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SDA Newsletter: What is the heat teaching us?
The importance of air quality

We are deep in the summer and the heat wave is still strong. We guess, everybody is feeling it in one way or another.

According to scientists from European Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), a very high ozone pollution continues across Europe as temperature soar.

CAMS is continually monitoring air quality in Europe and around the world using satellite and ground-based observations and advanced numerical models and according to their findings not only Southern but also Northern countries could be highly affected by higher air pollution. Wildfires only make the condition worse.

Reporting’s from all around the world are showing the same: the health of people is affected by this pollution and there are many symptoms spreading: affected throat, cough, higher risk for asthma or headache are just a few of them.

How can we respond to this?

This is for sure not a time to question the nature, but it is time to think how to respond to it in a best possible way. Importance of air quality will only get higher, and we have at least one good solution to help.

The benefits of an air purifier help managing indoor air quality and greatly impact our quality of life. This fine product reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens, as well as improves allergy symptoms and breathing conditions. Filtering the air through microscopic filters and trapping the pollutants as well as allergens can help sustain and maintain our good health condition. A controlled study in the Yonsei Medical Journal found that air purifiers significantly reduced medication use in those who struggled with respiratory symptoms caused by their allergies.

Air quality in autumn will probably get even lower, so now is the time to act. We suggest you use every material on your dispose to make Gorenje air purifiers priority products on the market, clearly reachable to wide audience. Everybody should have the possibility to breath clean air indoors, so having a fine air purifier will soon be a must.

Check out the material, re-use it with scientific re-sources and - go to the markets!

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