Press room IFA 2016

Time to chill.

New generation of Gorenje built-in refrigerators

Did you end up buying nearly every single thing at the farmer’s market this morning? And then stopped by the fishmonger’s on your way home, too? Went ahead and bought everything you need for the big family barbecue during the week so you wouldn’t have to go shopping on Saturday? Don’t worry – Gorenje’s latest NatureFresh built-in refrigerators, which feature a technology that imitates outdoor conditions, will keep your vegetables, fruit, meat and fish fresh and packed with vitamins for much longer.
The revamped platform in Gorenje’s new NatureFresh built-in refrigerators was designed to meet the needs and demands of modern consumers and their fast-paced lifestyle. The new, more contemporary and striking design of NatureFresh built-in refrigerators follows the Life Simplified trend, allowing the interior to be adapted to the user’s current needs.

With their innovative technology, Gorenje’s NatureFresh built-in refrigerators keep fruits, vegetables and meat fresh much longer than standard refrigerators. The special IonAir technology imitates outdoor conditions, using the natural process of ionization thus preserving most of the vitamins and minerals in your food as well as its flavour, structure and aroma.

The CrispZone drawer, designed to store fresh fruits and vegetables, features a special Smart Humidity membrane that maintains the perfect humidity, keeping your groceries fresh and full of vitamins for much longer. With its green, blue and white light, the VitaLight lamp preserves vitamin C and slows down or even prevents spoilage. The ZeroZone drawer, which maintains a temperature of around 0°C, is perfect for storing meat, fish, and dairy products.

Thanks to the smart AdaptTech system, the refrigerator adapts to the user’s habits and tracks how often and when the user usually opens the door so it can lower the temperature right before the door is opened to prevent the interior from warming up, which causes food to spoil faster.

Gorenje’s NatureFresh built-in refrigerators can easily handle your shopping sprees thanks to special sensors that detect when the temperature in the refrigerator suddenly rises (meaning that a large amount of groceries has been placed inside). When that happens, the SuperCool or FastFreeze functions are automatically turned on until the refrigerator has cooled down to an appropriate temperature.

Gorenje’s NatureFresh built-in refrigerators will be available from spring 2017, with the Essential and Advanced models launching first, followed by the Superior model in 2018.