertical aluminium handle in stainless steel, they bring a touch of trendy urban architecture of glass and metal to users' homes.

ASKO at the IFA fair

ASKO is the Gorenje Group’s international premium brand, offering high-performance kitchen, laundry and professional products. Our products meet the most
stringent demands in terms of design, function, durability and environmental awareness. We manufacture our products to extremely high quality standards
and build our domestic products in the same way we build our professional products.

Inspired by Scandinavia

The ASKO story started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, with an innovative young man´s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier. This very first washing machine laid the foundation for what would later become Asko Appliances. Now, over 60 years later, ASKO is a part of the Gorenje Group and products are developed with the same commitment to innovation, quality and Scandinavian functional design as back in 1950. ASKO has in the past been recognised as a wet product specialist, but now offers a full kitchen range as well as an updated full laundry and professional product range.

First time ASKO show full Kitchen and Laundry range at IFA

ASKO´s new range of kitchen products is presented at the IFA fair. The ASKO Pro Series™ kitchen range is a completely new series of robust and high-performance stainless steel kitchen products for anyone who loves cooking. This exclusive kitchen range includes 45 and 60 cm ovens, with large capacity (50+ litres and 70+ litres respectively) and a specially designed cavity for effective and even heat distribution. A 185 cm high combined refrigerator/freezer is also presented with a converter that allows the possibility of setting the temperature in the freezer department from -8°C to +3°C. An exclusive and extra-large alternative is the 203 cm high and 75 cm wide refrigerator/freezer with drawers for convenient storage and a total storage space of nearly 400 litres. And if you are a true connoisseur, you can also install the extra-large wine chiller next to your ASKO Pro Series™ fridge.

If we go further through the Pro Series™ range we find gas hobs with efficient Fusion Volcano Wok burners and induction hobs with up to three flexible cooking zones (Bridge zones). ASKO Pro Series™ cooker hoods are strong, silent and will create a good first impression of your kitchen. With AirLogic™ technology the fume removal capacity is top of the line. When dinner is finished, the dishes can be washed in an ASKO Pro Series™ dishwasher that offers the largest loading capacity on the market with four flexible baskets. The key components of the ASKO Pro Series™ dishwasher are made entirely of steel to ensure durability (8Steel™).

ASKO Laundry

ASKO Pro Series™ Laundry, consisting of a large washer and dryer, is also exhibited at the fair. They are actually the world´s first matching pair of extra-large domestic washer and dryer with professional construction. The washer has a capacity of 11 kg dry wash load in its 80 litre drum, and the dryer the same capacity of 11 kg with a drum volume of 145 litres. With the ASKO Pro Series™ you’ll have all the benefits of a big washer and dryer, with professional construction and installation measurements that do not require rebuilding of your laundry room. They are built to be the growing family's loyal friend through many years and are able to handle large loads as well as loads that you do not normally wash and dry in standard appliances like pillows, large blankets, carpets, duvets and duvet covers.

New professional Dishwasher

At IFA ASKO also exhibits new dishwashers for professional use. You can count on the durable stainless steel construction of our professional dishwashers. They have low energy and water consumption and also fulfill prevailing hygiene requirements where hygiene demands are set high. The new professional dishwashers come in models with both industrial crate carriers and flexible standard dishwasher baskets. The need for efficiency is always high in our workplaces and that’s why we’ve fitted our professional dishwashers with 6 kW elements and quick wash programs as short as 5 minutes. Our professional dishwashers also have circulation pumps that can vary the pump pressure which, for example, is good for restaurants that need a high water pressure to get large beer glasses clean and low water pressure for the wine glasses so they don´t fall over and break. All our professional dishwashers are also prepared for connection to an external detergent dosing system for two chemicals - detergent and rinse aid. This makes it possible to use stronger chemicals which in turn makes the program times even shorter.

ASKO professional dishwashers are ideal for nurseries, retirement homes and schools as well as smaller restaurants or cafés and public institutions or offices.

Professional Laundry

We also exhibit the larger professional washing machine with an 80 litre drum and a loading capacity of 8 kg (1:10 ratio). Loading and unloading is a central part of the usage of a professional washer and with our new professional door system it’s easier than ever. The sturdy, ergonomic handle is designed to last the lifetime of the machine and the door opens 180° – making it easy to have the laundry basket close to the machine. The SmartSeal™ solution with no rubber bellows makes loading and unloading even easier, and with our new smart door lock you re-use the energy from opening the door for closing it, thus reducing the closing energy needed by 70 % compared to previous models.

The new professional ASKO tumble dryer has a drum volume of 145 litres and a loading capacity of 8 kg (1:18 ratio). They are available in vented and heat pump versions, both suitable for stacking on top of the professional washer. The heat pump version has an automatic lint filter cleaning system that simplifies daily use and gives the dryer a longer lifetime as well as lower energy consumption.

Our professional laundry products are used daily to wash mop heads for cleaning companies, towels for local beauty salons and maybe even to dry clothes at camp sites or oil rigs.

Future Kitchen range and Small Domestic Appliances

At IFA we also exhibit some prototypes of the future ASKO kitchen range as well as the coming SDAs for the ASKO brand. We have brought two 45 cm ovens and one 60 cm oven. All of these prototypes are mockups and shown for the first time.

About Gorenje Group

Gorenje Group is a leading European home appliance manufacturer supplying superiorly designed and technologically perfected appliances that simplify the lives of users in 90 countries around the globe. Product portfolio marketed under the brands Gorenje, Atag, Asko, Pelgrim, Mora, Upo, Etna, and Körting is rounded off by the offer of kitchen furnishings and other home products like water heaters and heat pumps. In addition, the Group's operations include ecology services, toolmaking, and engineering. The Group generates majority of revenue in Europe.