Press room IFA 2017

The Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge freezers

Time to reconnect with the good old days

Gorenje presents a cool legend with a wow effect and the instantly recognizable Volkswagen logo, which you can easily park anywhere in your home.
Gorenje and the German car manufacturer Volkswagen joined their design-forward forces and drove the design of the famous Volkswagen Minibus van in a completely different direction: towards your household. The goal has been reached and Gorenje presents the Retro Special Edition refrigerators inspired by the legendary Volkswagen Minibus van. Just like the iconic van, Gorenje’s Special Edition refrigerator sports the distinctive Volkswagen VW logo on the front. With all its graphic simplicity and downright cuteness, it surely evokes warm feelings and nostalgic admiration.

Cooling and impressing

Gorenje's retro charmer looks vintage only on the outside, as its 'very cool' performance is driven by the latest cutting-edge cooling technology. There is the DynamiCooling, the advanced fan system that evenly distributes the ionized air, equalizing the temperature throughout the entire refrigerator and reaching all corners and shelves evenly. This Retro charmer offers the perfect space to store all kinds of food without worrying about their textures and odours, as IonAir technology enriches cool air with extra negative ions that prevent unpleasant odours within the fridge, ensuring the perfect natural microclimate within the refrigerator. Thanks to this nature-inspired technology, food retains minerals, vitamins, textures and rich flavours, as well as stays fresh for longer. 

Extra-large, please, of fresh and healthy!

Whether you are extra proud of the latest produce from your garden or you just came back from a trip to the local farmers' market with baskets full of fresh fruits, veggies and inspiration, Gorenje Retro Special Edition refrigerator is ready and waiting for you to fill it up only to later empty it out. Use the CrispZone drawer, one of the largest fruit and vegetables drawers in the market, where the temperature is a bit lower and therefore perfect for storing fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also the HumidityControl feature that allows you to adjust the humidity to optimal levels, thus further prolonging the freshness of your produce. As Gorenje Retro refrigerators keep your food fresh and healthy longer, it is up to you to keep them neatly and practically organized. Gorenje strives to provide practical ideas and life-simplifying solutions, so the new Retro Special Edition refrigerators come equipped with SimpleSlide door bins that you can simply slide up or down and adjust to the height of whatever you want to store.

Mix of modern technology and 60’s design

Stylishly timeless and timelessly reliable retro charmer from Gorenje, available in vintage baby blue or Bordeaux red in combination with champagne colour, aesthetically complemented with chrome-coloured details and a robust handle, is ready to reconnect you with the good old days, but with a future-forward view, oriented towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient society. Owing to the cutting-edge cooling technology and important features such as excellent thermal insulation and door sealing, which efficiently reduce power consumption whenever and wherever possible, Gorenje Retro Special Edition refrigerators reach energy efficiency ratings up to A+++.