Press room IFA 2016

Time to simplify.

Gorenje Life Simplified

In a fast living world, we are so busy focusing on the urgent that we often miss the important. Advanced technology, countless applications, new designs and ideas are offering new possibilities that are sometimes difficult to keep up with. In the rushing world of endless choices, simplicity is the new challenge.
At Gorenje, we know that. By focusing on the essential and eliminating the rest, everything we do aims at our customers having a true experience of Life Simplified. We deliver ideas, solutions and inspiration, designed to make chores and daily life less stressful and less complicated.

Although having different needs and aspirations, we are aware that our customers want to focus on the things that really matter and choose solutions to help them make their everyday life simpler, better and more rewarding. They want to manage life in a positive and satisfying way. They seek easy and accessible means to reduce friction and enhance daily enjoyment as means to better living.

In people's busy lives, Gorenje strives to be the source of practical ideas that make everyday chores enjoyable and life more pleasant. That is why Gorenje is fully committed to delivering customer value; we care, we challenge and we design to uncompromisingly deliver »Life Simplified«.