Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje SensoCare washers and dryers and the new WaveActive generation

Time to reconnect with your little ones

Everyday life can get messy. With or without kids, piles of clothes eventually form and stains appear out of nowhere, usually where they are the most visible. They appear because of our clumsiness or simply because we were out there, living. But don’t mind the stains. Embrace your messy inner child, make the most out of every moment and remember that stains are often just reminders of the good times. Let go of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘I’d rather nots’ and face the challenges with the right partners by your side. Once at home, you can always rely on the high-performing and time-saving domestic helpers that adjust to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Leave it up to Gorenje washers and dryers, equipped with the most advanced, user-friendly and practical features to meet your everyday washing needs and tackle the stains while you are out and about getting new ones. 
If you play sports, you appreciate fresh, odour- and bacteria-free and comfortable clothing. If you have sensitive skin or kids, you like to be assured your garments are efficiently cleaned and well rinsed, irritant-, allergen- and bacteria-free, soft and gentle like a snuggle. If you’re always on the go, be it at a meeting or at a party, you need reliable appliances that guarantee your elegant, stylish outfits can keep up with your pace and crease down. With Gorenje SensoCare washers, you truly get appliances that fit all lifestyles as they are based on the SensoCare washing technology that perfectly matches your every laundry need, effectively and gently treating all kinds of fabrics and stains. Washing modes differ in combinations of temperature and amount of water, cycle durations and spinning speed, and Standard programmes for cotton and synthetic fibres can be upgraded with extra modes: TimeCare to reduce the washing time, AllergyCare to use more water and extra rinse cycles, effectively tackling allergens, or the most energy-efficient mode EcoCare that users can choose based on their current washing needs.

Stains on your clothes will become a one-off sight as they quickly disappear thanks to the efficient StainExpert feature. It is based on years of in-depth research and expertise from Gorenje, which led to the development of the perfect combination of temperature, time and water that automatically removes four types of stubborn stains (fruit, organic stains, wine and coffee) without high temperature or additional pre-wash stain treatment. The driving force behind the high-performing combination of low energy consumption, lower noise levels, durability and reliability, leading to spotless washing results achieved with the Gorenje SensoCare washer, is the powerful Inverter PowerDrive motor that is quieter and more energy-efficient when tackling stains and marks of everyday life with ease. It is also brushless, which eliminates mechanical tension, friction, or wear and tear. This also ensures longer life cycle of Gorenje washing machines.

Caring drying procedures for even softer, gentler, fresher and fluffier results

Gorenje SensoCare dryers are distinguished by cutting-edge drying and anti-crease technology with IonTech, which not only straightens the fibres by ionizing the air with negatively charged ions, making the laundry fresher and softer, but also clears the fibres of most allergens and residues of smoke and pollen. IonTech also eliminates electrostatic charge accumulated during the drying process. For an even smoother load, you can choose the SteamTech function and rely on the power of steam to effectively penetrate and rehydrate every fibre of your laundry, effectively straightening the fibres and removing wrinkles and creases, deodorizing, and superbly refreshing your clothes. With Gorenje SensoCare dryers, the steamed, cleaned, and evenly dried laundry is ready to be put away, no ironing required (still depending on actual fabric and garment).

The Gorenje SensoCare dryers come in various models, from vented to condenser tumble dryers. The condenser model comes with the innovative HeatPump with TwinAir technology with broader air channels and a capacity of 120 litres, making it one of the largest drums in the world. It can easily deal with major amounts of laundry (up to 9 kg), while its cutting-edge technology uses far less energy, making it extremely energy-efficient (A+++ -10%). 

Gorenje is proud to announce 2018 as the year of the new WaveActive generation of washers and dryers

New WaveActive washers and dryers are set to make a big wave of changes as they stand out with the most cutting-edge cleaning technology designed to meet the demanding consumers’ needs and to provide optimal care for the most delicate fabrics. They will feature the unique and innovatively designed WaveActive drum recognizable by the unique wave-shaped drum pattern in combination with special wave-shaped 3D ribs that soften the fibres and provide the gentlest garment treatment for perfectly washed and dried laundry with minimum wrinkles and creases. 

Gorenje WaveActive washer will thus come fully prepared to tackle the toughest stains with the gentlest cleaning procedures. This is also made possible by the IonTech that ensures optimum washing results, starting on truly micro levels, as it uses the power of ions and ionised air blown into the water to help better dissolve the detergent, allowing the cleaning solution to effectively and evenly penetrate dirty laundry. Natural ionisation process removes impurities more effectively and in a more environment-friendly manner: without high temperatures, without additional chemicals, softeners or similar irritants, but with added benefits, as IonTech also prevents the deposit of limescale on the heater, which prolongs the washing machine’s life cycle. Furthermore, SteamTech with ‘just steam’ effectively rehydrates and breaks down the dirt, does away with bacteria, microbes and odours, and reduces creases, resulting in thoroughly clean, spotless, creaseless, odourless and much softer garments. 

But even the best-washed laundry can get even fresher, softer, less creased. This is where efficient dryers take charge. Ions, as small as they are, have a huge impact on every fibre of your garment: during the drying process in the new dryer, the IonTech feature charges the drying air with negatively charged ions that tackle allergens and stubborn residues of smoke, pollen and bacteria, straighten the fibres, reduce creasing, and even eliminate electrostatic charge during the drying cycle. SteamTech is another practical feature that literally ‘steams’ away the creases, lines and, along with that, hours of ironing. Sure, ironing is a meditative and calming task for some lucky individuals, but it is still a time-consuming hassle to many. The latter will surely appreciate SteamTech that provides additional steam treatment at the end of the drying programme to rehydrate the fibres, making clothes much smoother and less creased and wrinkled, thus minimizing, if not even eliminating, the need for ironing (depending on the fabric and the garment).

Gorenje is dedicated to developing solutions that have a lasting positive impact on users’ everyday lives as well as the environment and in that manner, all WaveActive generation washers and dryers will meet the highest environment standards and boast extreme energy efficiency with up to A+++ -50% energy ratings for washers and up to A+++ -10% energy ratings for dryers. The new WaveActive generation of washers and dryers will enter the market in 2018.