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Gorenje SDA crazy discount week

Gorenje aims to push sales of the small domestic appliances a week before the famous Black Friday clears out the stocks. So, you should make your market fully aware of golden opportunity ahead!

Black Friday is for sure a great opportunity to get great discounts. But it is not the only nor the best opportunity. There is a golden opportunity ahead of you, which you should not miss – Gorenje SDA crazy discount week. Golden opportunity symbolises the unique, one-time offer of Gorenje small domestic appliances. And gold is worth more than black.

We have prepared all the marketing material you need to mark the last week in October with golden crosses and go on the market with a selected line-up of small domestic appliances that will make a useful addition to people’s home. Use e-comm channels, instore place and social media and make most of this golden opportunity!

New videos online!

We’ve just equipped our two kitchen machinesMMC805W and MMC1005W  with new ‘Quick Guide’ videos! You can see their full presentation on Gorenje international website or watch the videos on YT channel. We strongly recommend using them on your webpages and of course, to share them on social media channels and use them for any promo activity online. You know – what we see, we remember and …finally make a purchase. 

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