Press room IFA 2016

Time to play.

Gorenje SensoCare washers and dryers

Did the kids go out rolling in the grass with Spot again? Or are they jumping in muddy puddles and building sand castles? Don’t fret, just go ahead and join them – SensoCare washers and dryers love a challenge! They can easily deal with any stains so you don’t have to. They’ll gently but efficiently take care of your laundry and even make allergies go away. SensoCare appliances are among the most advanced in the market, further consolidating Gorenje’s renown as an innovative and design-driven manufacturer of household appliances. The SensoCare line combines outstanding performance with well-thought-out ergonomics and logical and simple operation.
This year, Gorenje has improved the stability of its SensoCare washers even further with StableTech side panels and made them even quieter. The SensoCare washing technology ensures the very best care for your laundry and offers a range of settings to choose from depending on your needs. The standard cotton and synthetic textiles programmes can be enhanced by selecting the TimeCare, AllergyCare or EcoCare settings. This will ensure even faster and more economical washing, with additional rinsing effectively removing all the allergens. The SensorIQ technology, with its various integrated sensors, continuously monitors the washing process and works with the weight sensors to provide optimal washing without you having to fiddle with any of the settings. Thanks to the special StainExpert function, the top-of-the-line models will easily and effectively remove the most common types of stubborn stains: stains from fruit, coffee and wine as well as organic stains.

Gorenje’s premium washers feature powerful and reliable InverterPowerDrive motors, whose brushless design prevents mechanical loads, friction and wear and tear, ensuring improved washing efficiency, A+++ –20% energy efficiency, quiet operation and a longer service life.

When your laundry is sparkling clean, it’s Gorenje’s dryers’ turn to shine. The dryers can take up to 9 kilograms of laundry per load, and their new combination of technologies guarantees dreamy softness. The steam-drying technology will make your laundry fluffy and free of wrinkles while the unique ioniser straightens the fibres by ionising the air, making the laundry even softer, at the same time removing the static charge produced in the process of drying. The glass door and interior lighting allow you to see what’s happening inside at any time. When the dryer is done, you can simply put your clothes back in the closet – no ironing required.

Gorenje’s innovation-award-winning generation of dryers includes several models ranging from exhaust to condenser types. The heat pump condenser dryer boasts state-of-the-art technology and A+++ energy efficiency, which ensures energy savings of up to 50% compared to class A efficiency.