Press room Gorenje IFA 2015

Less fuss. More fun. Gorenje.

The leading consumer electronics and home appliance fair IFA in Berlin sees the unveiling of Gorenje's designer line of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck designed by the globally renowned Philippe Starck, the Infinity lifestyle line, and other latest Gorenje home appliances. At the event taking place from September 4 to 9, the Group also presents the new identity and appearance of the Gorenje brand which has impressed and inspired its users for 65 years. The core message of the revised identity is a promise of comfortable quality and superior user experience.
At last year's instalment of the IFA fair, a major event of its kind globally, over 1,500 exhibitors signed deals totalling at a record-breaking EUR 4.2 billion. A remarkable mix of innovative products, participants, and entertainment has been drawing an increasing number of people each year, bringing the total of visitors to a quarter million in 2014. “This year we are premièring a number of new cooking appliances under the Gorenje and Asko brands, and the fresh and elegant designer line created in cooperation with Philippe Starck. Thus, we are reinforcing our reputation of a trend-setter in the home appliance industry as we simplify our users' daily chores with sophisticated design and innovative solutions. This is Gorenje's eighth consecutive appearance at the IFA fair which we see as an excellent opportunity to meet our business partners and end users of our products in one place,” said Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO, Gorenje Group.

Launch of the new designer line Gorenje by Starck

The central highlight of this year's exhibition area is the latest line of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck which bears the signature of the French star designer Philippe Starck. The inspiringly fresh line is a result of experience and creative power of one of the greatest modern designers who successfully harnessed all possibilities afforded by modern technology to meet the needs and desires of modern users. The oven, cooking hobs, kitchen hood, and refrigerator stand out with a prestigious combination of stainless steel and highly reflective glass. Appealing appearance of the appliance will blend with the environment which is reflected in their surface, telling the story of the user's lifestyle. “The Gorenje by Starck line of appliances is our flagship especially in the European and other markets where customers particularly appreciate superior design and appliance functionality. We believe this line will further strengthen our brand's reputation and promote the sales of our regular assortment,” said Marko Mrzel, Gorenje Chief Sales Officer, about the plans for the new designer line.

Launch of the new Infinity collection

Also taking the spotlight is the new lifestyle line of appliances called Infinity that will be especially appreciated by fans of timeless classic design. Kitchen appliances in ivory or ebony with details in copper get a touch of nostalgia from the specially designed knobs and handles. They are an excellent solution for collectors who seek a combination of functionality and eternity in technologically advanced kitchen appliances.

Gorenje brand with a new identity and image

At the fair, Gorenje is also presenting its revised brand identity which has been successfully transformed from a manufacturing-oriented brand into a brand that listens to the users and follows their wishes. In a busy everyday with too many obligations and too little time, Gorenje is a source of practical ideas that make life less complicated and more pleasant. The appliances afford a simple and energy-efficient way to desired results. Moreover, they are beautifully designed, durable and reliable. Mario Vogl, Senior Vice President in charge of Corporate Marketing: “For 65 years, Gorenje has been surprising the millions of its users with practical and reliable solutions that make the daily chores easier. In today's rapid pace of life, time for oneself and one's family has become a value that is highly respected at Gorenje, and this is what we are looking to give our users: more time. Therefore, Gorenje appliances are designed with the users in mind, so that they can take away their worries, offer all the advantages, and save time.”

Latest generation of built-in kitchen appliances

Gorenje will also present its latest generation of built-in kitchen appliances that delivers the answers to the needs and requirements of modern users with advanced technological solutions. The latest generation of ovens, cooking hobs, kitchen hoods, and microwave ovens made in Europe is based on smart automation technology and it sports an appealing and harmonious appearance backed by the finest materials. Gorenje's efforts are geared towards making appliances that take away the fuss of adjusting the settings, and frustration with underdone or overdone food and boiled-over liquid. The goal is to fully automate cooking while bringing the flavour and nutritious value of the food closer to the desires of the users. Gorenje is certainly succeeding in doing so with its ovens in which patented vaulted HomeMade cavity and smart air distribution system MultiFlow 360° lead to truly uniformly cooked food. The IQcook smart hob automatically cooks a delicious meal, relieving the user of the worries of burning the food or seeing it boil over. Advanced kitchen hood automatically switches on when it senses a higher concentration of impurities in the air, while the microwave oven without a turntable uses special technology to evenly defrost and reheat the food.

Retro refrigerators and IonGeneration fridge-freezers

Retro refrigerators, highly popular among the consumers, again take a special spot. Retro is synonymous with the nostalgic past. It is a revival of legendary stories and items. Rounded edges are the distinctive feature of the entire collection of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. At Gorenje, these iconic appliances have been technologically updated to the IonGeneration platform which, among other features, mimics the natural microclimate in order to keep the food fresh longer.

All IonGeneration refrigerators boast the unique intelligent AdaptTech technology that employs an innovative sensor system to monitor the frequency of refrigerator door opening and adjust the internal temperature accordingly. The food stays fresh and rich in vitamins longer due to the fact that the refrigerator automatically intensifies the cooling process slightly before it anticipates more frequent refrigerator use, thus preventing a temperature rise that could harm the food. Maximum protection of the nutrient value of the food is also delivered by a combination of advanced new-generation functions: IonAir with MultiFlow 360° maintain intensive circulation of ionized air which emulates the natural environment and keeps an even and constant temperature in each shelf. The NoFrost Plus technology effectively prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice inside the freezer, while making sure the food does not dry out in the refrigerator as it maintains humidity and freshness.

Another special feature of Gorenje IonGeneration cooling appliances is the ConvertActive refrigerator that allows the freezer compartment to be converted, if needed, into an extra refrigerator compartment for extra storage space for beverages or food. The refrigerator also features a fruit and vegetable bin with a special VitaLight led illumination that effectively stops the oxidation process to improve the nutritious value of fresh produce.

SensoCare generation of washing machines and dryers

The latest generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers boasts high performance, stress on ergonomics and design, and effective and logical settings. Intelligent SensorIQ technology adjusts laundry care and automatically regulates the washing and drying process for better energy efficiency.

Gorenje washing machines offer four washing options, depending on what the user needs in a given situation: NormalCare for washing with an optimum combination of time, power, and water; TimeCare for a quick wash; AllergyCare for extra rinsing of the laundry; or EcoCare for washing with maximum energy savings. Taking laundry care yet another notch further is the innovatively designed SpaDrum with smart perforation and 3D rib design, combined with 4D glass door that enable optimum movement of laundry without any tangling.

Gorenje dryers, now featuring stylish glass door, employ SteamTech and GentleCare functions which gently dry the laundry and keep it fresh so that ironing is hardly required. Unique IonTech technology additionally smoothens the fibres, eliminating the creases and the unpleasant static charge which is accumulated during the drying process particularly on synthetic fibres. It also effectively eliminates unpleasant odours of food and tobacco from the laundry, providing extra freshness and care.

Gorenje by Starck

Gorenje and Philippe Starck launch new collection of kitchen appliances, Gorenje by Starck

At this year’s IFA fair one of the leading European home appliances providers Gorenje and internationally acclaimed creator Philippe Starck unveiled their new collection of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck.

A comprehensive range of ovens and microwave ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, drawers and décor panels, all entirely harmonized, represents this new collection designed by Philippe Starck. Minimalistic design with high-end reflective glass and stainless steel blends seamlessly into its environment, reflecting both user’s lifestyle and personality. Carefully defined details and effects, together with the distinctive orange handles, introduce an extra spark of life into user’s kitchen. Behind the simple elegance of the design, cutting-edge technologies deliver high performances and unique energy efficiency.

We decided on design as the component that can significantly influence the decision of consumers when they stand in front of a line of similar appliances. Through its design, Gorenje has challenged the generic forms of household appliances and brought in fresh perspectives to create a holistic user experience. We are confident that the Gorenje by Starck collection will be a huge success,” says Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO of Gorenje.

 “With Gorenje by Starck, the challenge was to create something that is technologically impeccable and still has a cosy, warm and human feeling to it. The elegance of this collection lies in the discretion of its high quality and its minimalistic design,” explains Philippe Starck.

The Gorenje by Starck collection is built with the highest technologies and cutting edge energy efficiency technologies and features ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, drawers and decor panels.

For healthy thermally treatment of the food, an innovative ventilation system in ovens guarantees the optimal circulation of heat, allowing simultaneous baking on many levels without smells and flavours mixing together. All the microwaves are equipped with the Inverter Technology allowing for even distribution of the energy instead of pulsating. As a result, the food retains its initial structure, including the vitamins, minerals and fibres and the cooking time is shorter, which lowers energy consumption. The XpandZone allows cooking on almost the entire surface of the induction hob, permitting space for larger cookware, or space for several smaller pots or pans that can be placed anywhere on the combined cooking zone. The PowerZone boosts the HiLight cooking zone power by 25%, allowing cooking much faster while using less power.

The Gorenje by Starck hoods are equipped with the AdaptTech sensor that detects the level of impurities or steam, humidity and gases and automatically adjusts the fan speed. The innovative Parametric air suction system optimizes energy consumption and reduces noise.

The refrigerators incorporate the IonAir technology that emulates the natural process of ionization to keep the food fresh longer, meanwhile the AdaptTech system monitors and analyzes the habits of using the device.

All the kitchen appliances come in 100% matching design, so that the users can create their own unique kitchens, adapted to their lifestyles and personalities. The minimalistic design involves stainless steel and high-end reflective glass literally reflecting the consumers and their environment. Carefully defined details and effects, together with the distinctive orange handles, introduce an extra spark of animation and elegance into user’s kitchen.

The Gorenje by Starck collection will be available in selected shops in Western Europe and Russia since September 2015. In the begging of 2016 it’ll be launched in Eastern Europe and on selected markets of Asia.

Gorenje Infinity

Timeless fascination

With its timeless design and a touch of eternal elegance, Gorenje Infinity Collection is the latest among special collections of Gorenje kitchen appliances. Taking the cue from the acclaimed Gorenje Classico collection, Gorenje decided to offer a solution inspired by the past, yet accentuating the user's personal style. Combined with modern technology, it will surely add some zest to your moments in the kitchen. 

Focus on design

Gorenje Infinity Collection consists of an oven, a cooking hob, an extractor hood, a microwave oven, and a cooker, all available in ivory or glossy black. The collection prominently features glass surfaces and timeless styling elements in the colour of copper and old silver to impart a feel of eternity and timeless elegance. Design, a result of in-house know-how, is the work of the Gorenje Design Studio. Control knobs, handle, and several other appliance details, designed exclusively for Gorenje Infinity, additionally underscore the unique design approach.

The beauty of culinary pleasure

Gorenje Infinity ovens tell a story of eternal beauty and uniqueness. Distinctive design brings back memories of the beauty of the past as it combines vintage details with contemporary lines in modern forms. Refined knobs, handle, and glass door are the centrepieces of the collections charming appearance, while modern cooking technology impresses time and again with perfect results and straightforward controls. The oven's hallmarks include the advanced HomeMade cavity design inspired by the appearance and operation of a traditional wood-fired oven, automatic temperature control for perfect results with your favourite dishes, and high energy efficiency. The offer of ovens is rounded off with a microwave oven with a volume of 23 litres and a grill heater.

A remarkable experience for the perfect flavour

Gorenje Infinity 60 cm cooking hobs are designed to help its users easily cook like a pro chef, to impress their guests, and to serve wholesome and delicious meals to their family. Gas, induction, or HiLight hobs with refined design in black or ivory, with the distinctive details of the line, will endow one’s home with nostalgic beauty. Wok burner and elegant cast iron pan supports are true attention grabbers, while PowerBoost, SuperSilent and many other advanced functions remain hidden helpers.

Sophistication above all

Gorenje Infinity extractor hoods combine superior technology with distinctive clean design in which minimalist appearance is elevated by select details in two colours. Soft line of the control knobs allows the hood to blend in with other appliances in the collection, while optimum and silent operation makes it an indispensable helper for a modern lifestyle. The massive airflow will efficiently eliminate odours, humidity and grease particles from the air, while superior materials allow easy cleaning and maintenance. The AdaptTech function automatically adjusts fan operation, while the P.A.S. perimetric suction system delivers an efficiency boost. With air flow of up to 730 m3/h, Gorenje Infinity hoods afford optimum removal of odours, vapour, and grease particles from rooms with an area of up to 30 m2.

Charming helpers for the modern life

Gorenje Infinity collection 50 and 60 cm cookers combine a highly efficient hob and modernly featured oven with the impressive HomeMade cavity design inspired by traditional wood fired ovens for perfect baking results. They are an excellent solution for the fans of modern solutions with a touch of nostalgia.  The distinctive control knobs, the soft grip handle, and the distinctive graphic design on the oven door glass pane combine for a sophisticated look. Choose between harmoniously designed gas or electric cookers featuring hi-light technology and simple logical controls for care-free use.  

The past is inspiration. The present is inspiring.

Gorenje Infinity kitchen appliances bring about a touch of trendy eternal elegance. They are the choice of connoisseurs who are looking to combine timeless beauty of the days gone by with modern directions and technologies.

The latest generation of Gorenje built-in kitchen appliances

Gorenje appliances make cooking easy and care-free

The latest generation of Gorenje's built-in cooking appliances helps the modern user prepare delicious and healthy dishes without any worries. Excellent user experience, and above all excellent food, are a result of smart technology and superior design supported by the best materials and aided by intuitive use. The entire range is adorned by prestigious combination of dark glass and stainless steel, which endows the appliances with harmonious appearance and contributes to modern interior design, while allowing flexibility of different appliance set-ups.

Gorenje built-in ovens

Competitive advantage of all Gorenje ovens is the special patented HomeMade oven cavity design. The vaulted ceiling moves the air just like in a traditional wood-fired oven by which it is inspired. In high-end models, the vaulted part of the oven is concealed, making the cavity larger while the outside dimensions remain the same. The 75-litre volume, among the largest in the market, allows baking at five levels simultaneously. The combination of HomeMade oven cavity shape, smart MultiFlow 360° system for uniform hot air circulation, and highly reflective enamel consistently delivers excellent cooking results. Gorenje ovens offer over 80 automated cooking programmes for the most commonly made dishes. Thus, the oven automatically selects the optimum heating mode, temperature and cooking time. Alternatively, this choice can also be left to the user. More experienced users will appreciate the special Step By Step mode in which the user makes all required settings for several consecutive cooking stages. Once the entire process is set up, manual adjustments or changes to the settings are no longer necessary, which again makes cooking experience easy and care-free. Advanced models also afford special programmes for making homemade yoghurt, drying food, or slow cooking. The ovens are easy to clean with three automated cleaning features: water cleaning, catalytic lining for automatic removal of fat particles, and pyrolysis that incinerates all impurities with extremely high temperatures. Latest generation built-in ovens are available in the Essential, Advanced and Superior lines.

Gorenje steam ovens

The latest additions to the oven range are the compact combined steam oven with a height of 45 cm, and the combined oven with the steam feature and a height of 60 cm. Both cook the food with pure steam and feature advanced steam injection technology owing to which the food maintains its consistency. It does not become soggy and does not overcook, it retains most of its vitamins and minerals, and its flavour is fuller and more intensive. Combined Gorenje steam oven affords three operation modes: steam cooking, hot air cooking/roasting/baking, and a combination of the two. The food is cooked just right as the droplets generated upon contact between pure steam and cooler chunks of food are immediately vaporized due to the action of the bottom heater. With the right settings, the oven can also be used for the increasingly popular sous-vide cooking which has recently made its way from haute cuisine to home kitchens.

Another difference between Gorenje's latest steam ovens in comparison to those of the previous generations and many others in the market is the position of the water tank. Rather than being placed in the oven interior, it is integrated into the front panel. The water tank is now also larger and the amount of water in the combined steam oven is sufficient for any cooking programme without requiring replenishment. The user can simply set the programme with the intuitive ProCook user interface featuring a large control knob, which affords elegant adjustment and monitoring of the settings.

Gorenje microwave ovens

Gorenje also proudly offers its multi-functional microwave oven featuring one of the largest cavities in the market with 53 litres. Special technology renders turntables and uneven defrosting or reheating a relic of the past as microwaves are evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity. Inverter, on the other hand, makes sure the microwaves are emitted in an even and uniform manner rather than in pulses. This results in evenly reheated, defrosted or cooked food which will retain its original consistency, vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Total microwave operation time is shorter; the food is cooked faster; and energy consumption is lower. Food cooked this way is healthier as no part of it is overdone. The latest microwave oven can also be used as a conventional oven. Oven interior is lined with the high-quality heavy-duty enamel that makes the cavity surface resistant to even the highest temperatures and microwaves.

IQcook – the first smart hob in the world

Gorenje unveiled its IQcook smart hob in 2012. This innovative induction hob employs wireless communication between two sensors – one in the hob and the other in the lid of the pot. Along with the hob's electronic system, they control the cooking power. Automatic programmes IQSteam, IQBoil, IQGrill, IQPro, and IQPoach automatically adjust the temperature inside the pot and cooking duration, allowing cooking without special supervision or control of the process by the user. As a result, the food will not burn or overcook. Moreover, such cooking method will allow the food to retain nearly all vitamins and minerals, flavour, and colour.

Gorenje kitchen hoods

For a better cooking experience, Gorenje has developed a line of technologically perfected extractor hoods that efficiently, uniformly, and silently extract the air, steam, and any intensive odours in the kitchen. Superior patented AdaptAir technology uses special blades for more silent and even air suction, and the filter with smart perforation and special foam eliminates up to 98% of grease particles, which ranks these hoods in the highest filtering class "A". The hood also features special sensors that work with the AdaptTech function to automatically sense a higher level of impurities in the air. The smart hood will automatically start and it will extract the air until it is clean. Thus, only a minimum amount of steam and fumes will end up in the kitchen. New kitchen hoods from Gorenje boast high energy efficiency and they rank in the A energy class; as of next year, they will be upgraded to the A+ class. They are also fitted with a special innovative control slider that allows simple and immediate adjustment of operating power and lighting intensity. All stainless steel surfaces are lined with a special TouchFree coating that makes the finish more resistant to fingertips, grease and other impurities to keep the hood shiny and make cleaning a breeze.

Today, cooking is a combination of a gentle touch, innovative ideas, and aesthetics. This is made possible by Gorenje's latest series of built-in appliances that turn even the most challenging cooking endeavour into playful creation.

IQcook hob, the world’s first hob that doesn't need any control whatsoever

Could cooking possibly be any easier?

The IQcook induction hob from Gorenje – ingenious, revolutionary and ever so convenient. Gone are the days when a dish or even an entire meal was ruined unnecessarily, whether due to the wrong settings, inattention or any number of other factors. IQcook has been turning cooking into an entirely new and relaxing experience for three years now, with its features updated each year. Making sure the food is cooked just right, it now takes over control, relieving the user of any worries. Entire cooking process is fully automated owing to the sensors and wireless communication between the pot and the hob.

Not everybody is a trained cook. Which is why in 2012 Gorenje created a revolutionary patented solution tailored to suit the user who can do much more with less input – and in less time with far less energy.  The Gorenje IQcook hob from the latest generation of built-in appliances is the first induction hob in the world one can fully trust – trust to perceive all the changes big and small throughout the cooking process and adjust operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. Intelligent highly sensitive IQ Sensors built into each cooking zone automatically adjust operation of the hob and eliminate the need for continuous manual control of the cooking process.

IQcook offers five cooking programmes: IQsteam, IQpoach, IQboil, IQpro, and IQgrill. After selecting the right cooking mode, the user activates the sensor installed on the pan lid by a simple touch. Operation of the IQ sensors in the cooking hob and in the pan lid, both checking the cooking progress in the pan, is monitored by the cooking hob electronic system. Thus, intelligent technology allows automated cooking without requiring the user to stand next to the hob and attend to it. No more sweet, heavy smell of milk burning, while making a regular cup of morning joy, busy getting organised. It’s all taken care of: the hob closely controls the boiling process and adjusts the temperature to prevent boiling over. No mess, no fuss. Not even with fish, eggs, melted chocolate, steaks etc. Moreover, the IQcook hob saves up to 40% of energy compared to conventional non-automated cooking by adjusting the cooking temperature.


For steam cooking that better preserves nutrients and vitamins. Very little water is added – no more than 0.5 dl for 1 kg of vegetables, so food isn’t overcooked and retains its natural colour, juices, and flavour. This programme also allows the sous-vide cooking technique where meat and other food is sealed in a vacuum bag and slow cooked at a steady temperature.


Used for dishes that require more water, like soups and pastas. A preset function brings the pot to the boil, and then maintains boiling temperature via the IQ sensors. The users can choose between light, and heavy boil.


For preparing dishes that require longer cooking at lower, constant temperature, with a gradual warming up period – perfect for dishes like rice, chili or polenta.


Allows preparation of food which retains natural colours, juices and flavours. Constant temperature between 71 ˚C and 85 ˚C is healthy and versatile and prevents overcooking.


This convenient preset programme uses very little or no oil, and allows users to select the doneness of their dishes with three presets, ensuring food is cooked evenly and that it remains juicy.
In addition to the five programmes, Gorenje has developed another convenient function: preventing of boiling over or burning. The revolutionary and patented SmartSense safety function automatically switches off the hob if the liquid evaporates.

IonGeneration fridge-freezers

Ideal microclimate for locking in first day freshness

Gorenje’s IonGeneration fridge-freezers are beautifully designed and highly energy efficient appliances that support better nutritional habits. Combining eco-friendly technology with inventive design fridge-freezers allow food to stay in optimal shape as long as possible. Smart ventilation in combination with adaptive intelligent system carefully regulates the internal climate, creating the ideal environment for storing all types of food and keeping them fresh and crisp.

As fresh as fresh can be

Gorenje fridge-freezers boast numerous smart features which provide high quality of food storage with verified preservation of vitamins and nutritive value of foods over a longer stretch of time. Maximum food protection is provided by a three-tier system. IonAir with MultiFlow 360˚ is an intensive ventilation system that blows fresh ionised air into the fridge to maintain even, constant temperatures on each shelf, so the user doesn't need to worry where to put what. For the best possible smart living solution on how to simulate natural microclimate, Gorenje has drawn on the best nature has to offer, employing anions that purify the air as part of a highly-effective process known as ionisation. By cleaning the air and fully enriching it with oxygen, these anions help create the ideal microclimate for keeping the freshness, aroma, and nutrients of fruit, vegetables, and meat intact far longer. NoFrost Plus technology, one of the best cooling systems on the market, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost in the freezer compartment, while maintaining an ideal microclimate for keeping the food fresh and moist. Third such advanced technology is undoubtedly the AdaptTech, adaptive intelligent system. This smart system continuously monitors and analyzes the way people use their fridge. Thus, it lowers the temperature by 1 or 2 °C just before they open the fridge door to make sure constant temperature is maintained and that the food stays fresh and full of nutrients.

Every model of the IonGeneration is enhanced with the extraordinary CrispZone pull-out vegetable drawer that maintains optimal humidity and holds up to 36 litres of fresh fruit, vegetables and more, which makes it one of the biggest drawers on the market. ZeroZone drawer is ideal for storing meat and fish at a critical 0 °C and FreshZone is perfect for keeping fresh produce with a temperature a bit higher than 0 °C. Frozen food doesn’t get left out in the cold either: professional, extra-fast freezing XtremeFreeze drawer preserves vitamins, minerals and nutrients in frozen food by freezing it twice as fast.

Easy on the eye user-friendly design

The fridges feature a variety of other smart, user-friendly functions, like sliding PullOut shelves that hold up to 22 kg each. The SimpleSlide principle enables easy movement of door shelves up and down and

the SlotIn function allows flexible, easy opening of the door, even when the refrigerator is placed next to a wall or another appliance. All IonGeneration fridge-freezers boast high energy class ratings, from A+ to A+++. The latter are also controlled by InverterCompressors which can save up to 50% in energy consumption. Other advanced features like the EcoMode programme save while you’re away from home, and fine LED illumination is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

ConvertActive fridge-freezer, perfect party assistant

Gorenje’s ConvertActive feature converts the freezer compartment into a refrigerator with a simple push of a button. Two hours after activation all 300 l are refrigerated, with temperatures ranging from 4 to 9 °C in the upper compartment and from -2 to 3 °C in the lower compartment. More storage space available for more beverages, snacks, cakes, large fruits and other party food. Furthermore, only these Gorenje fridge-freezers feature the CrispActive drawer with the amazing VitaLight which prolongs freshness of fruit and vegetables, preserving vitamins and minerals found in these foods. VitaLight ensures anti-oxidation process, which improves nutritional value of fresh food and prevents its rotting or spoiling.

Gorenje Retro collection

The cool side of you

Gorenje Retro refrigerators are increasingly popular among consumers, perhaps because they represent an eternally modern piece of the past. Rounded edges are a distinctive feature of the entire collection of nostalgically designed energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. Gorenje has technologically updated these iconic appliances to the IonGeneration platform which, among other features, mimics the natural microclimate in order to keep the food fresh longer.

Legendary design

Retro refrigerator is an icon of the home and a centrepiece of décor. People identify with the Retro refrigerator and express their personalities and lifestyles with it. This style may be chic, romantic, or funky. Therefore, Gorenje Retro Collection offers a broad range of colours and models for every style. The chic refrigerators are available in inox, black, and bordeaux; romantic ones are available in the colour of coffee, champagne, and dark chocolate; and the funky fridges are available in orange, green, red, and blue. They all stand out with the rounded edges characteristic of the 1950s, a robust handle, a large Gorenje logo and modern interior design. Thus, Gorenje Retro Collection offers a broad range of colours and models for every style. Yet breathtaking appearance is not all there is to these refrigerators. They also boast remarkable technology that uses ions to maintain a very special climate.

Advanced technology keeps your food fresh longer

European households discard over 79 kilograms of food per person each year, most of which are fresh fruit and vegetables. As a response, Gorenje has developed the IonGeneration platform that combines smart technologies, functions, and advanced user solutions. To date, it has only been used in the latest generation of standard refrigerators; as of late 2015, it will also be employed in the Retro refrigerators.

The most food spoilage in refrigerators is due to thermal shocks to which the food is exposed when refrigerator door is opened frequently. With this in mind, Gorenje developed the intelligent AdaptTech that employs an innovative sensor system to monitor the use of the refrigerator and adjust the internal temperature accordingly. The food stays fresh and rich in vitamins longer due to the fact that the refrigerator automatically intensifies the cooling process slightly before it anticipates more frequent door opening, thus preventing a temperature rise that could harm the food. Maximum protection of the food's nutrient value is also delivered by a combination of two advanced functions: IonAir with MultiFlow 360°, and NoFrost Plus. IonAir with MultiFlow 360° maintains intensive circulation of ionized air to mimic the natural climate and to keep an even and constant temperature on each shelf. The NoFrost Plus technology effectively prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice inside the freezer, while making sure the food does not dry out in the refrigerator as it maintains humidity and freshness.

A number of other features also contribute to maximum food freshness. CrispZone with HumidityControl is one of the largest fresh fruit and vegetable bins in the market. It is fitted with a slider to maintain the optimum humidity level. The ZeroZone bin is ideal for storing fish and meat at the ideal temperature around 0 °C. SuperCool rapid cooling function will prove particularly convenient after weekly shopping, while activating the XtremeFreeze in the freezer compartment will freeze your food rapidly and professionally. Since the food is frozen in half the usual time, it retains more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

In addition to care for freshness and health, modern consumers also expect friendly and simple use. Gorenje has responded to such requirements by a number of smart solutions – for example, with PullOut shelves that can take loads of up to 22 kilograms; or the SimpleSlide adjustable door shelves for easy door shelf height adjustment; and the SlotIn functionality that allows simple door opening even when the refrigerator is placed next to a wall or another appliance.

All retro refrigerators pride on their high energy efficiency which ranks them into energy classes between A+ and A+++. Their operation is controlled by updated inverter compressors that can regulate the temperature more accurately and reduce power consumption by up to 50%. When you are away on vacation, the EcoMode will automatically optimize refrigerator operation to save energy. Last but not least, some electricity is also saved by the elegant LED lighting.

SensoCare washing machines and tumble dryers

For spotless wash and unsurpassed softness

Gorenje’s latest generation of washing machines and tumble dryers boasts SensoCare innovative laundry care technology: they’re fully adjusted to the user, have a very contemporary visual identity, and ergonomic design that provides comfortable control and exceptional user experience.
SensoCare generation reaffirms the company’s role as an innovative and decidedly design-minded creator of home appliances. Remarkable performance, ergonomic details, and effective, logical settings are the hallmark of excellence of these washing machines and tumble dryers. Owing to the cutting edge environmentally friendly and energy-efficient innovative technology, this latest generation of Gorenje washing machines and tumble dryers – a result of in-house development – ranks among the most developed appliances on the market.

Fully customised washing

This generation of washing machines is based on SensoCare washing technology which provides the formula for specialized washing of all kinds of fabrics. Four washing modes provide optimum care for laundry for those with a hectic lifestyle, offering them the option to choose the washing method best suited to their needs. Standard programmes for cotton and synthetic fibres can be upgraded with one of the washing modes – TimeCare, AllergyCare, or EcoCare. Therefore, a standard programme can either become 50% shorter, even more energy and water efficient, or provide higher water level and additional rinsing. NormalCare is the mode with all the settings at the optimum level and is perfect for everyday washing. Such personalised washing is enabled by SensorIQ technology with its numerous integrated sensors that constantly monitor the washing process and by TotalWeight Control automatic laundry weight sensor, to deliver fully-optimised washing performance.

Another notable feature in the array of different programmes for special laundry care is the UltraWhite programme for preserving the whiteness of delicate laundry. This programme is adjusted for the care of delicate white laundry like synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which can’t withstand washing at higher temperatures. It provides excellent laundry care at no more than 30 °C, owing to a more intensive tumbling rhythm and more water. In addition, the SensoCare generation of washing machines offers other programmes specially tailored for particular laundry types, like PerfectBlack, Bio-Wash, NightWash, QuickWash, AntiAllergy and two MyFavorite user-defined programmes allowing simple user adjustment.

Interior design is perfectly tuned for efficient agitation of the laundry during the washing process. The large drum volume with a capacity of up to 9 kg allows full comfort even when washing larger amounts of laundry. The drum perforation is carefully thought out, so that the size, shape, and number of holes all provide lower water and power consumption. Wave-like 3D ribs gently move the laundry towards the rear of the drum and then lift it towards the top; and the tilted design of the interior door glass also contributes to this process. Improved patented glass washing machine door is designed for active 4D motion of the laundry towards the central part of the drum where it receives the best treatment and maximum protection. Laundry is better washed and less wrinkled, and the appliance is quieter with extended lifetime.

Gorenje's high-end washing machines boast the exceptionally reliable and powerful InverterPowerDrive motor which operates without brushes, thus eliminating mechanical stress, friction and wear. This results in better overall washing performance, energy efficiency providing A+++ -20% energy rating, quiet operation and longer life span of the motor and the appliance. Best models also offer the special StainExpert function for effective removal of the four most common stubborn types of stains: fruit, coffee, wine and organic stains.

Excellently dried and ultra-soft laundry without ironing

This year's new feature in Gorenje tumble dryers is the large glass door. With a new filtering system in the lower part of the door, they enhance the design of the appliance. Gorenje’s latest generation of tumble dryers is distinguished by cutting edge drying and anti-crease technology in addition to a large drum with up to 9 kg load capacity. SensorIQ intelligent sensor technology automatically optimises the drying process and takes perfect care of laundry – all with extremely low power consumption.

Gorenje dryers with SensoCare technology allow selecting the most convenient drying method, offering a choice between the regular NormalCare which includes optimized drying programmes, and the temperature-adjusted GentleCare drying mode, which allows even friendlier laundry care while helping preserve the garments. A new synergy of technologies provides for superior laundry softness: a bi-directional TwinAir air blowing system dries clothes evenly throughout the drying cycle; IonTech straightens the fibres by ionising the air, making the laundry even softer; and the SteamTech steam drying technology fluffs the laundry while smoothing out creases and wrinkles. Steam is a tried and true yet gentle sanitizer. By effectively rehydrating and breaking the bonds of dirt and grime it's a powerful spot and wrinkle remover and deodorizer – without washing. After this superb treatment fresh, fluffy laundry can now be put away – without ironing.

The new generation Gorenje tumble dryers come in various models, from vented to condenser tumble dryers. The condenser heat pump tumble dryer is distinguished by its innovative technology and rated in the energy class A+++, which saves 63% more energy than class A on account of its low energy consumption.