Press room IFA 2016

ASKO Connectivity brings a new experience of home

Let your home take care of you

Home is where you used to take care of others. Now it's time to let your home take care of you. Gorenje Group is presenting under its premium brand ASKO the new connected products that enable you to do new things with your appliances. Developing in partnership with first-tier IT solution providers a set of solutions for the future connected home, Gorenje Group will follow by introducing sophisticated smart home appliances also under its global brand Gorenje. In the connected home, refined smart appliances combined with apps, wizards and smart assistants will enable a range of new lifestyle services.
The new ASKO connected products shown at IFA 2016 consist of both kitchen and laundry range, the former in the same design as the recently launched and awarded Elements range. Connectivity and connected appliances will enable you a new, enhanced experience of home. In the life you have achieved, you will now have even more quality time to be gained, thanks to the functions the new ASKO products will provide. Finally a connection with your products and your household with the goal of supporting your lifestyle and caring for you, your family and your friends.

The future kitchen will enable the user to remotely and instantly access their home appliances anytime and from everywhere. New services, in connection to refined appliances and their features, will enable new content experiences that simplify customers‘ lives and ensure the more efficient, more reliable, and safer use of the appliances that will also enable more personalization.

Gorenje Group has been performing research projects, pilot experiments and other pre-development activities in the field of connectivity and smart home for more than 10 years now, thus gathering valuable experience and know-how. Joining forces with Atos, addIT, Worldline, Panasonic and some other partners Gorenje Group will use advanced technology to provide efficient, safe and advanced customer oriented solutions for the smart home that will be elegant, well designed, user friendly, healthy and practical.

Smart home appliances will range from connected ovens, refrigerators, hobs and hoods to dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and water heaters, accompanied by mobile application (for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms), cloud platform, interfaces, and communicational solutions, together with enriched digital content for our consumers.