Press room IFA 2017

Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers

Time to reconnect at family gatherings

Get-togethers, celebrations, holidays and picnics with family and friends. These are the experiences that we remember, memories that last, connections that keep us going in our increasingly fast-paced lives. Gorenje, the European household brand, encourages us to dedicate time to ourselves, to those we hold dear and to just reconnect. By creating household appliances, a form of technologically advanced everyday support system in a modern household, which further increase the quality of life and adapt to rapidly changing users’ needs and habits, Gorenje promotes a Life Simplified. Life in which precious time can be devoted to more pleasant experiences, to creating new memories and reconnecting. All made possible with Gorenje appliances that take care of themselves so users can be carefree, starting with the new, technologically advanced and user-friendly Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers.

Host a party and enjoy it too

No party is too big, no table is too full, and no worries are necessary when you have the right kitchen appliance that adapts to your current needs. The new Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers with fully adjustable interior can easily adapt to any amount, type and size of dishes at any time, be it for a quick wash during a cocktail party, delicate cutlery and dishes during a holiday dinner with extended family, or just after a monthly cook-out with the neighbours. Contributing to the outstanding energy efficiency and lower water consumption is a broad range of solutions, like the quick 20-minute programme with the SpeedWash function that handles the dishes in just 15 minutes, the automatic program that adjusts the dishwashing process to how dirty the dishes are and cleans them perfectly, and the QuickIntensive programme that takes only 90 minutes to wash and dry even a full load of dirty dishes that it washes better and faster while using less power and water than if the same amount of dishes was done by hand.

Micro ions for maximum freshness

Save even more time and energy, and wash dirty dishes in the dishwasher rather than washing them manually. Even if it is just two coffee cups and breakfast bowls or just two plates after a quick dinner. With Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers, you can take all the time you want to fill them up enough to start the washing cycle without being reminded that the dishes are stacking up, as the innovative IonTech technology that harnesses the natural principle of ionization neutralizes unpleasant odors without adding any artificial substances. This way you can comfortably wait for the dishwasher to fill up while the negatively charged ions keep the maximum freshness even when your dishwasher is full of dirty dishes for a longer period of time.

Conveniently reliable

Open doors welcome new opportunities and you can rely on Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers to always present you with dishwashing results that do not require any extra work. Why waste time with wiping dry washed dishes when you can save your time and rely on Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers with automatically opening doors that elevate the convenience and reliability of nature- and user-inspired appliances to the next level? With the TotalDry Technology, doors of the Gorenje SmartFlex dishwasher automatically open once the washing cycle is done, letting out excess steam and letting in the fresh air, thus helping to dry pieces of cutlery, mugs, cups and hard-to-dry plastic dishes even better. Gorenje dishwashers take care of you by completely taking care of themselves, and they do that in almost complete silence, reaching noise-levels of just 41 dB, making them one of the most silently performing dishwashers on the market.

Proven to be the most effective dishwasher

To find out whether it is more efficient to wash dishes manually or in a dishwasher, European consumers’ associations that are members of the independent International Consumer Research and Testing Ltd. (ICRT) conducted a dishwasher test. They tested 155 dishwashers of renowned brands and compared them in categories relevant for the overall excellence of user experience and simplicity of use, with washing effectiveness being the most important testing category. Results showed that among the 155 tested models, Gorenje SmartFlex dishwasher, made in the EU, was the most effective.