Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje shopping bot for optimized user experience

Introducing Anna, the new digital member of team Gorenje

At this year's IFA fair, taking place from September 1 to 6, 2017, in Berlin, Germany, Gorenje will present the newest member of its global team, and visitors of Gorenje booth at the IFA 2017 will be the first to meet her. 
    Gorenje, a brand at the forefront of technological advancements, is embracing the latest technology. To simplify users' lives as much as possible, be it in their households, offices, even on the road and online, Gorenje is launching a new dimension of communicating with them: a chatbot named Anna.

    Much like Gorenje appliances, designed to help users save time and simplify their lives on a day-to-day, chore-to-chore basis, Anna, the Gorenje chatbot and personal shopping assistant, is designed to be first and foremost user-friendly. Waiting to strike a conversation with visitors of official Gorenje Facebook pages and Gorenje websites, Anna’s job will be to simplify the user experience, help and inform the visitors looking to purchase or just get better informed about specific Gorenje products. Along the way, visitors will discover tons of other things about Anna, such as that she can help with product features, product registration etc.

    Vladimir Nardin, Head of Digital Marketing at Gorenje Group: “Bots are rapidly becoming the new normal of an excellent and life-simplifying user experience as they interact with visitors in a computer assisted, yet human-to-human-like conversation. By introducing Anna, which we will officially launch on our local Gorenje websites and Facebook pages, market per market, after the IFA 2017, we are planning to improve the user experience in our digital channels, and at the same time elevate the overall online-offline experience. This way, we aim to also simplify the product research process and provide a simple, convenient and pleasant option to get better and faster informed so consumers are better equipped to choose the Gorenje product that is best suited for their specific needs and wishes.”

    To meet and greet Anna, the Gorenje shopping bot, ‘in person’, visit Gorenje at the IFA, located in hall 1.1, booth 201, from September 1 to 6, 2017