Press room IFA 2017

New Gorenje built-in fridge freezers

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Days go by faster and faster, and we are always pressed for time. Even grocery shopping has changed as we can do it fewer times a month. And when we manage, we are facing new challenges: how to buy in bulk and fresh to make healthier choices so we can keep up the fast-paced lifestyle? Once we buy the right fresh food, it is just as important how we store it, especially if we want the freshness and tastes to last until the next trip to the market. The answer to this situation comes in the form of new Gorenje built-in fridge freezers based on the technologically most advanced platform. They boast the perfect combination of carefully though-out design and user-friendly technology that adapts to user’s habits and creates a nature-inspired microclimate within the fridge, making sure fresh the food stays fresh longer.
Remember that trip to the market when you had to buy a lot of food because you would not have time for shopping any time soon? You buy fresh, because fresh is tastier and better for you, so you want it to stay fresh, right? Knowing what users want, Gorenje’s new built-in fridge freezers come with the CrispZone drawer, perfect for fresh vegetables and fruits. It has lower temperature and adaptable humidity levels, owing to the SmartHumidity feature with a special membrane that automatically keeps the humidity in the drawer at optimum levels, which further prolongs freshness of fruits and vegetables. There is also the special VitaLight with blue light that maintains the natural ripening process to retain vitamins and keep freshly picked or bought fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer. To top it off, Gorenje's CrispZone drawer is currently one of the largest fruit and vegetable drawers in the market, so more and longer-lasting freshness is guaranteed.

The new generation of built-in fridge freezers comes with the advanced NoFrost technology that ensures intensive circulation of cool air inside the fridge and freezer. This efficiently removes moisture, preventing the accumulation of frost and ice build-up on your food and the fridge and freezer walls. It also comes with many energy-efficiency boosting technologies such as the AdaptTech technology that tracks and analyses users' habits and frequency of opening the refrigerator door to automatically adjust the temperature of the refrigerator just before opening it. DynamiCooling, an advanced fan system that equalizes the temperature throughout the entire refrigerator, ensures any type of food can be placed on any shelf and still have a longer shelf life, while IonAir prevents and eliminates bad odours. Together they create the perfect nature-inspired microclimate for freshness and crispness that last longer and taste better.

In terms of design, Gorenje is fully committed to becoming the best in the home appliances industry in design-inspired innovation, and it places just as much importance on the elegant and timeless exterior as it does on the highly functional and adjustable interior that meets user-specific needs. Equipped with thoughtfully planned and adjustable MultiAdjust shelves and large drawers, all easy to fill and empty, and positioned so you can get a clear view of all your ‘stock’ on the inside while utilizing all space available, Gorenje fridge freezers further elevate user-satisfaction. You can even reach for a can of perfectly chilled drink that was cooling and patiently waiting in the HiddenSpace, the ‘hidden’ can compartment that proves once more that Gorenje always brings something cool to the table.