Press room IFA 2017

New Gorenje IQ Induction hob

Cooking smart simplified

In many households, kitchen is the heart of the home. With a lot going on there, we often forget to enjoy the process of preparing food, so for unexperienced cooks, people who are easily distracted, or just for “people who only have two hands”, things can go very wrong very fast in the kitchen. To make cooking smarter and more simplified, and to enjoy dishes that are prepared effortlessly and just as tasty, Gorenje presents the new IQ Induction, the smart, flexible induction hob that doesn’t need any human control other than a single touch on the easy-to-control interface.
Gorenje’s new, fully automated and trustworthy innovative IQ Induction hob comes with smart and flexible features that deliver tastier results faster, more efficiently and in a more user-friendly manner. It can prepare healthy dishes and even lower your stress levels as it can cook almost all by itself. Or more specifically, with the IQ Intelligent sensors built into each cooking zone to automatically adjust the hob operation. IQ cook system can be used on all six cooking zones for which users can select different cooking programmes with perfect time and temperature settings (e.g. for boiling, warming, simmering, grilling, melting, defrosting) … A little IQ is enough to relieve you of worrying and having to constantly check on the hob. 

For more freedom in the kitchen, the new IQ Induction hobs come with the biggest XXL cooking surface to date, which is enhanced with premium solutions that enable maximum flexibility of cooking styles. The AreaFlex allows cooking on almost the entire surface of the induction hob as the left and right cooking zones are combined into one large cooking zone, or you can just place several smaller pots and pans anywhere on the combined cooking zone, relying on the AutoDetect to instantly detect pot position, recognize the diameter of the cookware, and automatically activate the cooking zone accordingly. It can also automatically make a bridging of heating zones according the pot size.

With more space and more freedom also comes more flexibility, as cooking zones on the new IQ Induction hob are made to be fully flexible as to how and what you are cooking: FullFlex offers outstanding flexibility with connection of all cooking zones in one big cooking surface that can be used for cooking in several different-sized pots at once or in one very big pan or pot, thus eliminating all excuses you ever had for not hosting a huge party. In each case, the heating is guaranteed to be quick, powerful, and high-performing: by engaging the PowerBoost, which is available on all cooking zones, you can expect up to 40% power increase, thus increasing the efficiency of the Gorenje induction hob even further. The boost is limited to 7 minutes; after that, the hob automatically reduces the heating power to level 9, ensuring maximum safety. Furthermore, since induction hobs heat only the cookware, not the actual cooktop, no heat gets wasted. Rather, the heat is evenly, perfectly and quickly distributed to save even more of your time. 

Stylish, minimalistic, contemporary Gorenje IQ Induction hob is designed for simple and highly convenient use. The upgraded Direct Touch user interface provides a very easy-to-use experience as it enables easy control of the cooking process: you can set and control the baking or cooking process just by touching the screen and directly selecting the precise preset levels and clearly defined parameters that guarantee a better cooking experience and tastier results.

And to end the cooking process: just use some water! It is all that is needed for cleaning, as the automatic detection of evaporated liquid conveniently and automatically switches off the hob if the liquid evaporates. This prevents burns or spillages and minimizes chances of accidents that could mess up the induction hob. With the new IQ induction hob’s smart approach there’s no mess, no fuss, no stress.