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A carnival – season of merrymaking, feasting, and masquerading is here! A lot of fried delicacy and food guilt about consumed calories. This year the feasts can be much healthier. Crispy and crunchy doughnuts, frittelle and other traditional delights can be easily made with no oil using Hisense Air Fryers. But that is not all – check our new six video recipes for snacks and complete lunch. Share them on your website and social media to spread the word about this popular kitchen appliance.

Six delicious and exciting air fryer video recipes will make you see that air fryers are a must in your kitchen. You can use the recipes for a quick start or when you run out of ideas for wholesome and fast meal. We prepared Bacon wrapped potato wedges, Roasted brussels sprouts salad and Sesame crusted salmon with Hisense Air Fryer H06AFBS1S3. We upgraded this model with family friendly Air Fryer HAF2900D that has two independent frying baskets, each with its own rapid heater and cyclonic fan. Check out Roasted cauliflower with crispy chickpeas, Coconut shrimp with sweet potato and Steak fajita with colourful vegetables video recipes.

We also prepared two Coolinary Guides, informative product brochures, exposing main benefits and recipes. Waiting for your adaption!

Wrapped potato wedges
Brussels sprouts
Crusted salmon
H06AFBS1S3 CoolGuide
Roasted cauliflower
Coconut shrimp
Steak fajita
HAF2900D CoolGuide

Air fryers are among the newest and most popular types of countertop appliances. They cook using circulation of hot air around food. This gives a crispy, crunchy coating without the need to deep fry or use oil. Does an air fryer deserve a spot on your kitchen counter? Both videos HISENSE INSPIRE will make you see that they are a must. 

HAF2900DP Video
Meet HAF2900D
Press Release
H06AFBS1S3 Video
Meet H06AFBS1S3
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