Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje by Starck collection

Time to reconnect with the beauty around you

Exceptional design, elevated by cutting-edge technology that delivers high-efficiency, low energy consumption and reliable performance, all captured within superior, durable, resilient materials. A mix of traits that make the Gorenje by Starck collection of home appliances almost worthy of collectors’ item status, with one exception: this superb design comes at an affordable price.

Collection of home appliances, which includes fridge freezers, ovens, hobs, hoods, warming drawers and décor panels for dishwashers, each thoughtfully designed by the iconic French designer Philippe Starck, has layers of technological advancements that together reflect more than just one story. Elements of the Gorenje by Starck collection are as unique as they are versatile and adaptable to users’ needs, making them incomparable to anything else. They are unique on their own or as a set, just like your home, your family, you.

Designer Philippe Starck is known for minimalistic yet unpredictable design, which is also reflected in this collection: strikingly elegant major home appliances with high-end reflective glass and stainless steel impress with great attention to detail and thoughtfully placed accents such as the attention-grabbing orange handles. Elements of the collection come in 100% matching design, so users can opt for single elements or go for the complete look. In each case, Gorenje by Starck collection provides thought-evoking reflections of user’s lifestyle and personality, subtly challenging him to reconnect. To embrace all the possibilities to create a new experience. And to revisit his uniqueness. That is even more simplified thanks to user-inspired technology that delivers high performance, energy efficiency and an aesthetic upgrade to any environment, giving it a Starck of inspiration.