Press room IFA 2016

Time to enjoy.

Gorenje SmartFlex new generation of dishwashers

In the everyday hustle and bustle, when time is becoming more and more valuable, we naturally want to spend it on the things in life that really matter. Gorenje is very aware of this, so they follow the Life Simplified philosophy in the design of home appliances: they create appliances that increase the quality of life since they adapt to the individual’s lifestyle, thus allowing the users to spend their time as they choose. Gorenje home appliances are designed to serve the users and not the other way round. The new generation of SmartFlex dishwashers with their great adaptability and simplicity of use, as well as the advanced technical features, is a new step in that direction. The result? Brilliant.

Smart and flexible

Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers are efficient and effective household helpers that provide a seamless integration into a user’s lifestyle, thus becoming a useful member of every household. Due to their adaptability, functionality and leading-edge design, they are able to tackle every task, efficiently responding to the user’s needs and relieving them from a multitude of time-consuming chores. May it be the most advanced quick wash programmes that can swiftly deal with any combination of dishes, the automatic door opening after the washing process in order to release the steam and facilitate drying, or the ionization process that eliminates any unpleasant odours; the SmartFlex advanced features guarantee the desired and expected results regardless of the types, the quantity of dishes, or the time you have on your hands. The use is additionally simplified by internal and external illumination, while the silent operation of the Gorenje SmartFlex dishwasher makes sure the pleasant home ambiance will never be disturbed.

As much space as you need

The flexible interior design of the new Gorenje dishwashers guarantees a suitable space for every dish or piece of cutlery, regardless of its shape or size. Height adjustable baskets feature orange movable elements for adjusting the layout and size of the individual sections, so they can easily be adapted to the quantity, type and size of the dishes, may it be after a tea party with friends or a large Sunday family lunch. SmartFlex can wash up to 16 place settings at once, however, its flexibility can easily provide enough space for even the largest pots and plates, whereas the cutlery will be separately washed and dried on a special tray. The tray is height adjustable and can provide enough room for fragile stemware. Every detail has been well thought out in order to provide the simplest and most ergonomic use possible.

Cleans fast, so you can slow down

Some things are worth waiting for. Waiting for a dishwasher to clean your dishes certainly is not one of them, especially if you are hosting guests and you need to wash your plates, cutlery and glasses repeatedly over a short period of time. With SmartFlex, the dishes will not pile up. You'll have the dishes from the main course cleaned in the time it takes to serve the dessert. The quick 20 minute programme with the SpeedWash function will handle your dishes in 15 minutes – fast as lightning and brilliantly squeaky clean.

Unbeatable freshness of ions

When we need several days to fill up the dishwasher with dirty dishes before it is full enough to be started, we are quickly reminded by the smell that the machine has been half full for some time. Gorenje dishwashers will put an end to such unpleasant reminders once and for all with their advanced IonTech technology. IonTech is based on the process of natural ionization, neutralizing unpleasant odours without synthetic agents, maintaining freshness in the dishwasher even when it is full of dirty dishes. You can now turn your dishwasher on when you feel like it and the kitchen will always remain fresh.

Open up, SmartFlex!

When the Gorenje SmartFlex dishwasher has finished washing the dishes, there is no need to help it with drying the dishes by opening the door or wiping the dishes dry. The door will open automatically after the wash in order to release the excess steam and allow fresh air into the dishwasher. Even plastic dishes, which don’t usually dry all that well, will be completely dry with the TotalDry technology. An excellent solution for fast drying with a low power consumption.