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Entering 2023 in a smart & elegant style

We’ve entered 2023 in a blink of an eye and now we are here – ready to make this a new special year. May it unfold with smart solutions, elegant moves, sustainable ideas, and joyful faces seeing all the results! ;)

As our homes probably need a fine ‘after holiday’s cleaning’, we are happy to let you know – the Hisense robot vacuum cleaners are on the go! 

Smart & elegant robots with special mop technology addition will help you get your hands off annoying tasks at home such as cleaning floor and making your space spotless. Once set up, they will do almost all the work of cleaning, which can give you more time to do the things you love.  

We’ve prepared some fine materials to help you get these messages to your markets.  For overall inspiration, check the presentation, blog post and video – all made and ready to be shared through your sales channels. All the files and clean files are ready for you also on Mabagor.

Check out how it works!

Forget moving the furniture before vacuuming. Thanks to their powerful motor, compact size and height, Hisense robotic vacuum cleaners (RVCG144AB, RVCL144AB, RVCLS144AB) can effectively and automatically clean under the sofas, beds and other larger furniture and reach even the tough-to-reach spots. Their ability to sense the changes in the surface underneath and adjust accordingly eases the vacuuming of hardwood or carpet. No matter what the surface, they can handle the cleaning task perfectly. 

Trusting your AI helper can be tricky, but 30 sets of highly sensitive sensors, including anti-collision, anti-fall and closed area will provide best user experience and enable you to trust your robot. It will know your home even better than you.

These 2-in-1 models also offer a mop function, which is usually even less pleasant chore than the vacuuming itself. So, using a mop attachment is convenient to vacuuming and mopping all the hard floors (like tiles, parquet, laminate) at once. This is a big time-saver when there are children and pets around. And what is more satisfying than freshen up your floors only with a touch of water?

For all other details on how each of the model really works and what are the benefits it provides, check out these fine videos and of course, share them with end users everywhere possible (We are sure you’ll do this with much gusto once seeing the videos;)

Connect and enjoy
Mobile appliaction is really an easy way how to control your robot. If you are not at home, the appliance can still do all the work as required. Simply apply Connect Life mobile application on your smart phone and command your AI house assistant to start its job. The application is available in Google play and App store. This allows programming everything using your smart phone: from creating a cleaning schedule for different rooms, enabling spotted cleaning mode, to building virtual walls for no-go-zones, which all should be easily accessed from your pocket. 

For better understanding the performance of the APP, we’ve made a nice tutorial video, so you can provide your customers a full supply with their buying process. 

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Andreja Cepuš: andreja.cepus@gorenje.com

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