Press room LivingKitchen 2015

Gorenje presenting advanced solutions for more cooking pleasure at LivingKitchen in Cologne

Major trendsetters and decision-makers in the world of kitchens come together at LivingKitchen

Gorenje is again taking part in the biennial LivingKitchen show, a part of the globally renowned furniture fair IMM in Cologne, Germany. From January 19 to 25, Cologne is the epicentre of the world's furniture industry, showcasing products by all major international players. Gorenje is among them, putting the spotlight on its new generation of cooking built-in appliances as it presents its namesake brand, Gorenje+ and Classico lines, and the legendary Retro refrigerators.
The LivingKitchen show, taking place every other year as a part of the IMM trade fair, is a hub of the latest ideas and innovations in the kitchen, where all major trendsetters and decision-makers in the world of kitchens come together. This year 185 globally renowned exhibitors from 21 countries are participating at the fair. Last year, the parent fair IMM and its 1,200 exhibitors impressed a total of 120,000 people of which one half were international guests.

Gorenje is taking part in the LivingKitchen interiors show as a renowned and established home appliance manufacturer, showcasing its Gorenje brand, the Gorenje+ line sold exclusively at kitchen studios, the Classico designer line, and Retro refrigerators. This time, the spotlight is on the new generation of energy-efficient built-in kitchen appliances that harness cutting edge technology to bring out the best flavours and retain all the vital substances in the food while keeping the controls simple. It was designed with in-depth awareness and understanding of the requirements of modern lifestyle. Gorenje's new built-in appliances will speak to the people who live a full life both at work and at home, who always expect better cooking results and a true aesthetic experience of their home with design for today and tomorrow.

The new generation boasts numerous advanced solutions that are a result of the know-how and years of experience of a number of participating development departments. The latest multi-function and combined steam ovens and the built-in microwave ovens are coated with high-quality SilverMatte enamel that is highly reflective and resistant to even the highest temperatures, steam, and microwaves. The special enamel coating also makes cleaning the oven simpler. While conventional ovens feature the special MultiFlow 360° air circulation system that makes sure the food is evenly done and allows baking at five levels simultaneously, combined steam ovens pride and rely on its clean steam and the MultiSteam 360° system for healthy cooking and excellent results. The special Stirrer technology employed in the latest microwave ovens ensures more even microwave distribution for uniform reheating or defrosting. Like the ovens, all new cooking hobs, too, are simple to use and designed with a special feel for aesthetics. The generation is rounded off by kitchen hoods featuring the advanced AdaptAir technology that provides more silent and even air extraction for cleaner air in the kitchen.

Also showcased at the exhibition area are the IonGeneration refrigerators with the ConvertActive models that mimic the natural climate to keep the food fresh longer, and the Classico kitchen appliances with their classic look and sophisticated technology.

Re-launch of the Gorenje+ line

Gorenje+ presents new kitchen flagship

Gorenje+ line of exclusive kitchen appliances is based on a comprehensive concept of user experience and design, combining a wide range of superior cooking, refrigeration, and washing appliances. At the LivingKitchen tradeshow in Cologne, Gorenje is presenting a new generation of kitchen appliances including Gorenje+ built-in ovens and kitchen hoods. Among these, Gorenje is betting in particular on the combined steam oven and built-in multifunctional oven with ProCook control. Both ovens rank in the A+ energy class.

Gorenje+ appliances address the most demanding customers shopping for home appliances at kitchen showrooms or kitchen specialists where Gorenje+ is exclusively available. The latest additions include the combined oven with steam with a height of 60 cm, and the compact combined steam oven with a height of 45 cm. They allow cooking with steam, hot air, or a combination of the two, which makes them an excellent tool for making healthy food that will retain its flavour, colour, and all minerals and vitamins. The latest Gorenje+ combined steam ovens employ the principle of so-called pure steam which is evenly distributed by the MultiSteam360° system around the entire oven cavity to fully embrace the food. Food cooked in this way remains juicy and tender and it retains its original consistency, colour, taste, and most vitamins and minerals. The latest combined steam oven really shines through when the user is looking for browned crispy meat and vegetables, which is only possible by cooking with hot air. Combined steam oven therefore also allows cooking with hot air or a combination of steam and hot air.

Compared to the old combined steam ovens, the new ones feature a new and more conveniently placed water tank. Instead of the oven cavity, it is integrated into the front panel. This makes handling the water tank easier and allows for a greater oven cavity volume. The water tank capacity is also larger and it suffices for the longest possible cooking program without the need for replenishment. Oven interior is coated with the latest SilverMatte enamel while the exterior is made of stainless steel with a special anti-fingerprint coating for a clean look. The AquaClean automatic cleaning program will make sure the interior of the combined steam oven is always clean and sterile.

Multifunctional Gorenje+ ovens

Premium ovens are based on an upgrade of the special HomeMade oven cavity shape dating from 2008, which introduced a revolution by mimicking the appearance and operation of a traditional wood-fired oven. The vaulted cavity ceiling allows easier air circulation and more even distribution. In the new Superior ovens, the vaulted part of the oven is moved further upwards, making the cavity larger while the outside dimensions remain the same. This results in cavity volume of up to 75 litres and allows baking on five levels simultaneously. The combination of unique oven interior shape and the special MultiFlow 360° system for uniform hot air circulation consistently delivers optimum cooking results. The AutoProgrammes include over 80 different cooking programs for different dishes or types of food. Also available are the remarkable programs for making yoghurt, drying fruit and herbs, slow-cooking, and Step by step cooking which allows the user to program different temperatures for different stages of cooking which the oven then automatically adjusts.

Interior of the new ovens is coated with new SilverMatte high-quality enamel which, owing to its smoothness, reflects the heat back to the centre of the oven cavity and prevents the fat from sticking or burning onto the oven walls or the baking tray. Two cleaning modes make sure the oven cavity is always clean: the self-cleaning pyrolysis employing extremely high temperatures, and AquaClean cleaning with water. All models are designed with the user friendliness in mind – from simple controls to gentle door closing, with special care devoted to safety, ensured by features like door with quadruple-glazing and the ChildLock which keep your children safe. Ovens of the Gorenje+ line can be controlled using the ProCook control interface, based on the cutting-edge technology and tested achievements of modern design. The centrally positioned button and a large screen allow fast and logical selection of menu options, and a clear overview of all settings.

Gorenje+ kitchen hoods

Gorenje+ line has been expanded with new technologically perfected kitchen hoods that are even more effective in preventing the odours and steam from spreading through the kitchen. The perimetric suction system moves the suction area from the centre of the hood to its perimeter. As a result, both energy consumption and noise levels are lower while suction is significantly more efficient. New kitchen hoods from Gorenje are therefore more energy efficient, ranking in the A+ energy class.

Highly energy-efficient LED lighting improves the view of the cooking hob and the surrounding area. Special innovative slider allows simple and immediate adjustment of operating power and lighting intensity. The hoods are made of quality materials such as stainless steel and glass, which makes cleaning a breeze. The special FingerTouchFree coating on the metal part of the hood makes the surface fingerprint resistant to make cleaning and maintenance even easier.

IQcook induction hob

The smart IQcook induction hob guarantees entirely safe and fully controlled operation without any stress and constant checking of the cooking process. It offers five preset cooking modes: IQsteam, IQboil, IQpro, IQgrill, and IQfry. Wireless communication between the sensor in the lid of the pan and in the cooking hob makes cooking fully automated and controlled. Intelligent technology does away entirely with the need for constant control of the cooking process, and smart temperature adjustment saves up to 40% of power.

Patented SmartSense safety function prevents the food from boiling over or burning: if fluid evaporates from the pan, it will automatically switch off the cooking hob. Top-class IQcook induction hob can also be used in the conventional way, just like any other high-end induction hob.

New generation of built-in kitchen appliances from Gorenje

Simple and care-free cooking

Gorenje presents its new generation of built-in kitchen appliances featuring ovens of the namesake brand, with a special vaulted interior and cutting-edge technology that guarantee crunchy loaves of inviting scent.  Food cooked in these ovens is healthy, juicy, and soft, with a crunchy crust. Drawing on years of theoretical and hands-on experience, Gorenje engineers and chefs combined smart combinations of heaters, temperature, and cooking time into easy-to-use cooking programs. This allows you to make homemade food while having fun and leaves you more time for socializing.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the now well-established and recognized HomeMade oven cavity shape led Gorenje engineers to use its improved version in the new generation of ovens. The interior is still reminiscent of a traditional vaulted wood-fired oven that allows free and even circulation of hot air. It is coated with high-quality and highly reflective SilverMatte enamel. Paired with the MultiFlow 360° system that includes a fan constantly blowing hot air through thoughtfully placed openings, it makes sure the food is evenly done on all guide levels. The aromas and flavours will not mix, which allows cooking several dishes at the same time – in high-end 75-litre models even at 5 levels.

Gorenje engineers, however, did not settle for just the excellent flavour and texture of conventional dishes. They took the challenge of preparing special dishes and thus designed the special cooking presets. Step by step cooking allows the user to program the settings for several cooking stages. For example, a juicy chicken with golden crunchy skin can be made in two stages: roasting at 200 °C for an hour, followed by grilling for 10 minutes. This allows the user more time as it does away with the need to carefully monitor the cooking process and the need to change the settings. It also saves power as oven door is opened less frequently. Other special programs allow making homemade yoghurt, drying fruit or herbs, or cooking meat or fish in a slow and fully controlled manner. The user can finally live their culinary dreams right at home where Gorenje technology truly puts the appliances in the service of flavour.

The oven is easy to control using a number of intuitive control interfaces. Standing out among them is the HomeChef with a large and clearly laid out interactive colour TFT display responding to touch. Gorenje designers made sure all ovens are user-friendly; they observed the latest trends in design; and they used quality and durable materials. They were particularly mindful of user safety which is enhanced by multi-layered glazing for cool door exterior, oven exterior cooling system preventing high temperatures from damaging the furniture, and the ChildLock function protecting the children. Oven exterior is made of stainless steel coated with a special film that makes sure no fingerprints remain on the surface. Moreover, with three modes for cleaning the oven cavity, the oven will be clean on the inside, too. One of the most efficient automatic cleaning systems in the market is Gorenje's PyroClean which uses extra high temperatures (up to 500 °C) to clean even the remotest corners of the oven cavity simply by incinerating al fat and dirt. The other two cleaning modes include CataClean with catalytic panels that attract the grease, and water-based cleaning system AquaClean.

Microwave ovens

Another addition to the Gorenje brand are the built-in microwave ovens with state-of-the-art stirrer technology and an inverter system, boasting one of the largest cavity volumes of over 50 litres. The user can accurately set the microwave power and amount, leaving the food evenly cooked, baked, roasted, reheated, or defrosted. Combined microwave oven affords several cooking modes: microwave, hot air, or a combination of both. All models are made of the best materials that are simple to clean and maintain. The oven cavity can be cleaned with the unique function AquaClean. The moisture resulting from automatic heating of water will soften any dirt on the microwave oven walls, only leaving for the user to wipe it with a soft cloth once the procedure is over.


Because not everybody is a trained cook, Gorenje took up the  challenge of creating a range of innovative cooking tools including hi-light hobs, induction hobs and gas hobs that help people achieve much more with much less knowledge, much sooner and with significantly lower energy consumption. All hobs have user friendly design which shows in four different edge finish types, depending on the hob. Furthermore, to keep the hobs clean at any time, BoilControl function on induction and hi-light hobs prevents pots from boiling over as it automatically adjusts the temperature of all cooking zones. Sophisticated are also the HomeCusine functions which make it easier to cook exceptionally tasty food. WokBurner function on gas hob is perfect for the preparation of Asian style cuisine as it reaches high power very quickly. Induction hobs offer XpandZone and BridgeZone with enlarged cooking surface. While XpandZone allows cooking on the entire induction surface, BridgeZone is great for cooking in large-size pots, e.g. fish with rice and vegetables.


Gorenje brand line-up has also been extended with a new line of technologically perfected kitchen hoods designed to match the new generation of Gorenje built-in ovens, hobs and microwaves. Compared to the existing models, new hoods are more efficient in preventing the odours and steam from spreading around the kitchen as the patented AdaptAir technology delivers even suction into the hood where, combining with special polyurethane foam, it filters out up to 98% of grease particles. Combined with the unique AdaptTech sensor, the hood automatically cleans the air according to the intensity of the odours during cooking.

ConvertActive refrigerator

The ideal party host

ConvertActive refrigerator is the latest addition to Gorenje's IonGeneration series. It allows the user to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator compartment simply by pressing a button. It is the ideal choice for everyone who likes hosting parties at their home and requires more space for snacks and ice-cold drinks. The multi-functional refrigerator maintains an ideal microclimate and a steady temperature to keep the food fresh longer. It is ranked in the A++ energy efficiency class, using 40% less power than an A-class appliance.

ConvertActive, the latest combined fridge freezer from Gorenje, is truly a versatile appliance. It allows the user to convert the freezer compartment into a fridge compartment simply by pressing a button. Two hours after the function is activated, the temperature in the upper fridge compartment can be between 4 and 9 °C, while the temperature in the lower "freezer" compartment can be set between -2 and 3 °C. Activating the ConvertActive function increases the storage capacity of the refrigerator compartment by as much as 307 litres. The ConvertActive model allows the users to plan a large party without any worry as it offers ample space for drinks, snacks, deserts, and other food. In addition to the special FreshActive fish and meat drawer, these appliances are also fitted with the advanced CrispActive fruit and vegetables bin featuring humidity control and the special VitaLight lighting. The orange light spectrum emitted by the VitaLight effectively slows down the oxidation process to improve the nutrient value of fresh fruit and vegetables. The 36-litre drawer is among the largest in the market. The freezer compartment is equipped with the XtremeFreeze drawer which freezes the food twice as fast as usual to preserve the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

The ConvertActive refrigerator is a part of the IonGeneration series that combines smart technology and modern design. Gorenje is particularly proud of its AdapTech sensor technology that employs an innovative sensor system to monitor the use of the refrigerator and adjust the internal temperature accordingly. The food stays fresh and rich in vitamins longer due to the fact that the refrigerator automatically intensifies the cooling process slightly before it anticipates that the door will be opened more frequently, thus preventing a temperature rise that could harm the food.

Maximum protection of the nutrient value of the food is also delivered by a combination of three advanced functions featured in the new generation refrigerators: IonAir, MultiFlow 360°, and NoFrost Plus. MultiFlow 360° and IonAir maintain intensive circulation of ionized air to keep an even and constant temperature in each shelf and prevent the development of mould and bacteria on the food. The NoFrost Plus technology effectively prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice inside the freezer, while making sure the food does not dry out in the refrigerator as it maintains humidity and freshness.

In addition to care for freshness and health, modern consumers also expect adaptable functions and simple use. Gorenje has responded to such requirements by a number of smart and user-friendly functions and characteristics. These include the PullOut extendible shelves, the SimpleSlide adjustable door shelves for easy door shelf height adjustment, and the SlotIn functionality that allows simple door opening even when the refrigerator is placed next to a wall or another appliance.

Classico Collection from Gorenje

Where past and present meet over and over again

The Gorenje Classico Collection with a strong designer imprint embodies timeless aesthetics fashioned on select materials, soft lines, and inspiring reliefs. Modern materials provide a home for advanced technologies and ensure the appliances shine equally in both modern and traditional settings.

Kitchen appliances of the Gorenje Classico Collection are a nostalgic fusion of the past and the present. A blend of classic aesthetics and modernism. A perfect choice of those who find it difficult to decide between traditional and modern. They are the right solution for a modern and aesthetically decorated home with a pronounced personal note.

The collection consists of a range of appliances with uniform design: an oven, several cooking hobs, free standing cookers with a width of 50 or 60 centimeters, and a kitchen hood. They share some of the visual elements like the knob, handle, electronic program timer and clock with classic analogue design.

Gorenje Retro Collection

Keeping it cool. Legendary Retro refrigerators

Retro Collection refrigerators boast superior technology with a charming touch of nostalgia in their design. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly state-of-the-art appliances. Latest colours are blue and inox.

Retro is a synonym of a nostalgic glance over the times gone by. A passionate revival of the momentous cult stories from the past. The refreshed line-up of economical and environmentally friendly refrigerators of the Gorenje Retro Collection is sure to thrill especially the modern lovers of classics who appreciate minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture and accessories in their homes. Rounded lines, dressed in modern lively colours, wrapped around innovative and technologically perfected solutions simply cannot go unnoticed, especially when dressed in blue. Since blue is a sincere, reserved and quiet colour, it's reserved for the reliable, responsible and self-confident crowd.

The perfect design of Retro refrigerators is home to cutting-edge technology, user-friendly solutions, and economical operation. The legendary Retro refrigerators rank in the A++ and A+ energy classes. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, all models feature improved door sealing, state-of-the-art cooling system components, and electronic regulation that cuts the use of power to minimum. In addition to core functionality, these models offer the FastFreeze freezer boost function and the SuperCool refrigerator boost function to cool the food after a major shopping trip.

Retro refrigerators are available in the following colours: Bordeaux, Inox Look, Black, Champagne, Royal Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, Juicy Orange, Mystic White, Fire Red, Blue; depending on the type of the refrigerator.