Press room IFA 2017

Introducing innovative small kitchen appliances

A little help on the long run

Head by Gorenje

Thanks to Gorenje and lifestyle brand Head, the road to a healthier lifestyle just got a lot simpler. Gorenje presents a special line of small yet action-packed Head by Gorenje appliances with the powerful nutri power blender that also impressively performs as a smoothie maker. It comes with the ProteinShaker so there are no more excuses for not preparing a quick healthy drink on the go. To help with meal preparation, the Head by Gorenje series also includes the easy-to-use and elegantly designed kitchen scale that accurately measures up to 10 kg of ingredients. The winning duo of Head by Gorenje small kitchen appliances will be available in 2018.

The timeless RETRO collection

Retro style might originate in the 1950s, but its design remains timeless. Get inspired by the curved lines, famous pastel colours combined with metal accents and the original Gorenje logo that together form the timeless and ever-so-appealing looks of the Gorenje RETRO line of small kitchen appliances. Retro-looking yet driven by cutting-edge modern technology, the retro multi-purpose kitchen machine, hand blender, toaster, kettle and blender will be the must-have appliances for years to come, always reminding you to reconnect with the best from the good old days.