Press room IFA 2016

Park it in your kitchen.

A special edition of the Gorenje Retro fridge

Gorenje has some exciting news for all fans of retro design and Volkswagen’s legendary classic, the “Bulli” Minibus. In collaboration with the German car manufacturer Volkswagen, Gorenje took their Minibus design and used it as a basis to develop a special line of their popular Retro refrigerators that are certain to evoke admiration and nostalgia while keeping your food fresh and healthy for a longer time, thanks to the cutting-edge IonGeneration technology. Fresh and timeless on the inside and out. You can now park the unforgettable vintage legend right in your own kitchen.
The Volkswagen Bulli, recognized around the globe as an icon of the flower power culture, is nowadays a highly valued collection item that symbolizes spontaneity, a free spirit and the sense of freedom so typical of the 1950s and 1960s, when the Volkswagen Minibus was born. That makes it a perfect match for the Gorenje Retro line, whose 50s-inspired design featuring typical rounded edges, a robust handle and a large logo. Just like the vintage Volkswagen Minibuses around today, whose owners take great pride in restoring and updating their interiors and converting them into luxury vehicles, Gorenje’s special edition of the Retro fridge is only a vintage piece on the outside. Its interior features cutting-edge technology with advanced functionalities that allow this unique fridge to fully adapt to the user’s lifestyle.
The Volkswagen licensed Gorenje Retro fridge, with its recognizable two-colour front and a large VW logo, really does look almost exactly like the famous four-wheeled camper van. Available in a vintage baby blue or bordeaux red in combination with champagne colour, featuring a VW logo and chrome-coloured decorative elements, this special edition of Gorenje Retro will be a stylish addition to any home, no matter where it’s parked. You certainly won’t have to leave it in the garage – in fact, you’ll be able to admire it all the time, as it will be your loyal helper and companion on your culinary journeys, whether they take you to the Mediterranean, Asia or anywhere around the globe.

“We are very excited about the Gorenje Retro Special edition fridge as it is a tribute to one of our most popular icons – the Volkswagen T1 “Bulli”, says Birgit Weigel, Head of Lifestyle and Licensing at Volkswagen. “The fridge reflects the special model “Samba Bus” who has turned into a legend. The famous bicolour paint and the various chrome decorations made the campervan desirable for millions of fans all over the world. We are proud that this special Gorenje lifestyle product brings our Volkswagen brand and its history into everyday life of all enthusiasts and “Bulli” fans.”


Gorenje’s colourful Retro refrigerators are extremely popular among their users, as the timelessly modern appliances combine the best of both worlds – a nostalgic blast from the past and modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology of the future. Gorenje has upgraded its Retro refrigerators to the existing platforms used in IonGeneration freestanding refrigerators, which imitate outdoor conditions, keeping your food fresh for much longer. A cool refrigerator that will warm your heart – but not your food!

Gorenje Retro for every taste

A Gorenje Retro refrigerator is an essential addition to the home, office or workspace of anyone who appreciates designer products, identifies with them and expresses their personality and lifestyle through them. Whether you prefer urban chic, romantic or funky, you’re sure to find a Gorenje Retro refrigerator to suit your taste. The chic refrigerators are available in stainless steel, black or dark red, the romantic models in the colour of coffee, champagne or dark chocolate, and the funky line in orange, green, red or blue. But the Retro collection isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful – it also features state-of-the-art technology that generates ions to create the optimal conditions to preserve the freshness of your food for longer.
The IonGeneration platform, developed by Gorenje, is a combination of smart technologies, functions and advanced user solutions. Previously only used in the latest generation of freestanding refrigerators, IonGeneration was first incorporated into Gorenje’s Retro range in late 2015.
The technology allows the refrigerator to keep track of when the user most frequently opens the door so it can lower its internal temperature right before the door is opened. This prevents the temperature inside the refrigerator from increasing to a level that could harm the food, preserving its freshness and vitamins for longer. The intense circulation of ionised air imitates natural conditions and maintains an even and stable temperature on every shelf. Frost on food and ice in the freezer are a thing of the past, and you no longer have to worry about your food drying out, as Retro refrigerators preserve its moisture and freshness. Thanks to these features, Gorenje was able to equip its Retro refrigerators with one of the largest fruit and vegetable drawers on the market and a special drawer with a temperature close to 0°C that is perfect for fish and meat. The quick-cooling function will easily take care of any amount of groceries, while the exceptionally fast freezing system in the freezer will preserve most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your food.

Simple, economical and flexible

Nowadays, users do not only expect a fridge to keep their food fresh and healthy, but also want it to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Gorenje has responded to such requirements with a number of smart solutions: pull-out shelves that can carry up to 22kg of groceries, adjustable door shelves that enable easy repositioning up and down by means of a multipoint height adjustment system, and doors that can easily be opened even when the refrigerator is placed right next to the wall or to another appliance.
All Retro refrigerators are highly energy-efficient, boasting a rating of A++ or A+++. Their upgraded inverter compressors regulate the temperature more accurately, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%. During longer periods of absence, the away function in the refrigerator automatically optimizes its operation to save energy, and to make them even more efficient, Retro refrigerators are equipped with elegant LED lighting.