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Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers

Keeping it fresh simplified

If you are having a party, hosting a dinner or just filling the fridge with weekly groceries, you can count on Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers to secure freshness and always bring something cool to the table. Featuring a wide array of advanced technological solutions, new Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers guarantee perfectly chilled service at all times, keeping things fresh and cool for longer while performing ever so quietly.
Gorenje is dedicated to affording users a true experience of Life Simplified, one when you can focus on the essential and enjoyable and eliminate the rest, so it strives to deliver ideas and practical solutions designed to make your daily life less complicated. In that manner, the Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers will relieve you of the little worries and afterthoughts, and rather seamlessly adapt to your and your family’s habits, prolonging the freshness of things you keep in your fridge freezer along the way: owing to the smart AdaptTech technology, the Gorenje freestanding fridge freezer monitors, analyses, and tracks how often and when you usually open the door. By recognizing and adapting to your habits, AdaptTech system adjusts the temperatures accordingly right before the refrigerator door is opened to prevent the interior from warming up. This prevents a temperature rise that could harm the food or cause faster spoiling. In this way, AdaptTech keeps foods cool and fresh for longer. 

To keep fruits, vegetables, meat and fish fresh and to protect the flavours, textures, minerals and vitamins even longer, Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers come with the IonAir with MultiFlow 360° ventilation system that circulates ionized air to eliminate odours, and mimics the natural climate. This ensures evenly distributed and constant temperature on each shelf, thus contributing to greater and longer-lasting freshness of refrigerated foods. 

Furthermore, with Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers you can instantly spruce up your kitchen with more colour – with the exterior and the interior of your fridge: with the exterior, because Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers are also available in vibrant colours (the Color Collection includes models in black, champagne, fiery red, burgundy, orange, and chocolate), and with its interior, because they are equipped with the advanced NoFrost technology that maintains humidity inside the fridge and freezer at optimum levels, thus preventing ice and frost build-up on foods and fridge and freezer walls. By doing so, NoFrost prolongs the freshness, tastes, and also shapes and colours of refrigerated and frozen fruits and vegetables. 

To top it off, Gorenje believes that the best technology is technology that works for the user without him being aware of it, so rest assured Gorenje freestanding fridge freezers are designed for silent operation, keeping things cool, quietly.