Press room IFA 2016

Time to create.

Gorenje kitchen heroes

Did you find an old family recipe? Spice it up and let your creativity take flight. Add an ingredient or two from your fridge, then chop, cut, mix and process with the help of Gorenje’s kitchen heroes. They’re more than ready. For anything.
With the help of the newest generation of Gorenje built-in home appliances, preparing tasty and healthy dishes is a breeze. The excellent user experience and tasty dishes are made possible by smart technology, cutting-edge design supported by top-of-the-line materials, and intuitive operation. A premium combination of dark glass and stainless steel gives the appliances a uniform appearance, allowing you to design a modern kitchen with a variety of possible layouts.

Time to use imagination

Thanks to the unique air circulation made possible by the vaulted ceiling of the patented HomeMade oven cavity, Gorenje ovens are able to imitate baking in a traditional bread oven. With a volume of 75 litres, which is among the largest on the market, you can bake your dishes on five levels at the same time. The combination of the unique HomeMade oven cavity, the MultiFlow 360° smart system for steady air circulation and the highly reflective enamel guarantees excellent baking results. With more than 80 independent preset baking programmes for the most common dishes, Gorenje ovens will automatically set the best heating mode, temperature and baking time. You can also easily choose the settings yourself. More experienced chefs will appreciate the multi-step mode, which allows the user to set all the necessary settings and baking steps. Gorenje ovens make baking as well as making your own yoghurt, drying fruit and slow cooking an easy and care-free task. Cleaning is no longer an issue either, as your Gorenje oven will clean itself. Built-in ovens are available in the Essential, Advanced and Superior lines.

Time to bake at full steam

Gorenje’s combined steam oven, available in heights of 45 and 60cm, cooks the food with pure steam and features an enhanced steam injection technology that preserves the structure of the food so that it doesn’t become soggy or overcooked, retains most of the vitamins and minerals and comes out of the oven with an even fuller and more intensive taste. The Gorenje combined steam oven features three modes of operation: steaming, hot air baking and a combination of the two. Your food will be cooked or baked to perfection, as the droplets forming when the pure steam comes into contact with the cooler food are immediately vaporized by the heat coming from the bottom heater. The oven can even be used for sous-vide, a method of cooking food in a vacuum at a stable temperature that is normally only reserved for professional kitchens. Operating the oven couldn’t be more effortless: you simply select the baking setting via the colour touchscreen of the intuitive HomeChef control interface, which allows you to easily check and adjust the settings.

Time to cook smartly

Gorenje introduced the IQcook smart induction hob as the first of its kind in the world and upgrades its functions even further each year. The innovative hob works on the principle of wireless communication between the two sensors in the hob and the lid of the pot, which regulate the cooking power in combination with the hob’s electronic system. The IQSteam, IQBoil, IQPro, and IQPoach preset options automatically adjust the temperature in the pot or pan and the cooking duration to allow cooking without you having to constantly check on the progress. This prevents the food from burning or overcooking, while the cooking method preserves most of the vitamins and minerals as well as the flavour and colour.
Gorenje’s induction hobs are also extremely fast and efficient, bringing two litres of water to a boil in a mere 4.2 minutes. The XpandZone adaptable cooking surface allows you to cook on the entire surface of the left or right half of the hob. The interconnected cooking elements provide more space and cooking freedom, with room for a large pot or pan, or two or more smaller ones, that can be placed anywhere on the interconnected cooking surface.

Time to be efficient

Gorenje’s new and improved gas hobs provide high performance, fast response times and exceptional efficiency, as their gas burners provide a high temperature and excellent gas efficiency. Their gas consumption is up to 10 percent lower, and the cooking time is shorter. With Gorenje’s special wok burner, you can experience authentic Asian flavours in your own home. The high-performance burner is designed especially for cooking in a wok, reaching a very high output and temperature with an even distribution of heat in a very short time. This reduces the cooking time and makes wok cooking and exploring the flavours of Asian cuisine an easy and even more enjoyable experience. Even the largest of pots will fit easily on your hob, as Gorenje’s gas hobs feature an expanded cooking surface with a larger distance between burners, providing plenty of room for large pots. The cast iron grates improve the stability and enhance the design of the gas hob. The material they are made from ensures a long service life and robustness even at the highest temperatures.

Time to take a deep breath

To provide an even better cooking experience, Gorenje has developed a line of technologically advanced exhaust hoods that efficiently, steadily and quietly extract air, steam and other strong odours from the kitchen. The state-of-the-art patented AdaptAir technology with special blades ensures quieter operation and a constant airflow, and the special foam in the polyurethane filter catches up to 98% of fat particles, placing the exhaust hoods in the highest filtration grade. When the AdaptTech function is activated, special sensors in the exhaust hood automatically detect an increase in the concentration of impurities in the air and the hood automatically begins to extract air until the air in the kitchen is clean, ensuring that only a minimal amount of steam and gasses escape into the kitchen air. Gorenje smart exhaust hoods can also communicate with the hob to adjust their operation to an optimal level relative to the operating power of the hob and the level of impurities in the air. Gorenje’s new exhaust hoods are highly energy efficient, boasting a rating of A+. The innovative control slider enables easy and immediate power and light intensity adjustment. All stainless steel surfaces are coated with a special TouchFree coating to prevent fingerprints on the exhaust hood and make it harder for fat and other impurities to stick to the surface. This ensures that the surfaces stay shiny at all times and makes the hoods easier to clean.