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Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Spring is just around the corner and the season of open windows, gardening, and rebirth is just about to start. It's time to clear out the old, so you can welcome the new.

Welcome spring by giving your home a good deep clean. We will support you here with our special Spring Selection of appliances, on which you can add 10% discount. This is the sales peak for vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products, so let's act on it with full focus.

Enhance marketing activities and spread the message through every possible channel. Focus online. The action will last from beginning of April till end of May, but all the marketing materials are already prepared for you to adapt them according to your needs. Check them out and bring a fresh spring breeze to your audience!

Spring Selection
Material on Mabagor
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Bring new life into your home

Since pre-historic times, people mapped their whole life according to the patterns of nature. Easter began as a festival celebrating spring and as such, its meaning brings to our homes new light, new growth, and new hope.

Bring fresh energy to your home, simplify your Easter holidays with the range of carefully chosen Gorenje small domestic appliances. Let tradition take over your home and kitchen.

We prepared a selection of small domestic appliances that will bring fresh energy to people’s homes. Take advantage of this time of the nature and act accordingly. We prepared all the marketing material you’ll need to go with the Easter flow. Use discount and focus on online channels.

Check it out!

Easter Selection
Material on Mabagor
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